5 Ways to Hack WhatsApp Number


By Gloria Robertson | Nov 21, 2022 05:31 pm

Let me share with you that WhatsApp is a secure app. And it is not possible to crack and hack it. However, there are some ways. Following of which you can access someone's WhatsApp. In this article, we will be sharing different ways, how to hack WhatsApp numbers?

Method 1: Hack WhatsApp Account with MoniMaster Android Monitoring

Effectiveness: 100%

MoniMaster hack all types of social media applications in real-time. Therefore, there is no issue with effectiveness. And if you check the reviews of the user. You will come across 5 stars user reviews. So the effectiveness of MoniMaster is 100%.


One of the easy and most perfect ways to hack a WhatsApp account is to use a third-party tracking application. The internet is full of third-party tracking applications. But makes sure. That not every App works.

So, what we suggest. Yes, we are suggesting the best tracking application. That we have already tested and verified. We are talking about the MoniMaster Android Monitoring tracking application.

How to hack WhatsApp account using MoniMaster?

If the target user is using an Android phone, there is no need to worry about it. You can hack WhatsApp Account with MoniMaster in three easy steps. It is worth mentioning that besides WhatsApp you can get access to all types of social media activities of the target user using MoniMaster.

So here are the three steps. That you can Follow to hack WhatsApp Account using MoniMaster.

Step 1. Create an account:

Before you hack WhatsApp Account, it is mandatory to create an account using a valid email address. Once you create your account you will need to purchase a license to access the full feature of MoniMaster.

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Step 2. Install MoniMaster Application:

You can download Monimaster from the official website. After you download the application. Install it on the target device. And follow the steps.

complete setup ios

Step 3. Verify Setup Start Monitoring:

Log in to your MoniMaster account from the target device. And verify the settings. Now the target device everything is in your control. You can get access to the WhatsApp account and read all messages.

hack whatsapp without verification using Monitoring

What MoniMaster Can Hack on WhatsApp:

Once you have set up MoniMaster on the target user, you can access multiple features of WhatsApp. Some of them are mentioned below. let's discuss it in detail.

Access to WhatsApp Messages:

As WhatsApp is a social messaging application and is mostly used for instant messaging. When you hack a WhatsApp account using MoniMaster. You can read all types of messages sent and received from the target WhatsApp account.

Access to WhatsApp call log:

Using MoniMaster you can get access to the call log on WhatsApp. This means that you can know about the call dialed, received, and missed using WhatsApp. Whether it is a voice call or a video Call. MoniMaster record it.

Call Record:

All voice and video calls are recorded using MoniMaster.

Access to WhatsApp status:

Using MoniMaster you can get access to the WhatsApp status of the target user.

Access to WhatsApp Files and Media:

Using MoniMaster for hacking on the target devices you can get access to the files and media shared, stored in WhatsApp.

Method 2: Hack WhatsApp Account by WhatsApp Web

Effectiveness: 90%

The method works effectively, as long as the user is unaware of the web version of WhatsApp login.


The method works perfectly, however, it requires access to the user's mobile account for the first time. You will need to provide the pattern or password. Because if you don't have access to the mobile. You can not log in to the web version of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has a feature that you can use the web version of WhatsApp. If you are busy on your computer and picking the mobile, again and again, disturb you. You can use the web version.



  • To use the web version of WhatsApp All you need to go to the website web.whatsapp.com.

  • Go to WhatsApp setting on the target device and scan the QR code.

  • Now you are ready to view the WhatsApp messages on the desktop. This trick can be used for hacking the WhatsApp account.

Method 3: Hack WhatsApp Account Using Phone Number by OTP

Effectiveness: 90%


Many people use this method to hack WhatsApp accounts. In this method, a one-time password is sent to your Mobil in the form of a text message. For this method, you will need physical access to the phone.

However, if you have access to the target user's phone. It is one of the best methods to hack WhatsApp account using a phone number by OTP.

whatsapp chat

When you either change your device or reinstall WhatsApp. For the first time to log in to your account, it sends you a one-time password. So that it ensures that the number is in use by you.


  • For this method open WhatsApp on your device and use the target phone number.

  • It will send you an OTP. You can use this OTP to login into your account.


The only limitation is the physical access required to the target phone.

Method 4: Hack WhatsApp Account Using Phone Number Via SS7

Effectiveness: 80%


The Method is quite difficult. And not possible for a common person to hack a WhatsApp account.

Another method to hack WhatsApp account using a phone number is to use the SS7 seven approach. SS7 approach refers to Signaling system7. This communication protocol enables you target access to the target phone WhatsApp. However, it is not an easy job and requires a lot of practice and experience. Some steps involved in this method are:

  • Get info on the target Phone such as Network statistics and IMEI.

  • Run SS7 in Linux operating system.

  • You are in control of the target phone.



The Method requires heavy experience and a technical approach.

Method 5: Hack WhatsApp Account Using Phone Number by POCWAPP

Effectiveness: 70%


The Difficult level is medium. It needs some basic knowledge to know about the system.

Most people are not aware of POCWAPP. POCWAPP is the abbreviation of PullOutCorrWhatsApp. The method was first used by Chinese hackers to hack anyone's phone. Some common steps are:

  • Download the POCWAPP and install.

  • Use the target WhatsApp phone Number. It will gather all data regarding the WhatsApp chat history.

  • Now the hacking algorithm executes and gets access to the WhatsApp account.



The detection risk is up to 50%. Also, it is not possible for everyone to hack WhatsApp account.

FAQs about Hacking WhatsApp by Phone Number

Can someone see my WhatsApp messages from another phone?

Although the messages sent via WhatsApp are end to end encrypted. However, there are different ways, using of that someone can access your WhatsApp messages. Like by installing a tracking app like MoniMaster. Or any other method mentioned above.

How do I know if someone is checking me secretly on WhatsApp?

If you come across any suspected activity in your WhatsApp account like someone has a login to your account using the OTP. Or you will see an alert if someone is looking at your messages on the web WhatsApp. If you get an alert, immediately log out.

How can you track someone on WhatsApp?

Different ways are in practice to track someone on WhatsApp. Like using third-party monitoring applications like MoniMaster. Besides this, you can also track someone using other approaches like Web WhatsApp, and the OTP method. Besides this POCWAPP method also help you to tack someone on WhatsApp.


WhatsApp has made our life so easy. It connects us without a loved one within a millisecond. The platform is secure and trusted. But there are different ways through which the function and security of WhatsApp is compromised. If you want to hack WhatsApp account number. You can use MoniMaster without any risk of detection.

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