A Complete Guide: How to Record Snapchat without Them Knowing?


By Jeremy Barnett | Oct 30, 2023 02:17 pm

In a world where instant sharing has become the norm, Snapchat has taken the lead in providing ephemeral moments to its users. But what if you want to keep a record of those moments without alerting your friends? This article delves into the art of screen record on Snapchat discreetly, allowing you to capture cherished memories without leaving a trace.

Can you Screen Record Snaps?

Snapchat screen record is a subject of intrigue, raising questions about privacy and etiquette. Snapchat doesn't offer a built-in screen recording feature. However, it's possible to record snaps using external methods.

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Will Snapchat Know When You're Screen Recording?

Snapchat has evolved to detect various forms of screen recording and notify the sender. In this section, we'll explore Snapchat's mechanisms for detecting screen recording and the importance of recording without triggering these notifications. Learn how to screen record on Android and iPhone, maintaining discretion while capturing your favorite snaps.

How to Screen Record on Snapchat -For Android?

1. Use the Screen Record

Snapchat's ephemeral nature has intrigued many, but what if you wish to keep lasting memories on your Android device? In this section, we'll guide you through the steps to record Snapchat on your Android device, ensuring that your cherished memories are preserved without raising alarms.


  • Select Your Screen Recording App: Choose a screen recording app from the Google Play Store, like AZ Screen Recorder or Mobizen Screen Recorder.

  • Install and Configure: Download and install your chosen app, customize settings, and grant necessary permissions.

  • Open Snapchat: Open Snapchat and ensure the content you want to record is available.

  • Start Recording: Activate the screen recording app, record the desired content, and save it in your device's gallery.

  • Maintain Discretion: Be mindful of your actions on Snapchat to avoid raising suspicions.

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Snapchat may detect screen recording activity, so choose a reputable app and follow the steps carefully to minimize detection. Discretion is crucial when using these methods.

2. Use MoniMaster Pro for Android: Viewing and Recording Snapchat Secretly

When it comes to monitoring and recording Snapchat activities on an Android device, MoniMaster stands out as a comprehensive solution. This tool allows you to view everything on Snapchat and record it without the user ever knowing. In this section, we'll delve into the key features of MoniMaster Pro for Android, shedding light on its capabilities and how it can help you discreetly monitor Snapchat.

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Key Features:

Certainly, let's provide brief explanations of five key features of MoniMaster Pro for Android:

Stealth Mode:

MoniMaster's Stealth Mode operates invisibly, ensuring that your monitoring remains discreet. It operates silently in the background, making it nearly impossible for the user to detect its presence while gathering Snapchat data.

Snapchat Messages:

This feature allows you to access and read Snapchat messages , including text and multimedia content. It provides a comprehensive record of the user's conversations.

Geolocation Tracking:

MoniMaster enables you to track the location history of the target Android device user. This is particularly useful for concerned parents or guardians who want to know the whereabouts of their loved ones.

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Keylogger Functionality:

MoniMaster captures keystrokes, providing insights into the content typed on Snapchat, such as messages and captions. Installing a keylogger remotely enhances your understanding of the user's interactions.

Remote Control:

With MoniMaster, you have the capability to remotely control the target device. You can lock the device, take screenshots, and even wipe data if needed, providing a level of control and security.


Step 1. Purchase and Install:

Start by purchasing a MoniMaster subscription that suits your needs. Follow the installation instructions provided to install the app on the target Android device. 

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Step 2. Access the Dashboard:

Use your MoniMaster account to log in to the online dashboard, where you can view all the gathered Snapchat data.

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Step 3. Monitor Snapchat Activity:

Explore the various features within the dashboard to monitor Snapchat messages, stories, media, and other activities.

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MoniMaster Pro for Android offers an effective and comprehensive solution for monitoring and recording Snapchat activities while maintaining discretion. It's an ideal choice for parents, guardians, or individuals who need to keep an eye on Snapchat usage for various reasons.

How to Screen Record on Snapchat - For iOS

iOS users can screen record on Snapchat using the built-in screen recording feature. This method is seamless and doesn't notify the sender, allowing you to capture those precious moments discreetly.


  • First, ensure that the screen recording feature is available on your Control Center. If it's not there, you can add it through your device's settings.

  • Swipe down or swipe up (depending on your device) to access the Control Center. You'll find the screen recording icon, a circular button with a dot inside.

  • Tap the screen recording button, and it will begin a three-second countdown, notifying you that it's about to record.

  • Once the countdown finishes, open Snapchat and navigate to the snap or story you want to capture.

  • To stop the recording, return to the Control Center and tap the screen recording button again. The recorded video will be saved in your Photos app.

screen record on snapchat

This method is quick and doesn't require third-party apps, making it an efficient way to screen record Snapchat on iOS devices.

How to Screen Record on Snapchat Without Them Knowing?

Here are four methods to discreetly capture snaps and stories:

1. Disable the Internet Connection:

To prevent Snapchat from notifying the sender, turn off your internet connection before opening the app. This way, you can view snaps without triggering the "screenshot" alert. However, this method restricts interaction within the app while the internet is off.

2. Enable Airplane Mode:

Similar to the first method, enabling Airplane Mode disconnects your device from the internet. It effectively prevents Snapchat from sending notifications to the sender when you take a screenshot or screen recording.

airplane mode

3. Mirror Phone on PC:

You can use screen mirroring software to display your phone's screen on a computer. Record the mirrored screen on your PC discreetly, capturing the Snapchat content without any notifications. This method requires additional software and setup but offers a way to record without detection.

mirror phone on pc

4. Use Another Phone:

The most straightforward method is to use a second device, such as another phone or camera, to record the content from the first device's screen. This method requires you to physically capture the content, ensuring that no digital alerts are triggered.

FAQs about Screen Record on Snapchat


Why does it say I screen record on Snapchat?

Snapchat notifies when screen recording is detected to protect users' privacy and encourage responsible sharing. This alert aims to maintain the ephemeral nature of the platform.


Why can't I record on Snapchat?

Snapchat has features that actively detect and prevent screen recording, as it goes against their policy. This is why you might encounter issues while trying to record content.


Does Snapchat block screen recording?

While Snapchat actively discourages screen recording by notifying senders, it doesn't technically "block" the feature. However, it actively monitors for such activities to maintain the privacy of its users.


This article explored the discreet art of screen recording on Snapchat, both for Android and iOS. We discussed various methods to capture Snapchat content without alerting the sender while emphasizing the importance of responsible usage. For comprehensive and discreet Snapchat monitoring, we recommend MoniMaster — a versatile tool that ensures privacy and provides a valuable insight into Snapchat activities.

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