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By Gloria Robertson | Mar 14, 2023 04:38 pm

Sharing your location on WhatsApp can be a great way to let your friends, family and colleagues know where you are. It's easy to do, and it can be very helpful if you're meeting up with someone or if you just want to show someone a place you've been.

In this article, we'll show you how to share your location on WhatsApp in just 5 minutes. We'll cover how to open the location-sharing feature. By the end, you'll have the knowledge and confidence to start sending your location to your contacts. So let's get started!

How to Check Location Without Knowing on WhatsApp?

MoniMaster for WhatsApp provides guardians with the data they need to assist with keeping their youngsters more secure. With MoniMaster, Guardians can see their youngster's web activities and track their kids' locations.

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MoniMaster gives the instruments to assist with keeping your kid's school day from online interruptions. You can screen the individual's Location progressively and check the Location history subtleties. MoniMaster is the best WhatsApp location tracker tool for parents.


Set Geofence

You can set a virtual wall on the guide to get moment Geofence cautions when the objective individual crosses your barrier. In this manner, you don't need to screen the individual's live Location for however long he is inside your set Geofence. You can begin observing the live Location when you get cautious that the individual has crossed the wall.

Check WhatsApp messages

You can peruse every one of the messages on the objective individual's telephone that have been sent or gotten. You get to peruse even the erased messages assuming the accurate individual purposes of an Android cell phone. From this, you can check who is chatting with whom on WhatsApp .


Track WhatsApp Call History

You can likewise check the considered history on the objective individual's telephone with complete subtleties. From the guest name and number to call type, call span, date, and time, you can see everything from MoniMaster Dashboard.

Record Phone Discussion

MoniMaster allows you to hack WhatsApp without QR code and catch the objective telephone call discussion continuously. The accounts will be accessible on your Dashboard, and you can pay attention to them anytime.

View WhatsApp Status

If you wish to monitor all the activities on someone else’s WhatsApp account and view the WhatsApp status secretly but easily, it has been specifically developed to monitor the activities on someone else’s WhatsApp.

How to Use MoniMaster for WhatsApp?

Step 1. Make an account:

Click the "Buy Now" button to enlist a substantial record utilizing a valid email address. From that point, you want to buy a top-notch plan to use all cutting-edge observing highlights.

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Step 2. Arrangement Guide and Finish Settings:

When the value plan and buy are concluded, you'll go to a page named "My Items and Orders The board." Here, you can track down your request, click "Arrangement Guide," and complete the necessary arrangement on the Android gadget referred to.

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Step 3. Begin Checking WhatsApp:

After finishing the establishment and design on the objective gadget, click "Check Arrangement." When you complete the right setting, the symbol of this application will vanish from the home screen of the target telephone. It's 100 percent undetectable. Then, at that point, you'll move to the next page.

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Difference between Live Location and Current Location

We can find someone on WhatsApp secretly. While WhatsApp's live Location and WhatsApp's current Location are unique, individuals frequently get confounded while sharing them on the stage. We are here to help you.

  • The WhatsApp current Location sends a pin of your definite Location to the client on the opposite finish of the talk.

  • Imparting your WhatsApp live Location to somebody of note, then again, refreshes them of your definite Location continuously, i.e., they will want to follow you as you move continually. How long they can get an update of your live Location relies upon you - you can browse for 15 minutes, 60 minutes, or 8 hours.

How to Share Location on WhatsApp -Android?

Everyone wants to know how to send locations on WhatsApp. Both current and live Location-sharing highlights expect you to keep the Location Administrations turned ON, on your telephone, without much of a stretch. Divert it from the Settings application on your phone before adhering to the directions for WhatsApp sharing.


  • Visit WhatsApp and open it on your phone.

  • Go to the Visits tab (while perhaps not currently chosen).

  • Tap on the individual or gathering you need to impart your Location to.

  • Click on the paperclip symbol at the lower part of the talk window

  • Pick the Location symbol.

  • Select "Offer live Location" or "Send your ongoing Location."

share location on whatsapp android

How to Share Location on WhatsApp -iPhone?

The means required to send your WhatsApp location utilizing your iPhone are like the Android rendition, yet the point of interaction is somewhat unique. iPhone WhatsApp spy is also possible. You can follow the standards underneath to send your Location on WhatsApp for iOS:


  • Select the Talks choice from the lower part of the screen (while possibly not currently chosen)

  • Tap on the individual or gathering you wish to share your Location with.

  • In the visit window, click on the + symbol in the base left corner of the screen.

  • From the spring-up menu, tap on the Location choice

  • Select "Offer Live Location" or "Send Your Ongoing Location

share location on whatsapp iphone

How to Share Location on WhatsApp Using Google Maps?

It is accessible to share locations on WhatsApp through Google Maps. You can also see how to share the live location on WhatsApp.


  • Open the Google Maps application on your Android cell phone or iPhone.

  • Find the Location you wish to share on the guide, then, at that point, long-press there to drop a pin.

  • Tap on the name or address of the Location you've stuck at the base.

  • On the open window, look over the choices to one side and select Offer.

  • From the rundown of applications, pick WhatsApp, followed by the individual or gathering with whom you wish to share the Location, and afterwards, click on the send symbol.

share location on whatsapp google maps

How to Stop Sharing Location on WhatsApp?

If you are unsatisfied with sharing the location on WhatsApp, you can stop it. The steps are as follows:


  • Tap the "Quit sharing" button beneath the guide posting to stop Location sharing on WhatsApp.

  • At the point when the affirmation brief shows up, tap on "Stop" to quit sharing your live Location.

  • You will see the text "Live Location finished" beneath the guide review to show that you are no longer sharing your live Location.

  • You could search for this text to affirm that you have halted Location sharing.

FAQs about WhatsApp Location

1. How long can I share my Location on WhatsApp?

You can quit sharing whenever or let the Live Location clock terminate. It is a carefully guarded secret. Open a visit with the individual or gathering you need to impart to. Under "Location" in the join button, another choice is "Offer Live Location." Decide for how long you need to share and tap send.

2. What does pin location mean?

What's the significance here? When you drop a pin in your precise Location, you're saving the GPS directions of that spot. Like that, when you share it with your companion, you're telling them precisely where you are - not the closest road address.

3. Can you tell if someone is tracking your WhatsApp?

To look at this, head to the application and tap on the three spots in the corner, then select WhatsApp Web. If this shows a sign-in and "right now dynamic," your messages are being observed. And undoubtedly read by a client signing into your record using a program.


We have shown all potential ways on the most proficient method to Share the Location on WhatsApp. You can likewise share Locations from Google Guides. In any case, to follow the individual's Location without him sharing it, you can use the MoniMaster for WhatsApp to track his live Location precisely. You can share the ongoing Location in static as well as live structure.

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