Snapchat Location Tracking: How to Know If Someone Checked Your Location


By Jeremy Barnett | Apr 28, 2024 03:14 pm

Curious about checked your location on Snapchat? The Snapchat Map feature has stirred up questions about privacy and tracking. Whether you're concerned about nosy friends or just curious about your own digital footprint, understanding how to decipher Snapchat's location settings is essential.

In this article, we'll delve into the intricacies of Snapchat's location tracking, revealing how to tell if someone checked your location on Snapchat and whether Snapchat notifies users about location views. Stay tuned as we navigate the nuances of Snapchat Map and unveil the truth behind location privacy on the platform.

Does Snapchat Show Your Location to Others?

Does Snapchat show your location to others? No. Snapchat does not have such a feature now. Let's dig into further details.

Most social media apps ask for location permission. But can you track someone's location with it? These are two different terms. Snapchat was launched in 2011 and till 2018 it was possible to view someone's location. Similarly, a user was also able who view someone's location. However, due to the security concerns, this feature was removed. Therefore, Snapchat does not show your location to others until you share it or give them access.

Does Snap Tell When You Look at Someone's Location?

Just like Snapchat does not show your location to others, similarly Snapchat does not tell you to look at someone's location. However, it depends upon the user privacy setting they have set for their app. Snapchat offers a wide range of privacy settings to change the location by using Snapchat maps. If you have enabled Snap map on your account, Other people can access your location.  In this case, a Bitmoji on the Snap Map will tell you about the location.

In case you have disabled location sharing on Snapchat, no one can see your location or Snapchat share it.

see who viewed location snapchat

How to Track Location and Monitor Snapchat Activity?

It is not possible to perform Snapchat location tracking until the user allows them. And no one wants to compromise on their privacy. Therefore, it is almost impossible to track someone's location or monitor any other activity on Snapchat. If you want to keep a check on the Snapchat activities of your kids, partner, or any other user. We have brought you an amazing and the Best Snapchat Monitor Tool i.e. MoniMaster Pro. Let's have a look at some amazing features of the MoniMaster Pro Application.

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Access Snap Chat Location: We discussed earlier that Snapchat does not allow anyone to track or view the location of any user. While MoniMaster Pro lets you view the location of any target user. Install this app and get access to the real-time location of your children on a Snapchat map.

Access Privacy Setting: Privacy Setting lets the user control their audience. Using MoniMaster Pro as a parental control application lets you get access to the Snapchat privacy settings of your kids and partner. Once you access the privacy setting of the target user, you will have no issue while logging into Snapchat and accessing Snapchat activities without any hassle.

Snapchat Messages: Accessing your partner Snaps is now easier than ever. MoniMaster Pro gives you complete access to all types of sent and received messages on Snapchat. It also gives you access to the Snapchat deleted or disappeared messages.

Access to Snapchat Calls: If you want to know who is making voice and Video calls to your son, daughter, or partner. Install the best Snapchat Monitor Tool i.e. MoniMaster Pro and get access to all types of Video and Video calls on Snapchat.

Snapchat Stories: If you can't see Snapchat stories of your kids. It does not mean that they don't post any stories on Snapchat. But they hide it from you by changing the privacy setting. With MoniMaster pro app get access to all stories of your kids. No matter if they are public or private.


How to use MoniMaster Pro?

Monitoring Via MoniMaster Pro is quick and instant. All you need is to complete three way.

Step 1. The first step is to produce an account on the MoniMaster website. You'll have to give an dispatch for this.

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Step 2. 2nd step is to download and Install the MoniMaster Pro app on the target device.  A separate guide is available on the website for Android, iOS, and iCloud.

complete setup ios

Step 3. The last step is to verify the MoniMaster Pro setup. Once it is completed. You are ready to monitor all Snapchat activities with a single click on the MoniMaster Pro App.

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How to Turn off Snapchat Location?

Turning off the Snapchat location does not require any hard work. Neither does it involve a long-lasting procedure. Similarly, it also offers you a feature to turn off location for all users or selected users. Let';s share how to turn off Snapchat Location on Android and iPhone.

For Android:


  • Open the Snapchat app on your Android device. On the top left corner click on your profile.

  • Click on the Setting Menu in the top right corner.

  • Scroll down to Privacy Control Menu and tap See My Location.

  • Now Push the slider in front of Ghost Mode. When Enabled your friends will not be able to see your location.

  • You can also share your location with selected friends by scrolling down.

turn off location

For iPhone:


  • Open the Snapchat app on your iPhone and in the top left corner click on your profile.

  • Now Click on the Setting Gear icon on the top right corner.

  • Scroll down to Privacy Control Menu and tap on Who Can See My Location. Here you will see multiple options regarding the friend list.

  • If you enable Ghost Mode. No bone will be suitable to see your position.

  • Return to your Snap Chat Main Page on your iPhone. And your location privacy is now changed.

turn off location iphone

How to Hide Snapchat Location?

If you are concerned about your privacy. You can hide Snapchat's location in Snapchat. You can either use the Ghost mode to completely hide the location of you. Or you can use Snapchat map. Follow the steps mentioned below to hide Snapchat location tracking on Snap Map.

  • Swipe Two times to open Snapchat. Click on the settings menu.

  • Now click on See My Location.

  • Scroll down and toggle on Hide My Live Location.

hide snapchat location

How to Share Location on Snapchat?

If you want to share your location with someone, Snapchat offers you this facility. You can share your live location with selected friends using the following steps.

  • Go to your profile and scroll down for Snapchat friends.

  • Under the snap map section tap on the "Share My Live location"

  • Select the friend that you want to share the location with.

  • Also, select the time for how long you want to share the location. i.e. Always, 8Hours, or 1 Hour

FAQs about Snapchat Locations


1. Can someone see if you view their Snap map story?

There is no official way to see if someone views their snap map story. However, if the user has changed the privacy and allowed some of their friends to access the location.


2. What does the green circle mean on the Snapchat map?

The Green circle on the Snapchat map means that the friends were recently online on Snapchat. This green signal will indicate until the user disables it from the settings menu.


3. Can you see who looks at your Snapchat profile?

If you have a question in your mind Can you see who looks at your Snapchat profile? The answer is "No", Snapchat does not offer you the feature of who looked at your Snapchat profile.


4. Can someone see if you look at their Bitmoji on Snapchat?

Tapping someone's Bitmoji on Snapchat only lets you open chat. And it will not notify the user. No matter how many times you tap on it, the user will not know about it.


5. Does live location on Snapchat mean they are active?

Yes. If someone is sharing a live location on Snapchat it means that they are active on Snapchat. You can see his/her location. Also, you can message and call them.


How to tell if someone checked your location on Snapchat? Does snap tell when you look at someone's location? In this article, we briefly discussed these two questions. Similarly, we also shared info about how to hide and share locations on Snapchat. If you are looking for an app that gives you full control over the Snapchat app. We recommend MoniMaster Pro.

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