How to Find Discord Servers? 4 Best Ways Here!


By Jeremy Barnett | Jul 03, 2023 04:50 pm

Where do I find vibrant communities of people who share my interests? If you've ever pondered this question while navigating the vast landscape of the internet, Discord servers might just be the answer you're seeking.

Finding Discord servers is easy and can be done to discover that match your interests. You can start by the or you'll find a curated list of popular and recommended best Discord servers.

Part 1: How to Find Discord Servers?

In the vast realm of Discord servers, set parents controls in discord or finding discordservers to join that align perfectly with your interests can be an exciting endeavor. But where do you start? Fear not, for we have curated a collection of techniques to help you navigate the Discordverse and unearth communities that resonate with your passions. Here is how to find discord servers:

Use Discord Server Listing Websites:

To kickstart your journey, head over to platforms like Disboard,, or Discord Server List. These websites act as treasure troves of categorized servers, allowing you to search discord servers'communities that cater to your specific interests.

discord server listing websites

Explore Server Discovery on Discord:

Discord itself offers a powerful server discovery feature. Simply open Discord, locate the "+" icon on the left sidebar, and select "Explore Public Servers." Here, you'll be presented with a wide array of recommended servers, curated based on your interests and server popularity.

Engage in Social Media and Forums:

Expand your search beyond Discord by venturing into the realms of social media platforms like YouTube search history, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and specialized forums. These digital landscapes are teeming with vibrant communities and discussion threads where people share server recommendations and invite others to join discord servers.

Participate in Events and Communities:

Do you have a passion for a particular event or belong to an online community? Seek out Discord servers related to those specific interests. Whether it's a gaming convention, an industry conference, or a virtual gathering of enthusiasts, these event-based servers offer a fantastic opportunity to connect with individuals who share your excitement.

participate in events and communities

As you navigate the vast landscape of Discord servers, remember that the quest to find the perfect community doesn't end with joining servers yourself. For many, the desire to explore and connect extends to viewing other people's Discord servers as well. In next section we will discuss how to find discord servers of others.

Part 2: How to Find Others' Discord Servers?

Sometimes, the joy of Discord lies not only in finding communities to join but also in discovering the Discord servers that others have created. Whether you're seeking inspiration, looking to connect with like-minded individuals, or simply curious about the diverse range of communities out there, exploring others' Discord servers can be an exciting endeavor.

Why You Need to Find Others' Discord Servers:

Finding others' Discord servers offers a multitude of benefits.

  • Firstly, it provides a platform for inspiration, allowing you to discover innovative ideas, unique themes, and creative approaches to server management.

  • Secondly, exploring others' servers allows you to connect with like-minded individuals who share similar interests or passions. This can foster collaborations, friendships, and expand your network within the Discord community.


The Ways of Finding Others' Discord Servers:

One effective way to discover others' Discord servers is by using MoniMaster, a powerful third-party monitoring tool originally designed for parental use to protect kids from online hazards. However, MoniMaster's features can also be utilized to explore and find other Discord servers. By leveraging its capabilities, you can gain insights into the servers your friends, influencers, or favorite content creators are a part of.

By venturing into the world of others' Discord servers, you open yourself up to a whole new realm of inspiration, connections, and expanding your knowledge. Next, we will discuss how to find discord of others using MoniMaster.

Part 3: How to Use MoniMaster to Find Discord Servers?

MoniMaster , a versatile monitoring tool primarily designed for parental use, offers a range of powerful features that can be utilized to discover and explore others' Discord servers.

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Live Recording:

MoniMaster's live recording feature enables you to capture and monitor the activities taking place on a target device in real-time. To find others' Discord servers, simply install MoniMaster on the device you wish to monitor and initiate the live recording function.

Real-Time Capture of Screenshots:

With MoniMaster's real-time screenshot capture, you can gain visual insights into others' Discord servers. By remotely accessing the target device and activating the screenshot feature, you can periodically capture the screen of the Discord app.

android monitoring

Data Export:

MoniMaster allows you to export the monitored data from the target device, including Discord activities. By exporting the data, you can review it at your convenience and analyze the servers the user has interacted with.

Remote Phone Access:

MoniMaster's remote phone access feature provides you with the ability to access and monitor a target device remotely. By using this feature, you can navigate through the Discord app on the target device, view the servers the user has joined, and explore their interactions within those communities.

By leveraging the powerful features of MoniMaster you can delve into the world of others' Discord servers with ease.

Part 4: Install and Use MoniMaster to Find Discord Servers

To harness the power of MoniMaster and uncover hidden Discord servers, follow these three simple steps:

Step 1. Create an Account:

Visit the MoniMaster website and create a new account by providing the necessary information. This will grant you access to the MoniMaster dashboard, where you can manage your monitoring activities.

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Step 2. Follow the Setup Guide:

After creating an account, follow the step-by-step setup guide provided by MoniMaster. This will involve installing the MoniMaster application on the target device you wish to monitor. Make sure to carefully follow the instructions for your specific device platform (iOS or Android).

click setup android

Step 3. Start Monitoring on The Dashboard:

Once the setup is complete, navigate to the MoniMaster dashboard and access the monitoring features. In this case, select the option to "Discord" to begin monitoring the Discord activities of the target device.

discord monimaster

Part 5: FAQs about Discord Servers


1. How do I find a Discord server by name?

To find a Discord server by name, you can use the search function within Discord itself. Simply enter the name of the server you're looking for in the search bar, and Discord will display relevant results based on the server's name.


2. What is a Discord server list?

A Discord server list is a platform or website that categorizes and lists various Discord servers based on different interests, themes, or topics. These lists provide users with an organized directory of servers, making it easier to discover and join communities aligned with their preferences.


3. How do I join a group on Discord without an invite?

Joining a group on Discord without an invite typically requires having access to a server's public link or being able to browse and discover the server through Discord's server discovery feature.


In this comprehensive guide, we've embarked on a journey to uncover the fascinating world of Discord servers. From learning how to find servers based on your interests to exploring others' communities, we've provided valuable insights and strategies to enhance your Discord experience. Additionally, we introduced MoniMaster , a powerful monitoring tool that goes beyond its parental use to help you discover and explore Discord servers.

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