Top 12 App Usage Trackers for iPhone and Android


By Jeremy Barnett | Feb 02, 2024 01:07 pm

"How long am I spending on my phone?" is often an essential question in today's digital world, yet answering it has never been simpler thanks to phone usage tracker technologies and app usage tracker. These revolutionary tools not only give insight into your digital habits but also assist in striking a healthier balance between virtual and real environments.

Whether you are an anxious parent, productivity-seeker professional, or simply curious about digital footprint - understanding how an app tracks phone usage can be transformative. Here we present 12 app usage trackers for iPhone and Android giving access to mindful and controlled digital experiences!

top app usage trackers for iphone and android

Benefits of App Usage Trackers

Apps that track usage offer many distinct and beneficial uses in today's always connected world.

First off, using such an app to track phone usage to increase productivity by providing insight into time spent using various applications can increase focus while encouraging mindful usage habits.

Furthermore, parents using tracker apps as part of parenting techniques involving their child's digital exposure, such as monitoring online/offline balance for their kids, can ensure healthy interactions both offline and online; such an app tracks phone usage to help identify any possible digital addiction while encouraging better sleep habits as well as real-world interaction making these trackers indispensable in today's modern digital ecosystem!

Top 6 Phone Usage Tracker Apps for Android to Monitor App and Phone Usage

As we explore Android app usage tracking, it's crucial to find tools that accurately track phone app usage. Such apps not only monitor digital activity but can also assist in optimizing online time usage. Here are the six Android applications that stand out in this arena:

1. MoniMaster App Usage Tracker

MoniMaster is an all-encompassing solution designed to track digital activities comprehensively, making it especially helpful for parents or employers requiring detailed insights into phone usage.

monimaster android

Amazing Features of MoniMaster Pro for Android.

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  • MoniMaster's user-friendly interface and real-time data syncing make it a top choice for extensive monitoring needs.


  • No free license but a free demo.


Monimaster is a powerful tracking software. It supports Android and iOS devices.

If your monitoring target device is an iOS system. You can click the "View Demo" button to know more features about iOS Monitoring.

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2. Quality Time

Quality Time was designed for users seeking an increased understanding of their digital habits. It provides detailed analysis of daily phone use, categorizing time spent on different apps and offering insights into digital patterns - providing real-time reports to assist them with effectively managing their digital wellbeing.

quality time


  • Categorization and visual reports designed for easy viewing as well as customizable alerts to manage screen time are significant benefits of using Quality Time.


  • Some users may find the app's extensive data and categorization confusing and overwhelming, with occasional performance issues reported when handling large volumes of information.

3. App Usage

App Usage is an accessible yet efficient monitoring app to track phone usage designed for digital activity tracking, providing essential data without overburdening users with too much unnecessary information. Specifically suited to those seeking an uncomplicated, user-friendly solution.

app usage


  • With its lightweight nature and features such as uninstall and customizable tracking options, the lightweight tracker makes for an attractive solution.


  • The free version lacks some features and its interface lacks modern aesthetics, which may limit use.

4. Social Fever

Social Fever was designed specifically to help users reduce their social media usage and set realistic goals that balance digital life - particularly regarding time spent on social media platforms.

social fever


  • This app specializes in tracking and managing social media usage, offering features like setting daily limits and providing health-related reminders.


  • Since it specializes only in social media monitoring, this solution might not meet all users' phone usage tracking needs.

5. Screen Time

Screen Time is an innovative app to track app usage designed for parental monitoring that gives an in-depth account of mobile device use, making it particularly suitable as a monitoring solution. Parents can set restrictions for app usage to ensure children maintain a balanced digital diet.

screen time app


  • This app features robust parental control features, such as setting bedtime and schooltime restrictions.


  • Some of the more advanced features, including specific app controls and detailed monitoring are only available to paid subscribers.

6. StayFree

StayFree is an intuitive app tracking phone usage designed for those seeking an effortless way to track their digital habits. With its minimalist, straightforward approach and focus on app tracking essentials, StayFree makes an excellent solution for users seeking simplicity in managing digital habits.

stay free


  • The app's intuitive design and focus mode help minimize distractions for a more focused and productive digital experience.


  • StayFree's limited analytical features may not meet all user needs for deeper data insights.

Top 6 Phone Usage Tracker Apps for iPhone to Monitor App and Phone Usage

iPhone users know the importance of tracking digital habits is undeniable. But selecting an application capable of tracking app data usage iPhone may prove challenging; these six apps stand out for providing insightful data and control over digital consumption; each tool offers specific benefits tailored to individual preferences or needs.

1. OffScreen

OffScreen provides an innovative approach to digital wellness. It encourages users to spend less time using their phones and more time being active outside. Furthermore, OffScreen tracks overall phone usage and provides insightful reports.



  • User-friendly interface, motivational challenges to reduce screen time and detailed statistics about daily usage are hallmarks of success for any product or service.


  • App monitoring features may not offer enough details for some users.

2. ScreenZen

ScreenZen was developed specifically for users seeking to track phone app usage an easy and visually pleasing to monitor their digital habits, helping them assess screen time consumption across apps. It provides users with insights into how much screen time their favorite media consumption consumes each week.



  • With its eye-catching design, intuitive reports and the option of setting daily screen time goals.


  • Some users may find its functionality too basic and lacks advanced monitoring features.

3. Save My Time

Save My Time is distinguished from its rivals with its innovative time management features, replacing your traditional lock screen with an effortless time tracker and making it simple for users to keep an eye on phone usage throughout their day.



  • Innovative lock screen feature, simple time tracking ability and customizable time interval settings make this an attractive solution.


  • Unconventional approach may not suit all users and lacks in-depth app usage analytics.

4. WaRadar

WaRadar designed specifically for WhatsApp users, gives detailed insight into usage including time spent and frequency of use.

waradar app


  • Specialized tracking for WhatsApp offers unique tracking functionality that's suitable for those who spend an inordinately large amount of time using the application, along with an easy user interface and advanced monitoring features.


  • Limited WhatsApp tracking may not meet users' overall phone usage needs.

5. RealizD

RealizD offers an in-depth solution for app tracking phone usage. With detailed statistics about phone and app use, RealizD helps users gain greater insight into their digital habits.



  • Accurate tracking of overall phone and individual app usage, user-friendly interface, and the option to set daily limits are just a few advantages of the product.


  • Certain features require subscription payment and it may lack some advanced tracking functions that other apps offer.

6. Advanced Data Usage Tracker

Advanced Data Usage Trackerapp provides comprehensive details of their data consumption. Not only does it track phone usage but it also monitors usage; an invaluable asset when managing mobile data plans.

advanced data usage tracker


  • Our data usage monitoring features are comprehensive and useful for effectively managing data plans as well as Wi-Fi tracking capabilities.


  • Primarily focused on tracking data usage rather than app usage, which might not suit those looking for comprehensive app tracking capabilities.

FAQs About Phone Usage Tracker

Question 1:

How can I keep track of my Samsung phone usage?

Samsung users have several ways of tracking usage: built-in features like Digital Wellbeing or third-party applications can provide detailed insights into app usage patterns, screen time usage and can set limits on certain apps.

Question 2:

How do I monitor my child's iPhone usage?

Apple's Screen Time feature can be an invaluable asset to parents. Not only can it monitor usage but you can also set content and privacy restrictions. Furthermore, third-party apps provide additional oversight of children's iPhone activities.

Question 3:

How do I hide app activity on my iPhone?

To protect privacy on an iPhone, features like Screen Time can help limit reporting for certain activities; however, completely concealing app activity without third-party tools may prove challenging given iOS is designed for transparency when monitoring phone app use.


Managing digital habits effectively in today's connected world is of vital importance. From monitoring personal usage to keeping tabs on children's screen time usage, the right app is critical in this endeavor.

We recommend MoniMaster with its extensive features and user-friendly interface as an outstanding choice for effective digital monitoring and administration.

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