How to Transfer File Between iPhone and Mac?


By Kara Herrera | Nov 28, 2022 02:49 pm


Can I transfer files between mac and iPhone?

Yes, there are various ways to transfer files between Mac and iPhone. Mac gadgets are possible together; so many strategies are upheld for sending documents between an iPhone and a Mac PC.

It's insightful to know about every one of the opportunities for record move across stages, so you can pick the most suitable device for this occupation while considering explicit conditions and necessities.

File Transfer between Mac and iPhone

You are wondering how to transfer data from iPhone to MacBook. There are several ways to do it. Some of them are as follows.


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1. Using AirDrop

AirDrop is the inherent document-sharing utility on iOS gadgets and Maces. With AirDrop empowered, you can send documents between two iOS gadgets or between an iOS gadget and Mac over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi associations.

You can AirDrop contacts from iPhone to iPhone, move photographs from Mac to iPhone through AirDrop, and also view the pictures without knowing. Along these lines, when you need to move documents between iPhone and Mac, it is down to earth to utilize AirDrop.

Turn on AirDrop on iPhone/iPad.

  • Open "Control Center" on your iPhone
  • Ensure both "Bluetooth" and "WiFi" are on, tap on "AirDrop," and set your iPhone to be found by "Contacts As it were" or "Everybody."

transfer file between iphone and mac airdrop

Turn on AirDrop on Mac.

  • First click on the Finder option to process the next
  • Now go to "AirDrop" and switch on "Bluetooth"
  • Then visit the "WiFi" to turn on AirDrop on your Mac.
  • Select the button "Allow" and visit the "Everybody"

Use AirDrop to divide documents among Mac and iPhone/iPad.

  • You can send documents from Mac to iPhone or iPad using AirDrop uninhibitedly. There are two methods for moving records from Mac to your iPhone with AirDrop.
  • Drag the photographs you need to send from Mac to iPhone to the picture of the beneficiary and snap "Send."
  • Or on the other hand, you can tap the "Offer" button in an Application, pick "AirDrop," pick the beneficiary and afterward click "Done."

2. iCloud Drive

iCloud is a web-based capacity administration for every one of your iOS devices. iCloud is a robust application that reinforces your documents and contacts, which can match up to Mac straightforwardly with a similar Apple ID. You can access MacBook files from your iPhone. Also hack iCloud without knowing .

Step 1. Follow the means on your iPhone.

Step 2. Open Settings,

Step 3. Select iCloud and Snap iCloud, and then set it on.

transfer file between iphone and mac icloud

Step 4. On your Mac, open framework inclinations,

transfer file between iphone and mac

Step 5. Click iCloud and ensure iCloud Drive empowers.

Step 6. Tick it in the Work area and report organizers, and press has done.

3. Access Macbook Files from iPhone By Syncing

Suppose you are utilizing the most recent macOS Catalina on your Mac. In that case, you can move records between the Mac and iPhone through a USB link or over a similar Wi-Fi association by synchronizing. It is the best way to file transfer between Mac and iPhone.

To divide records among iPhone and Mac utilizing a USB link:

Step 1. Utilize a USB link to interface the gadgets.

Step 2. Go to "Locater" and select your iDevice.

Step 3. Select the sorts you need to share, including Music, Motion pictures, and Documents, and that's just the beginning, and afterward, you will see a rundown of applications.

Step 4. Drag a record or document from a Locator window onto the application to move records from Mac to iPhone.

transfer file between iphone and mac syncing

4. Google Drive

Google Drive is among many distributed storage arrangements that you can use to move documents between your iPhone and Mac, and it gives all Google accounts 15GB of free stockpiling.

Step 1. After you begin with Google Drive,

Step 2. You can transfer records to Drive from your PC and cell phone.

Step 3. Then, you can download a record or envelope from Google Drive on your Mac or iPhone.

transfer file between iphone and mac google drive

5. Using Email

In some cases, old correspondence channels work best, so you can utilize email to send documents starting with one gadget and then onto the next. This strategy could be particularly viable for more modest records that will stay within your inbox as much as possible. You can utilize any messaging administration that you ordinarily would. Just for this situation, you will be the beneficiary and the source.

Step 1. Make another email from your iPhone and append the record you need to share.

Step 2. Send this email to a similar mail address from which you are sending it.

Step 3. Access your inbox from the Mac, open the message, and download the connection.

transfer file between iphone and mac email

6. Using Dropbox

DropBox is another cloud-based apparatus you can use to move documents between iPhone and Mac or the other way around. It upholds moves of huge documents and is viable with any gadget, so there are a couple of constraints in the event you select this strategy. If you have a DropBox account currently dynamic, go through those moves toward satisfying the errand you had as a main priority:

Step 1. Sign into your DropBox account from your iPhone.

transfer file between iphone and mac dropbox

Step 2. Tap on the + image and afterward on Move documents.

Step 3. Pick Add from DropBox and afterward proceed.

Step 4. Set a termination date to decide how long the documents will be accessible.

How to View Files on iPhone or iPad?

You can view files on your iPhone or iPad through MoniMaster. MoniMaster Pro for iOS is a tool that enables you to view files. It is the best tool for parents.

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Monitor Social media:

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iPhone clients depend vigorously on instant messages, and the MoniMaster application allows you to check all the instant messages sent and got on the objective iPhone. You can check even the erased instant messages with all relevant information about the shipper, timestamps, and media records traded.

Track Calls:

You can follow the call signs on the objective iPhone to figure out the approaching, active, and missed calls with complete detail through MoniMaster. Additionally, you can check even the erased call logs; thus, nothing will remain stowed away.

How to Use MoniMaster Pro for iOS?

You can use the MoniMaster Pro for iOS by just following a few steps.

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complete setup ios

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monimaster ios dashboard


We have represented How to Move Documents among iPhone and Mac. There are multiple ways of moving Documents between iPhone and Mac; however, if you want to transfer files between iPhone and Mac, we suggest you choose MoniMaster Pro for iOS . Your following will be invisible, and you can subtly follow every record.

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