[4 Ways] How to See Birthdays on Snapchat?


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Can you find someone birthday on Snapchat?

This is an obvious question. And the simple answer is a big yes. But you might be wondering, "Can I find any birthdays on Snapchat?" There are millions of accounts (yes, millions) with their birthdays on Snapchat. But if you want to find out how to find the birthdays of people you know on Snapchat then read on.

How to Find Someone's Birthday on Snapchat?

How to find someone birthday on Snapchat has become an easy question now. If you are a Snapchat user and want to find the birthday of someone who has the same number as you, you can easily find it on Snapchat. Just use the following methods to find out how to find your friend's birthday. We have introduced four new ways for doing this job easily. We have listed them below along with their simple steps.

Way 1. Check Birthdays on Snapchat by Seeing Special Birthday Cake Emoji.

Birthdays on Snapchat was launched on January 5, 2014. We will use this as an example to show you how to find a friend's birthday by seeing a special birthday cake emoji. This is really a game of kids to do so as it is a simplest method.

how to see birthdays on snapchat

Steps to Check Birthdays on Snapchat by seeing special birthday cake emoji:

Step 1:

Step 1. Search for the birthday of your friend by checking their name at the top right corner. There are several ways to do this. You can just click on Find Friends. Or you can search for the person with the name Michael Brown (for example) at the top right corner.

Step 2. Click on See what's up? from the top left corner. This will be the new view of the search bar.

Step 3. After that, click on Birthdays from the right side of the menu.

Step 4. There will be a lot of Birthdays on the list and you have to check the birthday to see their birthday. However, Snapchat also signifies and gives notifications about your upcoming friends' birthdays.

Way 2. Check Birthdays on Snapchat by Birthdays Icon.

We have been using the special Birthday Icon as a part of the story that will show you some other events. This has created a birthdays icon which can be used to check the birthday of the friends. Just drag this icon onto any person's photo and it will show their birthdays.

check birthdays on snapchat by birthdays icon

Steps to check birthdays on snapchat by Birthdays icon:

Step 1. Go to the birthdays icon and drag it onto the photo.

Step 2. This will add the birthday icon to the photo.

Step 3. Select the emoji from the birthday icon to find the birthday.

Step 4. You can also check the birthdays in this photo by clicking on the person's name or The Birthday emoji.

Way 3. Use a Monitoring App to Find Someone's Birthday on Snapchat

The best way to find someone's birthday on Snapchat is to use a monitoring app such as MoniMaster Pro for Android. This monitoring app can be installed on any android devices. The monitoring app can give you all the information about the friends using the app.

It can show you what are they doing, what are they checking on the screen, who they are talking to, what are they doing on the filters, and can be used for monitoring the photos. It can give you all the details about them in a single interface.

android monitoring

Snapchat monitoring features:

Monitor Snapchat received and sent messages:

You can monitor Snapchat's received and sent messages. With the help of this app, you can check out who sends a message to who. It shows you all the details of the message such as the number from where the message came and who received it. It also shows the name of the sender and a timestamp which shows the time when the message was opened and read.

Take the real-time screenshot of Snapchat:

With this app, you can screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing and view it in real time. You can see who is texting you and who is sending you the snaps. You can also see who are sending you snaps or who are they are interacting with. It helps you to know whether you have a cheating partner or not.

See the images of Snapchat:

You can view photos of Snapchat. You can view all the selfies and a lot of filters that are displayed on the screen. The snapping will be visible in the view. All the photos and filters will be visible in this app for you to check out of your targeted user or whom you are tracing.

Track the location of Snapchat:

The GPS can also be used to track the location of Snapchat. This is because the information about the user's location will be stored in the app and on the server. If you want to track the location, you can use this app. This app works with Google maps and it can show you the location in real time. It can easily track boyfriend phone location in real-time.

Real time data of Snapchat syncing:

This app shows the real time data about Snapchat on the Android device. It shows all the user's activity and which profile is active at a particular time. It will show you how much time has passed since you last used Snapchat app and which user is using it. This will help you to get the information about the secret messages that are being sent to you and how many people have access to the app and can see you.

How to check birthdays on snapchat by MoniMaster Pro for Android?

Step 1. Make a Valid Account

Click on the Sign Up button to pursue a legitimate record utilizing a valid email address. Also, put your legal information on the page to precede the next page.

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Step 2. Arrangement Guide

On the My Products page, you can observe the arrangement you bought, and afterward, click on Arrangement Guide. After this agreement, you are ready to use MoniMaster features on your screen.

complete setup ios

Step 3. Check Birthdays on Snapchat

After installing the monitoring app, open it. Now, select the Snapchat option to target your friends ID. Select the birthdays tab. Then you can check the person's birthday by clicking on the birthday icon. You will be shown all the messages received by the person and the images that the person has saved in Snapchat.

check birthdays on snapchat by monimaster android monitoring

The five other features of this monitoring application are discussed as follows:

1. You can install a network security for the monitoring app.

2. MoniMaster can control other social apps such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

3. It can check the details of the social media accounts.

4. It can create a detailed report on the activities that the friends are doing.

5. It can help in check the SMS, check someone's call history online that the friends do.

Way 4. Check Birthdays on Snapchat via Snapshot Charms

So, the last way to find someone's birthdays is by using the Snapshot Charms. Just tap on a friend's snap and you will be able to find their birthday with a notification. The Snapshot Charms do not show the exact birthdays but it will show a symbol and the exact date of birth. So, you can use the Snapshot Charms to find the birthdays quickly. It is an easy method to do so. Just do the following:

check birthdays on snapchat via snapshot charms


Step 1. Tap on the snapshot charm and you will be able to see the birthdays of your friends.

Step 2. Now, if you want to find the birthdays of other person, you can do so by clicking on the person's name in the charm.


The Snapshot Charm will show a birth date, but sometimes not the exact date.

How to Change Your Birthday on Snapchat?

How do you change your birthday on Snapchat? How do you change your birthday by going to My Account or About. These are the most common questions that we hear. Changing your birthday on Snapchat is very simple. If you want to change your birthday on Snapchat, you have to go to your settings in your app and open the tab About. Then you have to select your birthday.

how to change your birthday on snapchat

Step 1. Once you select your birthday, you will find a menu with all the changes that you can make. The most important button in this menu is Change your birthday.

Step 2. After that, press on this button and then you will see another menu called Your birthday on Snapchat. You can edit your birthdate here.

Step 3. Here you can make the following changes:

  • Change your date of birth

  • Change the month of your birth

  • Change the year of your birth

  • Change the day of your birth

You can now change and save the changes.


You can make all the changes that you want but you cannot change your gender or your relationship.

Tips: How to Make a Birthday Filter for Snapchat?

The best way that you can find a friend's birthday on Snapchat is by using a special filter. This special filter helps you to find a person's birthday by just using the hashtag "#birthdays". You can find this special filter by simply going to the Snapchat's main page and clicking on Our Stories.

how to make a birthday filter for snapchat

Step 1. Then you have to click on the first story at the top left corner of the page.

Step 2. You will see a new filter on the top right corner.

Step 3. Click on the special birthday filter and this will direct you to your friends' profile.

Step 4. Here you will find a A Birthday emoji.

Step 5. Select the emoji and it will point you to the person's birthdays.

FAQs about Logging into Someone's Snapchat

1. What happens when it's your birthday on Snapchat?

Snapchat will show you a notification that it is your birthday today. You will see the snapchat icon on your screen. You can tap on the icon to see the snaps of your friends about your birthday. If you want to see the snaps of your friends who are not there, you can open their snapchat stories.

2. Does someone know if you check their Snapchat score?

No one knows how to see the statistics about the friends' photo scores, but they may see you checking it. You can get in touch with our customer support team and get the solution. But as you are only checking the birthday of your friends, it is not a danger to them.

3. How long do I have to wait to change my birthday on Snapchat?

If you are interested in changing your birthday, the default setting is forever. But you can change your birthday anytime. But you have to log in on the settings menu using your Snapchat account.


So, that was all about checking your friends' birthdays by using MoniMaster monitoring app on Snapchat. There are other useful working methods too that are described as above. If you liked our tutorial, please share it on your social media. Also, if you know about the other methods to check birthdays on Snapchat, feel free to comment below.

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