5 Best WhatsApp Online Trackers [Completed Guide]


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Is it possible to use WhatsApp online tracker for free?

Yes, it is possible to use WhatsApp online tracker for free. Although, there are bunches of WhatsApp online trackers available. Perhaps you need to keep taking heed of the WhatsApp movements of your children. Or on the other hand, maybe you are curious whether your companion is undermining informal communication applications.

Regardless, utilizing a convenient WhatsApp online tracker is free. Here are 5 apps to track WhatsApp online.

Can WhatsApp Be Tracked?

The answer is Yes, WhatsApp can be tracked. Every message, email, or WhatsApp, has a source code and an objective code and can be followed. It can occur without breaking either the encryption or security strategy, "an innovation master told FE." But now WhatsApp can be tracked by online tracker. Here are 5 best trackers to track WhatsApp.

Product MoniMaster for WhatsApp WaStat WaRadar Family Track WA Toolkit
Price $19.99 / Mo Free Free Free Free
Track WhatsApp Messages
Monitor WhatsApp Calls × × × ×
View WhatsApp Status × × × ×
WhatsApp Screenshots × × × ×
Stealth Mode × × × ×
Export Data × × × ×

No.1 - MoniMaster for WhatsApp

MoniMaster for WhatsApp is an extraordinary and simple apparatus that you can use to screen everybody's visit and correspondence exercises on WhatsApp in no time! MoniMastr is the best whatsapp online tracker in the modern world.

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MoniMaster observing tool offers each element you could trust. You can undoubtedly save them to the information base with the MoniMaster observing web-based dashboard. MoniMaster offers you to work as the best WhatsApp tracker.

Key Features:

Track WhatsApp Calls:

Whenever you get any missed calls or gotten messages, it will show them to you on your PC, so it's conducive to checking who is calling or informing you when you are not close to your phone.

Peruse WhatsApp Messages:

Peruse a wide range of messages sent by WhatsApp, similar to all types of messages like voice messages, emoticons, and photographs.

View WhatsApp status:

You can see numerous WhatsApp situations and erased or terminated ones like statements, photographs, recordings, and so forth.

whatsapp monitoring

Record WhatsApp Calls:

Pay attention to WhatsApp calls with no limitation on both approaching and active calls. It empowers you to record WhatsApp calls and record WhatsApp voice messages from a distance.

WhatsApp Voices:

Pay attention to discussions on WhatsApp and right away commodity the messages to your PC for later review.

Price:There are three types of plans available.

One Month Plan Three Month Plan One Year Plan
19.99$ 39.99$ 89.99$

How to Use:

It is effortless to use and takes just a few steps to complete. The steps are as follows.


Step 1. Make an Account

Click on the "Sign Up" button to enlist a legitimate record utilizing a valid email address. From that point, you want to buy a top-notch intent to use all cutting-edge observing highlights.

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Step 2. Follow the Setup Guide and Finish Settings

Whenever the value plan and buy are concluded, you'll naturally be taken to a site page named "My Products and Orders Management". Here, you can track down your request, click "Arrangement Guide" and complete the necessary arrangement on the Android gadget being referred to.

download monimaster whatsapp

Step 3. Confirm Your Setup and Start Monitoring WhatsApp

After finishing the establishment and arrangement of the objective gadget, click "Confirm Setup". When you complete the right setting, the symbol of this application will vanish from the home screen of the valid telephone. It's 100 percent imperceptible.

hack whatsapp without verification using Monitoring

Then, you'll be naturally moved to the dashboard at that point. Here, you can start to screen and track the gathered WhatsApp information on the Android gadget.

note that underlying synchronization might require some investment if it's not too much trouble. After this, you can screen all WhatsApp exercises on the site's control board.

No.2 - WaStat


WaStat is the most reasonable decision that cautions you from assuming someone is online on WhatsApp. WaStat is a WhatsApp online tracker free that gives good consequences. It sends notices rapidly when somebody comes on the web. It'll show all time stretches with a convenient clock view. In any case, this application hacks no WhatsApp accounts.


If you trust that somebody will come on the web yet isn't coming, download this WhatsApp tracker application, and it'll give you a warning when they arrive on the web. It shows you the last seen internet-based status of your WhatsApp contacts. You'll have the option to utilize this application effectively.

Price:It gives ten profiles for free.


WaStat shows the last dynamic hour during the association.

Online notifications can likewise be gotten for android gadgets.

Record of the most recent 30 days of measurements.

Prompts in telling the individual on the off chance that she comes online repeatedly.

How to Use:

Step 1. Get the waste application from the Google play store. Used to follow an individual on WhatsApp.

Step 2. Click on the symbol in the upper right corner and add the name of that individual whom you need to follow.

Step 3. Sends moment notices of an individual when they get on the web.


It is the very time taken work and not authentic results.

No.3 - WaRadar


One more high-priority device for following Whatsapp's most recently seen time is named WaRadar. Does it address your issues? Indeed, the application will turn into your collaborator in following what amount of time either individual spends on the web. Furthermore, during this case, the WhatsApp tracker application teams up with WhatsApp and different couriers.


You'll get moment warnings each time a client is on the web, to be more exact. Concerning the number of clients, the WhatsApp tracker application is fit for following a few groups straightforwardly. That is certainly the thing you want!


Accessible on the Google Play store and simple to oversee for your WhatsApp.

On the off chance that you want a quicker notifier, WaRadar is the best application.

Set up Online notices easily with radar.

Track the previous exercises of the WhatsApp client and view online WhatsApp chat history, utilized for kids following their activities.

Price: It is free to use. One of the best WhatsApp trackers free.

How to Use:

Step 1. Above all else, introduce the WaRadar application from the Google play store.

Step 2. You can screen the client month by month and week by week where you track that one number when he goes online on WhatApp and movements of every kind that get all login timings of WhatsApp.

Step 3. As this application performs on the gadget activities, it implies you can't get told of different contacts that don't introduce the WaRadar application.


Tough to use and not accurate results

No.4 - Family Track


Family Track application is one of the WhatsApp online tracker website free. It shows you the keep going seen of anybody on your WhatsApp. This application was distributed in September 2019. Family Track is available for android 8.0 or more.

family track

This WhatsApp tracker application gives a thorough report of online situations. You'll regulate individuals on your WhatsApp utilizing this WhatsApp. It has been produced for the parent who needs to take a gander at what their kids do. You'll have the option to control each web-based action on a social webpage. You'll screen three individuals or, however, at a time in a unique way.


You can place the most significant 3 WhatsApp numbers in the following on the web/disconnected status.

You get a prompt ready when that specific WhatsApp number is on the web.

All of the reports of last seen and at what time that specific WhatsApp number is on the web, date, and times are recorded, and you can examine them.

You can likewise analyze the movement between two WhatsApp numbers and whether they are talking with one another.

Authoritatively you can attempt it for a free preliminary for 24 hours.

Price: It is available in free form.

How to Use:

Step 1. Introduce the application from the play store on your android portable and open it.

Step 2. Tap to the TRY FOR FREE choice.

Step 3. Tap the '+' symbol for adding a Whatsapp number into the following method of WhatsApp online notice.

Step 4. Enter the telephone number and tap the OK choice.

Step 5. Presently, the online or disconnected status will be recorded, and you will be advised when that individual comes on the web.


It is a waste of time and not satisfied results.

No.5 - WA Toolkit


WA Toolkit is an open-source Android app to track WhatsApp online that tracks warnings when somebody comes online on WhatsApp. WA Toolkit is another best WhatsApp tracker application that aids in observing many highlights of WhatsApp, for example, online WhatsApp tracker, last seen notifier, and so on. You can check your WhatsApp profile guests and their area in a couple of snaps.

wa toolkit


WA Toolkit is an open-source application/free application to use on Android.

With WA Toolkit, you can track your profile guests and download DP.

Having a tracker that assists with checking when somebody comes on the web.

It helped in tracking and did not send notifications.

Price: It is free to use for tracking.

How to Use:

Step 1. Introduce WA Toolkit from the Google Play store.

Step 2. Set up the WA Toolkit application by permitting consent to send you a warning.

Step 3. Set to involve any WhatsApp contact to send a notification when they come online on WhatsApp.

Step 4. This will empower you to get a web-based warning on WhatsApp when somebody comes online continuously.


Callous process of use and did not meet the requirements.

FAQs about WhatsApp Online Tracker


How can I track someone's WhatsApp activity?

It is challenging to follow WhatsApp on the objective cell phone. However, the MoniMaster for WhatsApp tracker versatile observing project is effortless to utilize. This parental observing project permits guardians to focus on their kids' cell phone exercises. With the assistance of MoniMaster, checking WhatsApp messages is more straightforward and more advantageous.


How do I konw if someone is checking me secretly on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has no option to find who saw the profile. A couple of WhatsApp profile watcher applications are accessible on the lookout. They guarantee they can check who visited my WhatsApp profile, yet not even one of them is valuable, tragically.


Is WhatsApp Tracker safe?

Whats Tracker is no problem at all stages for Whatsapp clients and functions admirably for individuals with various necessities. It's easy to utilize and has a spotless, easy-to-use interface which implies you will not need to worry over its usefulness. There are many WhatsApp trackers are available.


WhatsApp has always impacted how individuals impart and stay in contact with their friends and family. notwithstanding, there are numerous ruins and challenging situations which have sprung up with the presentation of this application.

To keep beware of the WhatsApp exercises to avoid such situations, which are discussed above, you want WhatsApp tracker applications. Out of all the accessible applications, MoniMaster for WhatsApp is the best WhatsApp online tracker application as it doesn't simply screen the exercises on WhatsApp yet. In addition, it offers a few other phone checking highlights.

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