5 Best Text Monitoring Apps for Android


By Jeremy Barnett | Jan 27, 2024 03:57 pm

Discovering the best text monitoring app for Android can be crucial for parents seeking to stay informed about their child's communication. In this article, we explore top-rated apps designed for monitoring text messages, providing valuable insights into the options available and offering guidance on how to effectively monitor your child's text messages on Android.

How to Monitor Your Child's Text Messages on Android

Keeping children safe online is a top concern for parents in the digital age. Monitoring your child's text messages on their Android device can offer valuable insights into their communications and ensure their wellbeing. This helpful guide will walk through effective methods to track texts on Android phones.

Monitor Text Messages by Google Backup

Enabling Google backup on your kid's Android device provides an easy avenue to view stored text messages:

Google backup allows parents simple access to SMS histories. While limitations exist, it offers a first line of text message monitoring defense with proper setup.

google backup


  • Access your child's Android settings and enable backup to Google Drive under System > Backup.

  • Confirm text syncing under Accounts > Google. Check "Back up to Google Drive" and "Account Sync."

  • Visit Google Drive on your own device, using your child's login credentials. Their text history now appears in backup.
  • Only works if backup properly enabled on child's device.

  • Limited to SMS messages; no third-party app visibility.

  • Text history dependent on last time of backup.

Best Text Monitoring Apps For Android

With texting and instant messaging being popular communication channels for kids, parents often worry about who their children are talking to and what they're saying. Text monitoring apps provide oversight into these conversations to keep kids safe. We review top Android options to consider.

1. MoniMaster

MoniMaster is an advanced yet easy-to-use Android tracking solution enabling comprehensive device oversight and real-time data access. Customizable control promotes child welfare through flexible, non-invasive monitoring.

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Key Features:

  • Read texts - View all SMS messages sent, received and deleted, including media attachments.

  • Track messengers - Monitor popular chat apps like WhatsApp, Telegram and Snapchat.

  • Call logs - Check phone histories with one-click access to all numbers dialed or calling.

  • Location tracking - Set timed alerts or view real-time positioning via online GPS mapping.

  • Listen to phone surrounding - Remotely listen to phone surrounding and record the surroundings of the target device..

android monitoring


MoniMaster has flexible subscription options:

  • 1-Month Plan - $29.99/month, billed monthly.

  • 3-Month Plan - $16.65/month, billed $49.99 every 3 months.

  • 1-Year Plan - $8.32/month when billed $99.99 annually.


  • Powerful range of tracking features

  • Easy-to-use parent dashboard

  • Affordable flexible subscription plans

  • Good customer support response times


  • Must install app on child's device

  • Shorter free trial period than some competitors

With strengths in text message oversight and location tracking under a convenient control panel, MoniMaster simplifies Android monitoring through intuitive visibility and flexible customization catering to unique parenting needs. It strikes an ideal balance empowering guardians to guide digital responsibility.

2. Qustodio

Qustodio is a highly customizable parental control app that enables parents to monitor their kids' Android activities, including oversight of their text messages.

qustodio kids

Key Features:

  • Read text messages - Qustodio allows parents to view all SMS texts sent and received on their child's Android device. This includes reading content from deleted texts.

  • Social media monitoring - Parents can read WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media conversations happening on their kid's device. All texts are visible.

  • Call logs - Qustodio provides complete visibility into call histories, including phone numbers and timestamps.

  • Web filtering - Blocks inappropriate websites and restricts access based on category or custom lists. Monitors web searches.

  • Time limits - Set daily limits for app usage time. Schedule specific apps to be accessible or inaccessible during certain times.


Qustodio has 4 pricing options:

  • Free - Basic features for 1 device.

  • Basic ($54.95/year) - Adds text message tracking and social media monitoring for 5 devices.

  • Premium ($99.95/year) - Expands functionality for 15 monitored devices.

  • Expert ($137.95/year) - Unlocks full oversight and controls for unlimited devices.


  • User-friendly online dashboard

  • Granular text message oversight

  • Blocks inappropriate apps and sites

  • Panic button for kids' emergencies


  • Cannot monitor Telegram or other encrypted apps

  • Kids can sometimes circumvent restrictions

With robust text and call tracking integrated with restrictions on apps and content, Qustodio empowers parents to protect their kids while granting appropriate freedoms.

3. Eyezy

Eyezy is an Android monitoring tool providing complete yet non-invasive oversight of texts, calls, locations and device usage. Customizable alerts and remote access deliver insights without intrusion.

eyezy app

Key Features:

  • Read SMS texts - Discreetly review all sent and received SMS messages on your child's device.

  • Track messengers - Monitor popular chat apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and more.

  • Call logs - Check phone histories with one-click access to names, numbers, times and durations.

  • Device alerts - Custom notifications if specified keywords detected across messages, websites and apps.

  • Remote access - Remotely view photos, videos, files, contacts and installed apps.


Eyezy has two main subscription options:

  • Mobile Plan ($7.99/month) - Monitor texts, calls and basic device activities.

  • Desktop Plan ($12.99/month) - Unlocks remote viewing and advanced alert capabilities.


  • Easy remote oversight without child knowing

  • Customizable monitoring parameters

  • Affordable and straightforward plans

  • Intuitive online parent dashboard


  • Cannot see encrypted chat content

  • Installation requires device rooting

  • Extra fees for multiple device monitoring

With flexible customized oversight helping parents keep kids safe online, Eyezy delivers robust Android monitoring through a transparent and non-invasive approach focused on child wellbeing.

4. Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy delivers comprehensive behind-the-scenes monitoring for increased Android oversight. Advanced tracking integrates with restrictive controls across devices, texts and data.

mobile spy

Key Features:

  • Read text messages - Discreetly view all SMS and MMS messages sent, received and deleted.

  • Monitor chat apps - Track WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat plus other messengers.

  • Call logging - Check histories with one-tap access to all numbers dialed or calling.

  • Location tracking - Set timed alerts or view real-time positioning via online GPS mapping.

  • Media monitoring - Remotely access photos, audio files, videos, contacts and more.


Mobile Spy has two main subscription tiers:

  • Basic ($29.97/month) - Text, call and GPS tracking for one device.

  • Premium ($89.97/3 months) - Adds chat and media monitoring, multi-device support.


  • Robust range of tracking abilities

  • Easy-to-use online portal

  • Family pricing available

  • Solid customer assistance


  • No user-defined alert options

  • Must jailbreak target device

  • Short free trial period

For uncompromising oversight that digs deeper across device activities, Mobile Spy represents a surveillance-strength shield protecting child welfare through knowledge and control.

5. Bark

Bark provides balanced monitoring that builds digital responsibility skills for children instead of just limiting device usage. Customizable oversight promotes collaboration between parents and kids.


Key Features:

  • Text message alerts - Scans texts on Android phones for situations needing guidance.

  • Chat monitoring - Watches WhatsApp, Snapchat and other apps for concerning interactions.

  • Web alerts - Notifies of high-risk online searches and website content.

  • Time management - Daily caps promote healthy technology habits.

  • Location check-ins - Kids share their position to give parents peace of mind.


Bark offers two main paid plans:

  • Basic ($9/month) – Text alerts for one child across platforms.

  • Premium ($14/month) – Expanded monitoring and oversight capabilities.


  • Encourages child accountability

  • Flexible customization options

  • Intuitive app control experience

  • Affordable pricing for families


  • Cannot comprehensively view chat history

  • Limited location tracking features

  • No free version offered

With an approach prioritizing child development needs instead of just parental controls, Bark delivers solutions that drive technology health through engagement over just restrictions.


When it comes to safeguarding children in the digital age, responsible text message monitoring is essential. The top Android oversight tools featured in this guide balance protection with fostering healthy development. By reviewing concerning messages while respecting privacy, parents can model wisdom and responsibility.

For comprehensive text, chat, location and device tracking combined with flexible time management controls, MoniMaster emerges as the premier monitoring solution. Its intuitive parent dashboard enables adjusting restrictions catered to evolving maturity levels.

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