How to Get Snapchat on Mac/PC?


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If you are also looking for an approach how to get Snapchat on pc. You are at the right place. As there is no official app to get Snapchat on mac. So we will include different approaches for mac users to get their snaps on their mac devices. Follow any of the below mentioned method. And you are ready to use Snapchat on your mac device.

Is it Possible to Get Snapchat for Mac/PC?

As discussed above, there is no official App launched to see messages on Snapchat for mac. However, still it is possible to read Snapchat messages and activities on mac. So the simple answer is Yes.

It is possible to get Snapchat for Mac/PC. Two methods are used for this purpose the first one is using Bluestacks and the second one is using Google play Store with help of an Android Emulator. To do this you will need to follow some basic tips and tricks mentioned below.

get snapchat on pc

How to Get Snapchat on MAC/PC?

One of the best and easy methods to get Snapchat on MAC/PC is using Bluestacks. It is an app that enables you to run android apps on other platforms such as iOS etc. As there is no official app available to use Snapchat for mac. So you can try this method. Here is a complete guide.


Step 1. Download and Install Bluestacks from the official website and follow on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

install bluestacks

Step 2. Once the process completes, launch the program.

Step 3. Use your Google account to sign in. Because it is mandatory to link your account with Bluestacks. Also, accept the privacy policy to continue.

Step 4. Once the account is linked, you can install the Snapchat App from Google Play Store.

snapchat app from google play store

Step 5. Sign in with your Snapchat credentials and you are ready to use Snapchat on your mac device.

use snapchat on your mac device

Is Bluestacks Safe?

Well, the answer is "Yes". It is a free and secure android emulator. However, in some cases, it becomes unsafe when you misuse it. While using Bluestacks, take care of the website or app that you are using. As some third-party apps may compromise your privacy. Bluestacks is safe and you can download and install it on your laptop, mac, or any other device. Here are some pros and cons.

Pros of Bluestacks:

Bluestacks are easy and safe to use.

You can use multiple apps at the same time on the same device.

Bluestacks can also be used for gaming

Known for its decent performance.

Cons of Bluestacks:

Although it is not a virus. Still, some Antivirus software detects it as a virus.

Another disadvantage of Bluestack is that it occupies more size.

It slows down your PC or other devices if your device has less than 4Gb RAM.

The auto-rotating mode does not work in the gaming mode.

How to Get Snapchat on MAC/PC Without Bluestacks?

If you don't want to use Bluestacks for mac. There are other approaches that can help you to get Snapchat on MAC/PC Without Bluestacks. This includes using third-party monitoring apps or online Snapchat viewers. After thorough research here is to share with you the best app to get Snapchat on MAC /PC without Bluestacks.

android monitoring

Use a Online Snapchat Viewer

One of the best ways to get Snapchat on Mac/ Pc is to use an online viewer or Monitoring app such as MoniMaster Pro for Android. Using this app, you can get access to your own or someone else Snapchat messages. Besides this, it offers you other parental control solutions. You can use MoniMaster for the following purposes.

Monitoring of Snapchat and Other Social Apps:

MoniMaster gives you access to get Snapchat messages on mac as well as other devices. Besides this, you can also view and Monitor other social apps such as Facebook, Messenger, WeChat, Instagram, Telegram, Line, etc.


The MoniMaster Pro for Android helps you to get the real-time location of any target device. Using this app, you can check the complete location history of any device. It gives you complete details about where he /she visits frequently. And give you a complete travel history. So that you can see snapchat location easily.

Remote Control Access:

Monimaster gives you an opportunity to different remote-control features. MoniMaster offers you different remote control features such as WIFI Logger, Screenshot capture, Call Recording, and many more facilities.

Phone Files access:

Another function of MoniMaster is to give you access to phone files. You can access all types of documents.  Audio and video files are stored in the target phone.

Call / Message Log and browsing History:

You can view and get access to all types of call and message logs of any target device using MoniMaster. It gives you complete details about the contact number, time, and date. Besides this, MoniMaster enables you to get access to the browsing history of the target device.

How to Use:

You can get Snapchat on Mac or PC using MoniMaster in three simple steps.

Step 1. Create an Account:

The first step to getting Snapchat on pc or Mac is to create an account. For this purpose, you will need a valid email address and buy a membership plan that best suits you.

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Step 2. Setup the Configuration:

The second step is configuration setup. In this step, you will need physical access to the target mac device. So that you can download install the MoniMaster application on the target mac device. After installation, log in to your MoniMaster account using your credentials.

click setup android

Step 3. Verify The setup:

The third step is verification. In this step, you will need to complete the verification setup. After verification, you will be redirected to MoniMaster online dashboard. Once the data is synced. You can get Snapchat on mac or Pc without any hassle.

monimaster android dashboard

Advantages of Using MoniMaster Pro for Android:

Using MoniMaster for getting Snapchat on Mac/pc has a lot of advantages. This process does not include any additional software installation. Some other benefits are mentioned below.

The App has a large number of satisfied users around the world. It is available in more than two hundred countries and regions around the world.

You don't need to install any additional software such as Bluestacks etc. to get Snapchat for mac.

The monitoring and tracking process is completely safe and private. Any other person will not be able to know about the tracking process.

Using Snapchat on your MAC/PC with an Emulator

Besides MoniMaster you use Snapchat on your MAC/PC with an Emulator. A wide range of Emulators is available on the internet. However, choosing the right emulator is a tough job. We have narrowed down the search and here are the best emulators through which you can get Snapchat for mac.

1. NoxPlayer: 

Noxplayer is a free android emulator that enables you to get Snapchat for MAC. Besides Snapchat it enables users to install and play games on different devices. Noxplayer is compatible with PC and Mac. Below are some features.


  • Fully optimized, stable, and smoother for different applications.
  • Support multiple instances, Gamepad, keyboard.
  • It also works like a macro recorder.

use snapchat on MAC PC with an Emulator

How to get Snapchat on Mac or PC using NoxPlayer? 

Download and install NoxPlayer for your required Operating System. i.e. for Mac or Windows.

Launch the NoxPlayer App. And sync your Google account.

If you face any difficulty install Virtual box first.

The next step is to download the Snapchat app from the NOX Play store.

Once download and installed you will find it on your NOX home screen.

Now open Snapchat and you are ready to use it on a Mac or other devices.

2. LD Player: 

Another best Emulator that can help you to get Snapchat on a PC or Mac is LD Player. It also works as a NoxPlayer. Here is some feature of LD Player.


  • This is a free and secure Emulator for PC. It helps you to transform your PC into any OS and gaming Platform.
  • The higher FPS, Smart Key mapping, Macro Support, and Multi instances make it more famous among users.
  • It enhances user's gaming experience.

ld player

How to get Snapchat on Mac/PC using an LD player? 

You can follow the steps mentioned below.

Download and install the LD player on your MAC/PC.

Launch the LD player and search Snapchat in the search bar.

Install the Snapchat App from the LD store or Play store.

Now open the app and enjoy Snapchat on your MAC /PC.

FAQs about Getting Snapchat on MAC/PC

Can you use Snapchat on safari?

Ans: Safari is a type of browser and Snapchat cannot support any browser except its dedicated app. So you cannot use Snapchat or any of its features on the Safari browser. Download the Snapchat app or use the methods mentioned above to Snapchat for mac or PC.

How do I get dark mode on Snapchat?

Ans: Dark mode is used to protect users from screen light during the night. Dark mode is enabled in Snapchat in the following steps;

  • On the top left corner, click on the Bitmoji icon.
  • Click on setting > App Appearance > Always dark.
  • It will enable dark mode.
Is BlueStacks a virus?

Ans: It is a misconception, that most people consider Bluestacks as a virus. However, BlueStacks is not a virus. It is an emulator, that enables you to get Snapchat on Mac and perform different other tasks. It is safe and secure to use.


Snapchat is one of the famous social messaging apps. It is most popular among people in the age range between 13 to 24 years. Like other social messaging apps, Snapchat does not offer the facility to use it on mac or windows. But you can follow the different methods mentioned above to get Snapchat on Mac or Windows. While if you are looking for the best and easy way. You can use MoniMaster Pro for Android to get Snapchat for mac.

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