6 Best Parental Control Apps to Monitor Childs WhatsApp Messages


By Gloria Robertson | Jun 03, 2024 05:08 pm

Monitor child's WhatsApp to secure their wellbeing and provide peace of mind. Assume your child is exploring the vast landscape of social media with all its wonders and risks; knowing the best app for monitoring a child's use of WhatsApp could make a critical difference.

This article delves into some top parental control tools so you'll come away equipped to keep them safe online while safeguarding digital interactions of children to provide security and guarantee their wellbeing in digital life.

how to check childs whatsapp messages

How Can I Monitor My Child's WhatsApp Messages

Ensuring your children's online safety is of utmost importance. If you're wondering, can I monitor my child's WhatsApp? Here are a few effective methods that may help monitor my child's WhatsApp messages:

1. Use WhatsApp Parental Control App - MoniMaster for WhatsApp

MoniMaster for WhatsApp is an effective parental control app designed specifically to monitor the WhatsApp activity of children and provide comprehensive features to track messages, calls, and multimedia files shared between WhatsApp users.

Designed as an invisible solution, this app answers the question, can you monitor child's WhatsApp? A discreet solution works without their knowledge in the background to monitor activity on WhatsApp accounts without disruption.

How to Monitor Child's WhatsApp via MoniMaster for WhatsApp

Step 1. Navigate to the MoniMaster website and open an account. Download and install MoniMaster for WhatsApp onto the device your child uses for WhatsApp messaging.

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Step 2. Follow the setup instructions to link this app with WhatsApp on behalf of your child.

monimaster for whatsapp setup

Step 3. Use MoniMaster's dashboard to track your child’s WhatsApp activity remotely by using any web browser.


The Wonderful Features of MoniMaster for WhatsApp

MoniMaster for WhatsApp provides parents with a suite of features designed to allow them to monitor their children's WhatsApp activities effectively. With MoniMaster, you can:

View All Text Messages and Multimedia Files:

Monitor sent and received text, images, videos, and voice messages in order to protect your child from exposure to inappropriate material or interactions that could pose risks.

Monitor Call Logs and Contacts:

Keep track of both incoming and outgoing WhatsApp phone calls as well as your child's contacts to understand who they are communicating with.

monimaster whatsapp

Real-Time Location Tracking:

Utilizing GPS tracking can give parents peace of mind regarding their child's whereabouts, providing find real-time location on WhatsApp.

Access Deleted Messages and Media:

Even if your child deletes messages and media from WhatsApp accounts, MoniMaster allows you to recover and view them - guaranteeing no information slips away without your knowledge and oversight.

Set Keyword Alerts to Spot Suspicious Activity:

Customize alerts for keywords related to bullying, drugs, or any risky activities so you can take immediate action if needed.

MoniMaster provides comprehensive oversight and security without being intrusive for parents searching for how can I monitor my child's WhatsApp without their knowing. Its features make MoniMaster an indispensable solution.


MoniMaster requires physical access to your child's device for initial installation and incurs a cost. Even so, MoniMaster remains one of the top choices among parents looking for how can I monitor my child's WhatsApp without them knowing.

2. Use Google Family Link to Check Child's WhatsApp Messages

Google Family Link is a free service designed to allow parents to monitor and control the device usage of their children. Although not directly offering access to WhatsApp messages, this tool helps parents monitor app usage and screen time usage - giving insight into whether your children are accessing other applications frequently, like WhatsApp.

use google family link to check childs whatsapp message

How to Steps

  1. Download and install Google Family Link onto both of your devices, your child and yours.

  2. Create a Google account for your child if they do not already have one.

  3. Follow the setup instructions in order to connect both devices.

  4. Use the Family Link app to keep an eye on app usage and set restrictions.


Google Family Link does not enable direct viewing of WhatsApp conversations; instead, it only gives an overall account of app usage and screen time usage - making this method less efficient in tracking specific conversations than others may.

3. Use Keylogger to Monitor Child's WhatsApp Messages

Keyloggers record all keystrokes made on devices, enabling you to observe what your child types into WhatsApp and other applications like this one. A keylogger allows parents and guardians to answer the question of how to monitor child's WhatsApp messages by monitoring text inputs.

use keylogger to monitor childs whatsapp message

How to Steps

  1. Install an effective keylogger app like MoniMaster Pro Keylogger on your child's mobile device.

  2. Follow the installation instructions provided by your keylogger app.

  3. Navigate to the keylogger dashboard and access all recorded keystrokes.


Physical access to your children's mobile devices is needed for installation purposes. It may even be detected by antivirus software, diminishing their long-term monitoring abilities.

4. Monitor Child's WhatsApp by Backing Up the WhatsApp Chat

Backing up WhatsApp chats is an effective and straightforward method to monitor messages. Setting up backups to Google Drive or iCloud and accessing them later to read messages provides an effective solution to parents searching for how to monitor child's WhatsApp messages free.

monitor childs whatsapp message by backing up the whatsapp chat

How to Steps

  1. Launch WhatsApp on their device.

  2. Navigate to Settings, Chats, and then Chat Backup.

  3. Select either Google Drive (Android devices) or iCloud (iPhones).

  4. Access your backup from another device to view messages stored within.


This method requires having access to your child's device and backup account and does not offer real-time monitoring, as you can only view messages up until their last backup was performed. Furthermore, any messages deleted before being uploaded could no longer be recovered later on.

5. See Child's WhatsApp Messages by Hiring a Pro Hacker

Hiring professional hackers to gain access to your child's WhatsApp messages is an extreme and illegal solution, which should be discouraged due to legal and ethical implications; we mention it only to highlight their risks and illegality.

see childs whatsapp messages by hiring a pro hacker

How to Steps

  1. Locate and Hire Professional Hackers.

  2. Provide sufficient details so a hacker can gain entry to your children's device.

  3. Get access to data from hackers


This practice is prohibited and is considered an unfair means of cheating that carries heavy penalties if the culprit is caught. It also poses an invasion of your child's privacy, and this goes a long way in eroding trust.

6. Directly Check Your Child's WhatsApp Messages

This approach is the simplest since you have to physically ask permission from your child to browse through their messages on WhatsApp. When it comes to the interaction between you and your child, always remember that trust is a critical factor that has to be established.

As for the introduced method, it correlates with the principle of stalking your child's WhatsApp but being transparent at the same time.


This method can only be helpful if your child is okay with sharing the messages with you, and there is a high possibility that they may not do so.

FAQs About Monitoring Child's WhatsApp Messages

1. Why Are Parental Controls on WhatsApp Needed?

They assist in protecting your child by helping you control what your kid is exposed to on the internet and interactions with other people. Other aspects include managing time on screen, which is essential in avoiding cases of abuse and addiction among the users.

Also, tracking the real-time location and activity of the child is necessary for the parents, as they feel secure about their child's safety. These controls respond to the central query of how to monitor my child's WhatsApp messages free and provide an all-encompassing solution for safeguarding your child's safety and wellbeing in cyberspace.

2. Is WhatsApp Safe for Kids?

WhatsApp is not absolutely safe for kids. It is imperative for parents to closely watch messages to prevent unknown persons and even bullying contacts. Understanding "how to monitor WhatsApp on child's phone" and using parental control tools can decrease these dangers.


For your child's safety, it is crucial to follow the steps to monitor child's WhatsApp. Compared to the methods mentioned above, MoniMaster for WhatsApp is the most universal overall and productive tool for giving parents the opportunity to monitor WhatsApp child secretly and effectively.

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