[5 Ways] How to See Someone's Location on iPhone?


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How to See Someone's Location on iPhone without Them Konwing?  

There are several reasons why people seek answers to this question, like suspecting someone’s in trouble, monitoring your children, or losing your iPhone.

While there are several apps to track iPhone location history, this article will focus on the five most reliable ones.

how to see someones location on iphone

How to See Someone's Location on iPhone?

1. MoniMaster Pro for iCloud - iPhone Location Tracker

How do I see someone's location on an iPhone? MoniMaster Pro for iCloud has the answer to this question. MoniMaster is a smartphone monitoring service designed specially to assist parents, employers, and individuals to track and manage remote devices. All activities happen covertly. Device owners don’t get any notifications in the background.

Steps to Get Started with MoniMaster

Step 1. Create an Account and Subscribe: Use an email ID to create a valid account, and select a plan that you want to purchase.

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Step 2. Verify the target iCloud credentials: To verify iCloud credentials, enter the same iCloud account and password as the monitored iOS device.

click setup icloud

Step 3. Start Monitoring: With the online control panel, start monitoring the target iPhone or iPad remotely.

monimaster icloud demo

After setting the application and a certain target, users can access statistics and comprehensive data listings through the website dashboard or another mobile app. The user interface of MoniMaster provides easy access to the app's monitoring features. It allows you to view real-time tracking data.

monimaster icloud

Amazing Features of MoniMaster Pro for iCloud.

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There is no free trial but a live demo.

2. Check Someone’s Location by Find My iPhone

How to check someone's location on iPhone? IPhone App: Find My iPhone saves customers from stress when they lose their iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac laptop.

Find My iPhone is a free in-built feature in new iPhones and other Apple devices. All iPhones operating on iOS 6 or later come with Find My iPhone in Lost Mode. It automatically locks your iPhone with a passcode.


Steps to Get a Location using Find My iPhone

Step 1. Open the Settings menu on your device.

Step 2. Click on the Apple ID and select Find My iPhone.

Step 3. Hit the Share My Location feature.

Step 4. Click on Find My iPhone and enable it.

You can also get directions to your iPhone location with this feature.


  • Locations aren’t precisely accurate on the app.

  • Other users can also find your location.

3. Find Someone's Location Using Find My Friends

Find My Friends is a feature on iPhone devices that allows you to share your location with friends and family members. You can also set location-based notifications to know if somebody sent a location or just arrived home.

find my friends iphone

Steps for Find My Friends

Step 1. Open the Find My application and select the People tab.

Step 2. Tap on the "+" button and select Share My Location.

Step 3. Enter the name or phone number of the person to whom you want to send your location, then select send.

Step 4. Choose your location notification for One Hour until the End of the Day or Share Indefinitely.

When you share your location with someone, they also get the option to send their location back.


Just like some other Apple sources to track location, your contact will have to share the link to the location.

4. Track Someone's Location Using Apple Maps

How to track someone's location on iPhone? Apple Maps is another reliable method to locate an iPhone’s location. Maps come standard on the iPhone and work with email or iMessage. This is perfect for sharing a one-time location, such as when arriving at an airport. Advanced maps help users navigate with indoor building maps. Users can also save favorite locations and share them easily for navigation.

how to check someone's location using apple maps

Steps to Use Apple Maps to Track Location

Step 1. Open the Apple Maps app.

Step 2. Find and tap on Share My Location.

Step 3. Ask the other person to send his or her location. Others send location via message or email app.

Step 4. As soon as the link is received, you can tap on it and find the location of the other person on Apple Maps.


  • The biggest limitation of Apple Maps is that you have to ask your contact for a link.

  • It is also not the fastest way to share a location in case of an emergency.

5. See Someone’s Location on the iMessage App

iMessage is a messaging app that we use daily to communicate with our family and friends. Did you know that this app is also for locating your contacts? Yes, you can track the location of someone you’re chatting with on iMessage. This gives you peace of mind with the real-time location of your friends and family members at all times. You can constantly stay in touch and informed of the location of people you care about.

see someone location on the imessage

Steps to See Location on the iMessage App

This process is simple. It simply takes three steps to do it.

Step 1. Launch the iMessage app on your device. Open or create a conversation.

Step 2. At the top of the screen, tap on the contact icon. Then, tap on "Info".

Step 3. Tap "Share My Location" and select a time frame. Next, tap on "Done".


The only limitation of iMessage is that you can't see the location of your contacts directly. Instead, you’ll have to ask for a location. You’ll receive a notification on your device when your contact shares their location with you. Simply tap on it and get the location.

FAQs about How to Check Someone's Location on iPhone

Question 1:

Can you tell when someone checks your location? 

The answer is yes and no. Other users don't explicitly know whether their location has been tracked, but they can find out if someone's accessing their location currently. Deep in the “Settings” app, there's permission to share your location.

Question 2:

Can you see someone's location if their iPhone is off? 

Apple's Find My iPhone application can be used to track a lost or stolen iPhone. Once the device is switched off, the service provider or internet provider can provide the last location.

Question 3:

How do I see location history on an iPhone?

Location history on the iPhone works if Location Services is set to Always and Background App Refresh is on.
1. Go to iPhone Settings, then 'Privacy', and tap on 'Location Services'.
2. Go to 'System Services' and select 'Significant Locations'.
Authenticate if it prompts you to view your stored location history.

Question 4:

How do you turn on location services on your iPhone?

It is a simple process.
1. Go to Settings.
2. Tap Settings and then Privacy.
3. Tap on Location Services.
4. Move the Location Services slider to on.


How to find someone's location on iPhone? Considering the popularity of iPhone devices, these 5 methods to see someone’s location are the most reliable.

We recommend MoniMaster as the most preferable application to help you track the activities of children and employees. It gives you complete peace of mind by tracking in-app usage, 100% secure app free from any virus. The data is completely protected against unauthorized access.

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