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By Jeremy Barnett | Jan 22, 2024 04:47 pm

Are You Longing to Rewatch Videos That Captivated You on TikTok? Thanks to TikTok watch history, that dream can become reality! With this feature allowing users to easily navigate their previously watched content without losing track of what was seen - like that hilarious clip you forgot you liked or tutorial that needs another viewing - no matter who created them!

Understanding how to access watch history TikTok will help elevate your experience on TikTok while guaranteeing you never lose track of those precious videos you once loved watching again! So, let's delve deep into TikTok world and discover ways to keep tabs on video journey!

how to see watch history on tiktok

Part 1: How to Enable Watch History on TikTok?

Kickstart your search of TikTok history by activating its watch history TikTok feature within the app. This functionality provides avid TikTok users with easy access to revisit their favorite moments easily; whether content creators or casual scrollers alike will appreciate this advantage of TikTok history as it improves your user experience on this social platform.

Step 1. Launch TikTok on Your Device: Install and launch TikTok onto your mobile device to use its services.

Step 2. Go To Profile: Tap your profile icon at the bottom right corner.

Step 3. Access Settings and Privacy: To gain access to your settings and privacy options, simply click on the three lines or dots located in the top-right corner.

Step 4. Locate the Feature: Scroll down until you locate the "Watch History" feature; this may be located under sections like 'Content and Activity'.

Step 5. Enable Watch History: Tap "Watch History" and toggle its switch.

enable watch history on tiktok

Part 2: How to View TikTok Watch History on Phone?

Once enabled, the next step should be learning how to see watch history on TikTok on your phone. This function adds another level of convenience by quickly returning and enjoying videos you've watched previously - be they recipes, DIY guides or simply entertainment. Having access to TikTok watch history could be simpler if you follow the steps below!

Step 1. Open TikTok: Launch the TikTok app on your mobile phone device to begin using TikTok.

Step 2. Go to Profile: To reach it quickly and effortlessly, tap on your profile icon positioned at the lower-right corner.

Step 3. Access Watch History: Within your profile, locate and click 'Watch History. This could be under Content and Activity section.

Step 4. Decode Your History: Tap "Watch History" to launch the history page, where you'll see all the videos that have been watched so far.

how to see tiktok watch history on phone

Utilize these steps to easily navigate through your past-viewed content, making it effortless to locate and rewatch TikTok videos that hold special meaning for you.

Part 3: How to See TikTok Watch History on Desktop?

Exploring your TikTok view history doesn't need to be limited solely to mobile devices - desktop is also capable of offering an expanded and more convenient viewing experience. Users who frequently switch between mobile and desktop will appreciate knowing how to see TikTok history through desktop computers; it allows for seamless transitions when moving between devices.

Step 1. Open TikTok on a Web Browser: Navigate to the TikTok website on your preferred browser.

Step 2. Log In: Use your TikTok credentials to sign into your account on TikTok.

Step 3. Access Your Profile: Clicking your picture in the upper-right corner will reveal your profile page.

Step 4. Find Download Your Data: Scroll down until you reach the "Privacy" section, and then click the "Download Your Data" button.

Step 5. Verify the data format: Ensure the desired data format and proceed by selecting the "Request data" option.

Step 6. Ready to access: It might take up to four days to obtain your data. Check under the “Download Data” page to check if your data is available to view.

how to see tiktok watch history on desktop

Bonus: How to See Someone's TikTok Watch History without Them Knowing?

Exploring how to see recently viewed TikToks, how to see history on TikTok, or even how to see TikTok watch history or monitoring without someone knowing is an exploration into digital monitoring. While respecting privacy should always come first, such as in cases requiring parental supervision.

Tools like MoniMaster Pro for Android is an advanced monitoring application, tailored specifically for those needing to keep an eye on digital activities - parents ensuring the online safety of their children in particular. Designed as a discreet means of overseeing activity on various social platforms such as TikTok.

How to Use MoniMaster to View History on TikTok?

Step 1. Install MoniMaster Pro for Android: Visit the MoniMaster website and install the application on the target device directly.

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Step 2. Follow Onscreen Instructions to Complete Setup: Follow the on-screen instructions to successfully set up, including authorizing any necessary permissions.

complete setup monimaster android

Step 3. Monitor TikTok Activity: Log into your MoniMaster account from any other device to start tracking all activities taking place within TikTok, including viewing TikTok watch history.

monimaster android demo

Hold On! MoniMaster Offers More Amazing Tracking Features

Call Logs & Text Message Tracking

Track call logs and text messages sent or received, providing users with insight into who they're speaking to and giving insight into who's communicating with them.

Location Tracking

Provides real-time GPS tracking as well as location history storage capabilities.

Social Media Monitoring

Not limited to TikTok alone, Social Media Monitoring can track activities across other popular social platforms including WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram.

Keylogger Feature

Records every keystroke made on the device and can provide insight into search queries, messages or login credentials that might otherwise go undetected.

Remote Screenshot and Photo Access

Provides remote screenshot capturing as well as access to your photo gallery.

App Usage Analytics

You can check app usage and keep an eye on your child's activities. Creating a safe online environment for your child


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Part 5: How to Clear Watch History on TikTok?

Maintaining your digital footprint is equally as essential to accessing it. In the previous section, you learned how to see watched history on TikTok, and here in this section, you will learn how to protect history on TikTok and manage it by removing unwanted items. Clearing watch histories helps maintain privacy by keeping feed curated to your interests - an effortless and straightforward process which could make an immense difference to the TikTok history experience!

Step 1. Launch TikTok on Your Device: Launch the application onto your mobile device to access TikTok.

Step 2. Locate Your Profile: To navigate directly to your profile page, tap on your icon at the bottom right.

Step 3. Access Settings and Privacy: To open your settings and privacy options, click on the three lines or dots at the top right.

Step 4. Find Watch History: Navigating to the "Watch History" option under Content and Activity should do it for you.

Step 5. Clear History: Under "Watch History", there's an option to delete your history. Simply confirm your selection to complete this step and delete away past events from view.

claer watch history on tiktok

Hottest Questions Related to TikTok Watch History

Question 1:

How long does TikTok keep watch history?

TikTok stores its watch history for up to 7 days, giving users access to recently watched videos within this period.

Question 2:

Can My Followers See My Watch History?

No one outside yourself can see your watch history; this data remains private and only accessible to you.

Question 3:

Why can't I see my watch history on TikTok?

If you can't see your watch history, this could be due to it being turned off in your settings, or because your app version does not support it - make sure your TikTok app is upgraded with the most up-to-date version!

Question 4:

How to find a video I watched on TikTok?

Access your watch history if it has been enabled and is within its storage duration to locate a previously watched video.

Question 5:

Can I see what profiles I viewed on TikTok?

Unfortunately, TikTok does not currently allow users to track the profiles they've visited - the app only lets them view videos they've watched and not profiles visited.


Understanding how to find TikTok history and how to see recently watched TikToks can significantly enrich your TikTok experience.

For effective digital activity monitoring - and potentially parental control - consider MoniMaster as it provides peace of mind while monitoring digital activities online.

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