7 Best Free Keylogger Software for Windows


By Kara Herrera | Mar 20, 2024 01:51 pm

At an age when digital security and oversight have taken centre stage, demand for keylogger software has been higher. From protecting children online to monitoring employee productivity or safeguarding sensitive information - finding the best keylogger is essential.

In this article, we highlight free key logger software options available for Windows users, with utility, user-friendliness and stealth as key criteria when selecting surveillance or monitoring software - hopefully giving peace of mind to any individual facing uncertainties online.

7 best free keylogger software for windows

What is Keylogger?

Keylogger, explicitly designed to track keystrokes made on Windows-operated computers, can provide invaluable records of every keypress made, making Windows keylogger invaluable for monitoring children's online activities or monitoring employees' productivity at work by recording each keyboard press and providing insights into users's behaviors and potential security threats.

Free keylogger for Windows that offer surveillance features without cost make them accessible and practical tools for anyone needing monitoring functionality. Free versions often boast features like stealth mode operation to remain unnoticed by others, log emailing, and screenshot capturing. These make them versatile tools that ensure safety, productivity, and productivity on Windows systems.

7 Best Free Keylogger for Windows

Discover a world of digital surveillance with our carefully curated list of "7 Best Free Keyloggers for Windows". Each keylogger featured here boasts a unique blend of features that combines keystroke logging with monitoring capabilities while remaining undetected on Windows systems. Not just recording keystrokes - they offer peace of mind in an ever-more-digital world!

1. PCSntry

PCSntry stands out as an advanced keylogger software for Windows, taking a page out of many well-regarded tools. Perfect for parental and employee monitoring needs, its robust feature set goes beyond simple keystroke logging to offer users more insights into computer usage patterns.


  • Comprehensive Monitoring: PCSntry offers an expansive variety of features - from keystroke logging to internet usage tracking - giving a 360-degree overview of computer activity and monitor another computer screen without them knowing.

  • User-Friendly Interface: PCSntry was designed with its users in mind and features a straightforward dashboard for monitoring and data analysis.

  • Stealth Operation: The PCSntry keylogger operates in stealth mode to avoid being discovered by users on its monitored device.

  • Real-Time Data Synching: PCSntry's real-time monitoring data synching capability gives timely insights into device use.

  • Support for Multiple Devices: PCSntry makes monitoring multiple devices simple, making it perfect for home and professional environments.


  • No Free Trial Version: PCSntry doesn't offer a free trial version, but there are free demos available

What Can You Do with PCSntry?

Track Keystrokes: Keep track of every keystroke, from deleted texts to searches.

Monitor Internet Activities: Monitor browsing history, downloads and social media usage to understand any possible patterns that emerge online.

Screenshot Capturing: Take regular screenshots to visually record activities.

Application Monitoring: Keep track of which applications are used and for how long.

Email and chat monitoring: Check inbox messages sent and received through email and chat platforms.

How to Record Keystrokes on Windows with PCSntry?

PCSntry Keylogger will allow users to record keystrokes on Windows computers and store these recordings securely for later analysis. Here is how it works:

Step 1. Register an account on the PCSntry website and install its software onto the target Windows computer.

Step 2. Next follow the guidelines to complete the configuration. Note that if you want to monitor the target device's email reception and real-time chat, you need to install the plug-in on the target Windows computer.

Step 3. Once installed, PCSntry will begin secretly recording keystrokes without disrupting regular activity. Now you can access recorded information using the PCSntry dashboard from any web browser.

2. Spyrix Free Keylogger

Spyrix free keystroke logger Windows is an intuitive keystroke logger Windows tool that offers in-depth details of user activity on a PC without being detected by users or antivirus systems.



  • Remote Monitoring: Spyrix Free Keylogger offers convenient remote viewing via a secure web account, making it simple and efficient for monitoring activities from any location.
  • Screenshot Capability: Spyrix screenshot capability lets us capture screenshots at predefined intervals to provide visual proof of activities on a monitored PC.
  • Clipboard Control: Track and record clipboard activities to gain insights into what has been copied, cut, or pasted onto it.


  • Ads for the Free Keylogger Version: Users of the free version may encounter advertisements that interfere with user experience and diminish functionality. These intrusive ads could interfere with usability issues for some.

3. Revealer Keylogger

Considered one of the best keylogger for windows platforms, Revealer Keylogger stands out for being simple and effective at recording every keystroke.

revealer keylogger


  • Ease-of-Use: Revealer Keylogger is known for its user-friendly and accessible design, making it accessible for individuals of varying technical levels.
  • Stealth Mode: Revealer Keylogger stealth monitoring works in complete stealth mode, remaining unseen by system tray icons, task managers or control panels while remaining invisible for discrete system activity monitoring.
  • Password Protection: Provides users with an option to password-protect the keylogger, preventing unauthorized access to recorded data.


  • Basic Functionality: Revealer Keylogger's free version offers limited functionality, primarily keystroke logging without advanced features like remote monitoring or screenshot capture.

4. Refog Keylogger

Refog Keylogger is an all-in-one keystroke monitoring and parental control app designed for families or small businesses, providing an ideal keystroke monitoring software.

refog keylogger


  • Versatile Monitoring: Besides monitoring keystrokes, Refog Keylogger tracks web history and application usage and takes stakeshots for all-around computer usage.
  • Ease of Use: Its user-friendly interface and simplified data collection and management process make it easy for people of all technical levels.
  • Stealth Mode of Operation: it runs in stealth mode to remain unnoticed by users on the monitored device and ensure discreet surveillance.


  • Limitations: The free version of Refog Keylogger provides essential monitoring tools but limits access to more sophisticated features, necessitating an upgrade for full functionality.

5. pcTattletale

pcTattletale stands out among Windows keystroke logger software for its unique approach, real-time screen streaming features, and traditional keystroke recording functions.



  • Live Streaming: pcTattletale stands out with its ability to live stream the screen of monitored devices for real-time monitoring capabilities.
  • Installation Process: The pcTattletale setup procedure is user-friendly, making it effortless for people with advanced technical expertise to start tracking activities quickly.
  • Accessible from Anywhere: Both recorded data and live streams can be easily accessed on any internet-enabled device for convenient monitoring.


  • Premium Features Require Subscription: Though pcTattletale provides advanced monitoring tools, accessing its comprehensive suite of features, including live streaming, requires an annual subscription. For users seeking free solutions, this may present an obstacle.

6. KidInspector

Explicitly created with parents in mind, KidInspector is an all-in-one keylogger software for Windows that ensures online safety for children by monitoring their computer activities.



  • Comprehensive Child Monitoring: KidInspector was created explicitly to monitor children's online activity, offering features like social media tracking, web history analysis, and keystroke logging
  • User-Friendly Design: With user experience in mind, KidInspector features a user-friendly design to make navigating its various monitoring functions quick and effortless for parents.
  • Multiple Platform Support: Parent can monitor their children's digital footprint from PCs, smartphones and tablets.


  • Privacy Concerns: While KidInspector can be helpful for parents looking to monitor and protect their children, its extensive monitoring features could raise privacy issues for older kids, thus highlighting the necessity for a balanced approach.

7. Clever Control

A free keylogger for Windows, Clever Control offers businesses all the tools required for effective employee monitoring and productivity assessment features.

clever control


  • Extensive Employee Monitoring: Clever Control offers an impressive set of features tailored for employee surveillance, such as internet usage tracking, application monitoring, and screen capturing, to give managers insight into workplace productivity.
  • Remote Access: Remote access enables employers to gain access to monitored employee activities from any internet-enabled device - making it convenient and accessible from wherever employees may be operating.
  • Easy to Use: Its comprehensive features offer an intuitive user interface to make gathering data as painless as possible.


  • Potential for Over-Monitoring: Clever Control was designed to increase productivity and ensure security. However, its extensive monitoring capabilities may lead to over-monitoring that infringes upon employee privacy or undermines morale if used irresponsibly.

Is It Legal To Install a Keylogger?

The legality of installing a keylogger for PC depends on many factors, including its purpose of monitoring and its jurisdiction of operation. As a general guideline, using the best keylogger software on personal devices with clear ownership by its installer that has informed their users prior to surveillance is considered legal - for instance, when monitoring children or employees using company devices with prior disclosure to employees.

Deploying a keylogger for PC without first consulting or getting consent from those being monitored can breach privacy laws and incur legal ramifications, per ethical and legal considerations. Before installing keylogger software for PC, all parties must understand your local legal requirements. Whether all are aware and consent to be monitored - this not only prevents legal challenges from arising but fosters an atmosphere of trust that encourages responsibility!


After exploring the top free keylogger options for Windows, we've highlighted their features, pros, and cons to assist in making an informed decision. Of all our reviewed keylogger software options for PC users, PCSntry stands out for its comprehensive monitoring features - making it our top recommendation for digital security and productivity.

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