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By Jeremy Barnett | Nov 21, 2022 05:31 pm

An undetectable keylogger for Android can come in handy when you need to extract information or details from another device, for whatever reason. But anyone with a good knowledge of how keyloggers work would know better than to just go for any available type.

However, not many people even know what a keylogger really is or what it does. Before we dig deeper into this guide on the best undetectable Android keylogger, we'll shed some light on what a keylogger actually does.

Part 1: What Does a Keylogger Do?

A keylogger helps to reveal all of the keystrokes being pressed on another phone.

These apps can help you uncover someone's texts including all social media passwords as well as some other details, such as search histories and and every typed messages. There are a lot of Android keyloggers you can choose from. But if you want something that truly stands out, there are a few criteria you should consider.

choose the best keylogger for android

Part 2: Get a Quick Choice Among the 10 Apps

We've compared some of the best keystroke loggers for Android in 2022. If you're in the market for an undetectable keylogger for Android, you can choose from these ten options:

App Name Key Features on Spying Invisibility Root Requirement Online Demo
MoniMaster -
2022 Editor's Choice
Over 30 spying features, including Keylogging, Social media tracking like Messages, WhatsApp, Facebook , Snapchat; Contact, Media Files checking, Internet browsing tracking, Real-time Location tracking, etc
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right error right
mSpy Keylogging, SMS, Chats, GPS, websites history tracking right error right
Hoverwatch Keylogging, WhatsappMessenger, GPS Tracking, Browsing history checking right right error
iKeyMonitor Keylogging, Browsing history checking, GPS Tracking right Root for social media features is necessary right
MobiStealth Keylogging, Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat messages tracking Not completely invisible error right
Copy9 Keylogging, Social Media, Ambient Recording, etc right right error
Spyera Keylogging, SMS, Social media tracking, GPS Tracking right right error
Kidlogger Keylogging, SMS, Chat apps tracking, Websites history recording right right error
The TruthSpy Keylogging, SMS, GPS, Calls tracking right right error
FlexiSpy Keylogging, Social Media messages tracking right error right

Part 3: Review of the top 10 keyloggers for Android

Anyone looking for a good Android keylogger app can choose from among these top 10. However, if you want an undetectable spy app for Android with self-activation, I should tell you that not every app can do it. So, because of functionality and differences, we'll scratch the surface of every one of these apps so it can be much easier to make your decision.

1. MoniMaster - Editor's Choice

The MoniMaster is our top pick for a variety of reasons.

Aside from being packed full with lots of extremely impressive and incredible features, the MoniMaster undetectable keylogger for Android does well in keylogging, it can record every keystrokes and sync them to the online dashboard in real time. So, even the deleted messages can also be detected with this feature.

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monimaster is the best keylogger for android


  • Super-simple installation (About 3 minutes and video guide provided)

  • Easily navigable dashboard with real-time data syncing

  • 100% stealthy and hidden mode while working: The app icon will disappear from desktop automatically and the app name will be changed.

  • The 100% accurate keylogging feature can tracks social media (Facebook, Instagram, LINE, WhatsApp, Twitter, Snapchat, etc), browsing history, every type of texts and browsing histories even the deleted ones.

  • Tracks more than 30 + data types

  • Does not require rooting to use, keeping data secure.

  • Can work on almost all Android phones and iOS version.


  • The keylogger feature doesn't compatible with it's iOS version yet.

While there are free spying apps, those are usually very limited in functionality. Some people say that MoniMaster is even worth more than the small fee it costs. It's however left to you to decide whether you'll go for a free app with limited functionalities and possibilities for malfunction compared to one that truly stands out.

2. mSpy

The mSpy app is also another option for anyone looking for the best undetectable keylogger for Android. It also boasts impressive features as well and can be easily used to monitor activities on another Android phone. mSpy can also track SMS, chats, browsing history, location, and more.



  • mSpy is easy to use with the online dashboard.

  • The app has some other wonderful phone tracking features.

  • It cab also be used to track location details.

  • It has great balance of features and price


  • To use on Android, you have to purchase the premium version to truly enjoy its full features.

3. Hoverwatch

The Hoverwatch is also a popular undetectable Android keylogger.

The app also tracks keystrokes in messages and on the phone as a whole. It can stay undetectable and can be installed and set up for use easily.



  • Undetectable keylogger for Android that won't get the app noticed

  • Attractive pricing policy for personal usage.

  • It can help track location, chats, and internet activity


  • The installation guide is a bit complicated and you should take much time to finish.

  • Root for target Android phone is necessary.

  • you cannot export the data to computer.

4. iKeyMonitor

Anyone looking for a keystroke logger for Android can also consider the iKeyMonitor.

The app also has very good features that can make it easy to keep an eye on the target. It can track locations using GPS info as well as chats, SMS, and screenshots of browsing history.



  • Good for parents who want to monitor their kids

  • Can work on different Android models

  • Can work on unrooted Android phones


  • Android version has very limited functionality compared to the iPhone version.

5. MobiStealth

This keystroke logger for Android is also good for anyone looking to monitor another Android phone. But the Mobi Stealth app, unfortunately, cannot be completely hidden like some of the other apps on this list. The app comes with keylogging features and can be used to track SMS, social media chats, web history, etc.

mobistealth keylogger for android


  • Can be installed easily within 30 minutes

  • Gives access to real-time details and notifications

  • It can be tweaked for changes remotely without touching the target device.


  • To capture messages in real-time, the device will have to be rooted.

  • Also, the MobiStealth cannot stay 100% undetectable.

  • Don't have an intuitive interface.

6. Copy9

Copy9 is also one of the apps people consider when they're looking for an undetectable keylogger for Android. While the app has some very nice features, unlike Mobi Stealth, it can stay hidden on the target device so the person does not know they are being tracked.



  • Keylogging features track SMS messages

  • Can function without rooting the device

  • Very easy to set up and install


  • Support is only available online via their website

  • No demo to show you how the app works

7. Spyera

SpyEra is one of the apps anyone looking for a well-hidden keystroke logger for Android phones should consider. This app gives you access to track the target phone's messages, social media, location details, email messages and more.

spyera keylogger for android


  • Can work stealthily and can be controlled remotely

  • It offers a hoard of spying features.

  • Available for many Android phones and OS versions.


  • It's not easy to install for people who are not tech-savvy

  • No demo version to help you see how the app works

  • Does not work with Android 8.0 Oreo version

  • It's pretty expensive for common people.

8. Kidlogger

People who want to monitor their kids' activities on the phone can consider KidLogger as a good keystroke logger that we'll recommend for anyone looking for an undetectable keylogger for Android. This app has excellent features such as tracking messages, web activities, and more.

kidlogger keylogger for android


  • A free version is available

  • Can record face when face-timing


  • Requires rooting the device to work

  • Does not have a demo version

9. The TruthSpy

The Truth Spy undetectable keylogger for Android comes with a variety of features that will impress most people along with its keylogging feature. Some of these include its ability to track SMS, social media, and more.

the truth spy keylogger for android


  • Free 2-day trial version makes it a good value proposition

  • The multiple tracking features can aid you to raise your spy game.


  • No demo provided to view the features.

  • Needs rooting for advanced features

  • The last update was in 2016, so it cannot work with latest Android.

10. FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy comes in as the last app on our review of the best hidden keystroke logger for Android phones. However, it is not the last in the actual sense of it. FlexiSpy packs great features and functionality and can help you track SMS, Whatsapp, social media, and GPS location.

flexispy keylogger for android


  • Handle multiple devices at once using individual dashboard.

  • Remote control of the app without the target knowing

  • Can stay undetected in recording keystrokes on target Android phone.


  • People who aren’t that tech-savvy find it very difficult to use because it has a very complex user interface.

  • The prices for the subscription packages are quite steep.

Part 4: Criteria for Choosing a Good Undetectable Android Keylogger

Stealth/undetectable working mode


For this topic, if you want to find a hidden keystroke logger for android phones, then the app must ensue 100% stealth. This can bring the best spying experience to you.

Are you curious about what makes a great keystroke logger for Android? Below are some of the areas you can start to look at for evaluation:

Ease of installation


Of course, there is no way to track the keystrokes on target Android phone without installing apps. But the difference is that whether it can be installed easily or not. If you're looking for a great undetectable keylogger for Android, it has to be the one you can install without any effort.

Real-time data syncing


This is more like functionality but it's something that's also very important.

If you would choose an undetectable keylogger for Android, you want to make sure it syncs data in real-time. This is important for not just the tracking and information details but also for GPS tracking. If the app doesn't sync data in real-time, you won't be able to access data as events unfold. This is a very important feature.

Exceptional functionality


There are many apps on the market but only a few boasts the functionality that will truly impress you.

A good hidden Android keylogger should be able to perform a variety of functions that include spying and collecting important details from crucial apps such as SMS messages, email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, and more. Some also have the functionality in recording websites browsing histories, even target has enabled the private mode.


Choosing an undetectable keylogger for Android is a wise decision if you want to monitor an Android phone without them knowing. And as our review shows, there are a lot of options you can choose from.

However, anyone looking for a single best free undetectable spy app for android with self activation can choose the MoniMaster which has earned its place as the 2022 Editor's Choice.

You can never go wrong with the MoniMaster app if you actually want the best among many of the hidden keystroke logger for Android phones out there. Its excellent features and capabilities are some of the reasons why it has emerged as the best keystroke logger for Android phones in 2022.

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