How to Hide Someone From Snapchat? 3 Ways!


By Jeremy Barnett | Jun 04, 2024 03:26 pm

Ever wondered how to maintain your peace on Snapchat? Imagine you're scrolling through your friend's stories, and there it is – a constant stream of updates from someone you'd rather not see. Whether you want to block someone on Snap, learn how to mute someone on Snap, or discover how to hide someone on Snapchat, there are simple steps to regain control of your feed and notifications.

This guide will walk you through the various ways to manage your interactions on Snapchat, ensuring your social media experience stays enjoyable and stress-free.

hide someone from snapchat

Can You Hide Friends on Snapchat?

You can hide friends on Snapchat. By concealing them, you can keep individuals from looking at your accounts rather than hindering them. You can cause individuals to vanish from your companion list so they can't send you snaps.

Benefits of Hiding Friends

Improved Security: Confining who can see your element keeps up with protection and command over your data.

Particular Sharing: You can impart minutes to explicit individuals without broadcasting them to your whole companions list.

Staying away from Undesirable Cooperations: Hindering or restricting perceivability can keep undesirable communications or badgering from explicit clients.


No Immediate Concealing Choice: Snapchat doesn't offer a direct choice to conceal companions, so clients must rely on other protection features.

Social Elements: Obstructing or restricting connections with specific companions can prompt social strains or mistaken assumptions.

Restricted Control: While you have some control over who sees your substance, you can't keep others from seeing who you are companions with on Snapchat.

How to Hide Someone on Snapchat?

You can hide someone on Snapchat by using these simple methods.

Block Them

We are going over two situations regarding hiding on Snapchat. The central situation is that you need to block somebody on Snapchat so you would rather not see them, and in this situation, you need to hinder the individual on Snapchat.


  • Open the Snapchat application.

  • Then, move to raise the chat Screen option.

  • Tap and hold the individual you need to impede and hide on Snapchat.

  • From the onscreen menu, select the More choice.

  • At last, tap on the Block choice.

  • You will get an affirmation message; tap on Block once more.

block someone snapchat

How to Hide Friends on Snapchat?

How to hide friends on snapchat without blocking? Here are a few ways to hide friends on Snapchat.

1. Remove the friends

If you need to hide a friend on Snapchat, you would not block him; instead, you would not get Snaps from him. There is a choice accessible on Snapchat to eliminate a companion on Snapchat from the companion list. When you unfriend the individual, you can't trade Snaps with one another or see each other's accounts until you become companions once more.

Here are the moves toward follow.


  • Open the Snapchat application.

  • Go to the chat Screen button.

  • Tap and hold the companion you need to eliminate.

  • From the onscreen menu, select the More Option.

  • Go to Remove choice.

  • You will get an affirmation message and tap on Remove once more.

remove friends

2. Use Do Not Disturb Feature

You can use the "Do Not Disturb" highlight or modify your protection settings to hide somebody on Snapchat without unfriending them. This is the way you can make it happen:


  • Open the Snapchat application and go to your Visit screen.

  • Find the companion you need to stow away and swipe right on their name.

  • Tap on the "More" button.

  • Select "Settings" and switch to " Do not Disturb ".

  • It will prevent their messages and notices from appearing on your screen, yet you will remain a Snapchat companion.

How to Mute Someone on Snap?

If you are tired of reviewing steady stories from one of your Snapchat companions, you can mute their accounts using this straightforward stunt.


  • Open the app and go to your Friends Stories segment.

  • Long press the story symbol of a Snapchat profile you wish to quiet.

  • Further, tap on the More option from the spring-up menu.

  • Then, press the Mute Story choice.

  • at the lower part of the rundown to quiet and conceal the Snapchat Story.

  • Your Story Snapchat profile's Story will be displayed under the Muffled Stories symbol, where you can, in any case, see their Story.

mute someone

How To Hide Your Story From People?

These are steps to hide your Story from Story.

Customizing protection settings:

It's critical to note that while this strategy can assist you with hiding someone on Snapchat, they might still have the option to see your public content or cooperate with you in other ways. Furthermore, remember that Snapchat's elements and settings might change over the long run, so it's always smart to check for updates or new choices.


  • Open the Snapchat application and tap your profile symbol in the upper left corner.

  • Go your settings

  • Select "Privacy" under the "Who Can..." area.

  • You can alter different security settings in the "Who Can..." segment.

  • For instance, you can conceal your Story from Story companions by choosing "My Friends" or making a custom rundown.

  • By altering these settings, you have some control over who sees your substance without unfriending anybody.

custom story

How to View Someone's Snapchat Stories Without Knowing?

MoniMaster Pro is the best monitoring tool. It will assist you with screening your screen and viewing Snapchat stories without your knowledge. MoniMaster Pro incorporates different checking choices, and one of the application's key highlights is Snapchat following.

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After introducing the MoniMaster Pro software on the objective phone, all Snapchat information will show on the Dashboard, which you can access from a distance. This data incorporates messages sent and received, such as Snap Guide, Snapchat Stories, etc.

Key Features:

Monitor Calls and Messages: When you sign in and activate the MoniMaster Pro for Android on the objective phone, you will want to screen the calls and messages of your kids, staff, or mates. You won't be limited to only one application to monitor calls and messages.

Key Logger: With the assistance of Key Logger, you can figure out each keystroke they make. Utilizing a versatile console, you can monitor all they have composed before. With this element of MoniMaster Pro, you may subtly screen their versatile activities as they utilize their cell phone, to no one's surprise.

Track Area: Besides Snap Guide, where you can see somebody's location on Snapchat, MoniMaster Pro for Android allows you to find the specific area of your mate, kid, or others. You will want to know the location of the designated gadget with pinpoint precision from the comfort of your screen.

Take Secret Photographs and Catch Screen: One of the select elements of MoniMaster Pro is that it lets you control the objective phone. This implies that you can progressively capture the screen capture of the objective phone to figure out what the individual is doing and see things before he erases them.

Browsing History: To wrap things up, you can check the browsing history of the objective phone with MoniMaster Pro. With little of a stretch, you can close the individual's outlook and goal by checking the sites he is visiting and what he is looking through on the web.



Assigning the MoniMaster Pro application on the objective phone and beginning remote checking should be possible through three fundamental advances, which are as follows.

Step 1. First, register a record with your significant email address for MoniMaster Pro. Then, pick a reasonable arrangement to get everything rolling.

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Step 2. Get admittance to the objective individual's phone from which he utilizes Snapchat. Adhere to the onscreen guidelines to introduce and set up MoniMaster Pro.

complete setup ios

Step 3. Return your gadget to check, which could be your phone or PC. Go to the MoniMaster Pro online interface and sign in with your record qualifications. Go to Dashboard, and you will be the objective individual's gadget previously planned.

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FAQs about Conceal Somebody on Snapchat


1. Can you hide Snapchat from certain friends?

Tap 'Custom' if you want to obstruct explicit companions from seeing your Story. Visit your My Story protection and hide Snapchat from your friends as you wish.


2. Can you have secret friends on Snapchat?

How would you set fellowship to private on Snapchat so others can't see your Snapchat companions? To set companionship to private on Snapchat, you can go to your settings and select "Security." From that point, you can choose "Companions" and pick who you need to have the option to see your Snapchat companions.


3. Is it possible to be Anonymous on Snapchat?

Even though Snapchat has some protection settings, such as choosing who can see a story or a 'For My Eyes Just' envelope that conceals posts from everybody except the banner, Snapchat offers no secrecy for messages.


Snapchat is one of the most well-known online entertainment applications worldwide. You can share snaps, recordings, photographs, and stories on Snapchat. You can also hide Someone from Snapchat. MoniMaster Pro empowers you to see the Snapchat accounts of individuals who have impeded you.

Furthermore, you can screen every significant virtual entertainment application from the comfort of your phone.

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