How to Catch a Cheater Using an iPhone?


By Kara Herrera | Oct 08, 2022 04:49 pm

It is no secret that Apple's iOS is behind the success of the iPhone. More than a billion people across the world now own an iPhone. Despite these devices' convenience, some people may abuse them by cheating on their partners.

Luckily, several hidden features of the iPhone can be used to catch a cheater and provide them with evidence. Keep reading to discover how to catch a cheater on an iPhone or iOS device.

Signs of A Cheater

Even if your partner is skilled at covering up evidence of infidelity, you may still catch them in the act by watching subtle shifts in their behavior. Some warning signs are listed below to catch a cheater.


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They Hide or Lock Their Phone

Do they always put their phone in their pocket or lock it if they are going to put it where other people can access it? A sudden increase in possessiveness over a phone may indicate that your partner is hiding something from you, such as an extramarital affair.

They Delete Text Messages and Call Logs

It becomes suspicious if your partner or spouse suddenly starts deleting their phone's call log, text messages, and IMs, although they have never done so.

They Get lots of Calls from Unknown Numbers

Your partner may be cheating if they receive calls or texts from people they haven't told you about, or if they abruptly end conversations when you walk into the room, or if they refuse to take calls from particular numbers while you're there.

They Text You Less Frequently

In a healthy relationship, it's usual for you to text each other frequently, but your partner has been texting you less frequently lately.

They Lie about Their Cell Phone and Social Media Use

Have you ever asked your girlfriend about her phone and discovered that she lied to you about how much time she spends on social media? That's a possible sign of a cheating spouse or partner.

How to Catch a Cheater on iPhone?

1. Check Screen Time on Each Apps

Plenty of messaging, photo/video sharing, and other apps hide their original messages. Examples include the popular Calculator Pro+. It masks itself as a calculator but stores your private communications, such as SMS and calls records.

Viewing your partner's screen time report can give insight into the apps they use and their time spent. Take note of everything that seems out of place. Spending four hours a week on a calculator app is definitely unusual.

Here is how to check screen time and how to catch someone cheating on iPhone:

  • Navigate to Settings > Screen Time. To view all weekly activities, click See All. A weekly use summary will be displayed.
  • A daily use summary will be available by selecting the Day tab.

how to catch a cheater screen time

2. Check Hidden Apps and Messages

Covert iPhone cheater apps are often buried deep within Apple's official app library. However, the hidden apps will still be accessible through the App Store and can be redownloaded if necessary. Here is how to catch your girlfriend cheating on iPhone:

  • Enter your partner's Apple ID and password to access the App Store together, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Hidden Purchases.
  • To the right, you'll see a list of all the hidden apps, which may or may not include the "cheater" apps that raised red flags.
  • Make a note of any unfamiliar app titles. Then, visit the App Store to learn more about them. A red flag might be raised if any of them are cheater-enabling apps or apps that allow users to hide their activity.
  • In order to use this option, you'll need access to your partner's Apple ID and password, which isn't always feasible. You can utilize the iOS search feature if you have access to the phone. If an app with a specific name is installed on the phone, typing its name into Search Bar will bring up either the app itself or the folder where it is stored.

catch a cheater iphone hidden apps

3. Check the Trash on iPhone

Data that has been deleted from a computer is rarely completely removed. The trash or recycle bin on a computer stores junk until it's cleared. Files deleted in the trash can be recovered using cloud storage services like DropBox.

When an email is deleted, it is moved to the trash folder until it is emptied. Even when iPhone voicemails are deleted, they still can be restored. Deleted apps on the phone can also be retrieved. Voicemails can be accessible online through your service provider.

Tracking down a cheater's proof might be an all-consuming process. Please take care of yourself as you go along.

check the trash on iphone

How to Catch a Cheater on MoniMaster Pro for iOS:

It's easy to use MoniMaster Pro for iOS to keep tabs on your partner's iPhone without them knowing. Using the "Magic Alerts" feature, you can monitor their whereabouts, phone calls, and online and social media activity using this spy app. Here is how to catch a cheater without their phone.

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Features of MoniMaster

Track real-time location and location history.

Locate your cheating partner without ever touching his or her phone. You can track the cell phone location as well as the location history.

Check the cheater's phone file.

View all the files of the suspect, and you can also use 20+ other phone features.

View the social media they use

Find out who they are talking to and what they are talking about on the most used social networking apps. See every text message, including those sent, received, and deleted, and the phone's location.

Check call history.

Observe any odd or repetitive calls made to an unidentified number after work hours.

View Safari searching histories and bookmarks.

What they've been doing recently on the web will disclose if they've been booking a hotel room or a table.


How To Catch a Cheater on iPhone by MoniMaster Pro for iOS?

Step 1. Purchase Your Favorite Plan:

Click the "Buy Now" button to pursue a legitimate record utilizing a valid email address. Buy a permit to get close to all elements of this Android observing application.

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Step 2. Download and Install the MoniMaster Pro for iOS App on the Cheater's Computer

Visit the download site on the cheater's computer's browser to get this app. Once installed, it can be used to see a target device's existing backup. If a backup is not already installed on the computer, you can also link the target phone to the computer to create one.

complete setup ios

Step 3. Check the cheater's phone logs immediately

Once you select the backup of the device you want to monitor, this iPhone app will begin extracting data to catch a cheating spouse. When you enter its dashboard, you'll have access to all the information collected from the phone.

monimaster ios dashboard

FAQs about Catch a Cheater on iPhone

How do cheaters hide their tracks on iPhones?

Here is how they hide their tracks by;

  • Deleting Calls And Messages
  • Having A Second Cell Phone
  • Utilizing Screen Locks On Various Apps
  • Not Leaving Behind Their Cell Phones
  • Lying About Their Locations Or Travels
What kind of apps do cheaters use?

  • Signal
  • Viber
  • Telegram
  • Wire
  • Snapchat
  • WhatsApp
  • Line
  • Dust
  • Kik
  • Private SMS Box
Do people use AirDrop to cheat?

Sure, as long as their server is set up to accept them. It's simple because all it takes is permission from the devices' respective owners or operators. In addition to being sent faster than expected, the data is automatically encrypted on the transmitting device and decrypted on the receiving device.


Don't leave your future to fate if you're one of the numerous people who suspect their partner of cheating. Don't be one of the 70% of women or 54% of men who remain blissfully unaware of their spouse's cheating.

Use MoniMaster Pro for iOS to confirm your suspicions about your partner's cheating, thanks to the app's robust features and low price tag.

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