[3 Effective Ways] How to See Someone's Activity on Facebook without Knowing


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Do you know how to see somebody's activity on Facebook?

Even though many individuals aren't familiar with it, you can screen what somebody does on Facebook and view their Facebook profile . Indeed, it's possible. You can accomplish this without telling them. It is not an unquestionable requirement for you to be companions with somebody to get to their movement log. Do you want their login accreditations? No!

The ideal way to see somebody's activity on Facebook is to utilize a checking application. One of the applications demonstrated to work is MoniMaster. The unique elements found in this application make it the best for Facebook activity observing.

Can you See Someone's Activity on Facebook Without Knowing?

You could see somebody's activity on Facebook secretly without their insight. You'd see what somebody remarks on with their Facebook accounts if they're not a friend. You'll see what somebody prefers on Facebook, whether or not they're your companion or not. Different techniques can tell the best way to see another person's action sign on Facebook without a secret phrase.

Way 1: See Someone's Activity on Facebook through Facebook Side Tab

Assuming that you are keen on the best way to see companions' activity on the Facebook sidebar, then, at that point, there can't be a simpler way than this strategy. It does exclude introducing extraordinary applications on your gadget and paying them to screen the action. All you want is to have explicit prerequisites.

Then, you should sign in to the Facebook account and further go on the warning symbol.

When you click on the symbol, you can choose the companion's action square and see it through the side tab.


The data is insignificant, and thus it turns out to be hard with this interaction. In seeing somebody's action on Facebook, this strategy isn't favored.

Way 2: Check Someone's Activity on Facebook by MoniMaster Pro for Android

MoniMaster Pro for Android is the best programming for Android observing and the world's most exceptional parental control application for you to watch out for your youngsters' Android telephones to all the more likely aide their web-based exercises.


Monimaster is an useful parental control app. It supports Android and iOS devices. Next we introduce Monimaster for Android in detail including its features and installation steps.

If your target one is an iOS user. You can click the "View Demo" button to know more features about iOS Monitoring.

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MoniMaster Android checking application empowers you to see practically every one of the information on your children's mobile phones without establishing the objective gadget. The internet-based information seeing dashboard can guarantee you 100% secret observing.

However, where you are at this moment, how far you are from your youngster, and which gadgets your kid and you have - as long as MoniMaster is accessible, your kid is consistent with you. MoniMaster will help you in getting accurate monitoring of your young ones. It is very simple to use MoniMaster.

What can MoniMaster Pro for Android Check?

There are multiple ways of knowing what your children are searching for and what they are doing on the internet. You can get access to send and obtain messages through MoniMaster Message Tracker.

  • Observe the subtleties of the send and receive messages, including beneficiary names, numbers, and time stamps.

  • You can also see the erased messages.

  • Track the objective's specific location with secrecy.

  • You could look through specific messages with the help of MoniMaster.

  • All of the information can be in time up to the web-based dashboard continuously.

How to See Someone's Activity on Facebook by MoniMaster Pro for Android

Step 1. Make a legal Account

Click on the "Sign Up" button to pursue a rightfulrecord utilizing a rightfulemail address. Then, it will lead you to the My Products page for an additional cycle.

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Step 2. Follow the Setup Guide to Complete the Configuration

On the "My Products" page, you can observe the deal you bought and click on Setup Guide later. Peruse the guidelines cautiously to figure out how to download and introduce the application to set it up.

complete setup ios

Step 3. Check Your Setup and Start Monitoring on the Dashboard

After ultimate the arrangement and establishment on the objective phone, memorize to tap on the "Confirm Setup" button at the lower part of the aide page. Then, at that point, go to your dashboard to see the information of the objective phone.

If it's the initial opportunity to match up information from the telephone to the dashboard, it will invest in finishing the information sync. From that point onward, you can tap the board on the passing side of the dashboard to pick which information you need to check.

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Way 3: See Someone's Likes on Facebook Profile Page

Considering you are worried about how to see someone likes on Facebook and clearly one needs to be familiar with what somebody enjoys on Facebook. Then, at that point, here is the basic method for doing as such. Many individuals don't have the foggiest idea about this. However, Facebook permits you to see any appearance of your companions assuming that he has kept the record public.

All you want is to go on the profile you need to monitor and tap on the preferences on the menu.

When you click the like part, there will be a platform of a menu showing things that an individual preferences on Facebook.

It could comprise various motion pictures, pages, music, and other things.

Is It Legal to See Someone's Facebook Activity Without Being Friends?

Facebook is extremely brutal with its arrangements nowadays. It strictly tells how assuming two individuals are companions on Facebook and approve of others seeing their action. At that point, no one but companions can see the exercises going on the record.

However, If the individual isn't a companion or then again assuming the record is private, it's illicit and a private ocean side to see the exercises. In any case, Facebook has a few special cases for this arrangement.

FAQs about Seeing Someone's Facebook Activity

1. Can you block someone from seeing pictures you liked on Facebook

Facebook is a successful approach to speaking with your loved ones, yet without the fitting security settings designed, your site action is promoted to everybody on your companion's rundown. Whenever you like a thing on one more client's timetable, for instance, it is recorded and made accessible to get a kick out of the chance to different clients. You can execute different security settings and conceal this data from all or a portion of your companions.

How do you see somebody like history on Facebook

To arrive, tap your name in the blue stripe at the highest point of any Facebook page. Whenever you've arrived at your profile, click the View Activity Log button to one side of your profile picture. To channel your log, so you're just seeing the stuff you loved, click the Likes button in the left section of the screen.

3. Does your activity log show everything?

Facebook keeps an Activity Log of, without question, all that you do-following things you like, post, or offer on somebody's Timeline. You can see that Activity Log whenever you like. An action log is where you can audit and deal with your Facebook action. You can look through your substance or channel it by classification to survey explicit things.

4. Can someone know if you stalk their Facebook?

Your stalked won't ever get a notice from Facebook that you have seen their profile, what you took a gander at on their profile, or how long you spent on their profile; those Facebook applications that case to show clients who have taken a gander at their profiles are essentially tricks.

5. Can you see who someone interacts with most on Facebook?

Along these lines, no, you can't see that data by any stretch of the imagination if they step through one of those exam application things like whose your closest companion how the calculations are set up, the consequences of any of those will reflect who they connect with the most.


Whenever the subject of seeing somebody's activity on Facebook goes under conversation, one should remember to bring to endpoints to break protection. There are lots of monitoring applications. For example, MoniMaster can help in checking your wards and companions.

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