How To Hack TikTok Accounts? A Beginner's Guide to Online Safety


By Jeremy Barnett | Feb 05, 2024 03:21 pm

How to hack TikTok accounts is a recent thought in your mind that does not go away. You are fearful of losing the content and the engagement rate you have worked so hard. You are on the path to becoming an online celebrity or an influencer. Your concerns for your career are genuine.

Therefore, you want to learn all the ways someone can hack a TikTok account. Continue reading to discover how to protect your profile from cybercriminals.

how to hack tiktok account

Can TikTok be Hacked?

Yes, your TikTok can be hacked by imposters and malicious intruders for unknown reasons. It is a scary situation as the TikTok user can lose followers and future sponsorship deals. The imposter can use the profile for their gain, which hurts your reputation. According to the TikTok help center, your account is hacked if:

The password and phone number associated with the profile are changed.

The username and nickname on the account are changed.

The imposter has deleted videos and pictures without your consent.

Inappropriate messages are being sent to your profile.

TikTok suggests chfanging the password to protect the account. Furthermore, you must eliminate suspicious devices linked to the account. It is a good idea to attach a phone number with the profile as well.

How to Hack a TikTok Account?

Hack TikTok with a TikTok Monitoring App | MoniMaster Pro for Android

MoniMaster will do a lot more than teach how to hack into a TikTok account. The application will examine and view the data on the kid’s phone. Furthermore, the dashboard shows the monitoring performance. The parents have access to contacts, photos, videos, and browser history. Here is how to do a TikTok account hack with MoniMaster:

Step 1. Sign up and Buy

Visit the MoniMaster website, register with an email, and purchase a plan.

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Step 2. Install MoniMaster

Download the application to the source device, complete the setup, and install the application.

complete setup monimaster android

Step 3. Monitor TikTok

Go to the dashboard on the MoniMaster platform and start monitoring TikTok on the target device.

monimaster android demo

What Else Can You Do with MoniMaster?

  • You can record phone calls with MoniMaster in real-time. It records the audio as soon as the call is initiated.

  • You can use MoniMaster to take screenshots. The picture will display the most recent content.

  • You can track specific keywords and phrases. The parents are alerted via email.

  • The parents can activate the target’s phone camera to take pictures secretly.

  • Keylogger analysis ensures the safety of conversations.

Use HackTok to Hack TikTok

Another answer to how to hack TikTok accounts is with HackTok. It is an application that is available on Google Play Store. The application promises a simple interface. Furthermore, it is available to the general public. It promises to hack a TikTok account in seconds. You will enjoy the simple features. Here is how to how to hack into someone’s TikTok with HackTok:

use hacktok to hack tiktok

The Steps to Hack TikTok with HackTok

  1. Download and install the HackTok application from Google Play Store.

  2. After installing it on the phone, launch the application.

  3. Input username and password.

  4. Click on Hack and Watch. Select the form of the hacking process.

  5. Wait until the hacking process is complete. You can now use the application to change the password after you hack TikTok acc.

  • The application is restricted in a few countries.

  • HackTok promotes hacking and unfair use of social media.

  • HackTok has not been tested or reviewed sufficiently to give it a sufficient rating.

  • HackTok will not successfully hack a TikTok account each time. Therefore, it is unreliable.

Hack TikTok with a Keylogger App

A keylogger tool is a software program designed to capture every keystroke made by a user on their phone. This tool effectively records information from the target device, encompassing the user's activities and each individual keystroke, and subsequently archives this data for future reference.

keylogger app

To illustrate, when the user accesses TikTok, the keylogger diligently gathers all the information they input—comprising messages, account details, and passwords—and securely stores it, providing you with comprehensive insights.

MoniMaster has a keylogger option that will do its job in stealth mode. No icons will show up on the target and source devices, ensuring privacy.

Hire a Hacker to Hack TikTok

Many online agencies will hack Tik Tok accounts based on their ethical and professional services. They have a successful client portfolio. Furthermore, you can read the reviews before making the final decision. Tik Tok account hackers are available in different price ranges and will meet their deadlines.

hiere a hacker to hack tiktok

Before working with an agency that will forward your request to a Tik Tok hacker, you must decide on a few elements, such as:

Check the prices by visiting their website and ask for details via email.

Choose the package that accommodates your needs. Do not go over budget.

Compose a professional and precise email that mentions the queries in detail.

The agency must offer email or chat support for prompt responses.

Lastly, the agency must offer encryption. As a result, your chats are private and safe. End-to-end encryption ensures that sensitive details are not shared with unknown parties. They are deleted from the agency’s end and the user’s terminal as well.

  • According to the deadline, the hacker may not be able to retrieve all information.

  • Hackers vary in their expertise. Some are more competent than others.

  • Hacking involves the risks of threats, interference, and employee sabotage.

  • The tools the hackers use can generate false positives. You may receive information that is misrepresented or untrue.

Hack TikTok with Phishing

Phishing is a digital means to steal information and data that does not belong to you. The process begins with stealing the username, password, and other credentials. The information is put into different phishing websites to gain access to TikTok profiles. Phishing is dangerous and can lead to identity theft. Furthermore, it can hurt someone’s online reputation. Here is how to hack TikTok accounts with phishing:

The Steps to Hack TikTok with Phishing

  1. Go to any phishing website on the internet.

  2. Click on the link that appears on the screen.

  3. Enter your TikTok account password and email address to continue.

  4. Select Sign In.

  5. Enter the email ID you used previously to register.

  6. The phishing website will generate a link that you can share publicly.

  7. Whenever someone clicks on the link, the user’s TikTok credentials are shared with you.

  • TikTok has many celebrities and influences on it, making it a hub for phishing. Therefore, always stay aware of new links.

  • Sometimes, phishing is evident when the imposters are asking for personal information and credit card credentials.

  • If a user has activated two-factor authentication, then phishing may not work.

Tips to How to Protect My TikTok Account from Hacking

Stay Away from Links

How to hack someone's TikTok is made possible with unknown links. Hackers are infamous for using phishing websites to create exciting links that you cannot ignore. The links will send the user to harmful websites that will steal your sensitive data. Therefore, stay away from phishing or suspicious links.

Increase Security

Are you thinking can someone hack your TikTok account? You can deploy two-factor notifications to improve the security of the account. It will improve security with an additional layer of defense because of the second code. The user receives authentication via email or text. As a result, the password and accounts are not compromised.

hack tiktok

Restrict Third-party Application Access

Can Tik Tok hack your phone? You must remove third party applications that are compromising TikTok security. The settings for such applications compromise the security of social media platforms such as TikTok. Moreover, browse the TikTok’s settings to manage application use. Thus, giving you more control over the profile.

Change Password Frequently

Imposters are exploiting TikTok's invisible filter hack by introducing malware into the profiles. It steals create card information and passwords. Therefore, change the password regularly. Ensure it is a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. In addition, do not share the passwords with friends, family, and other members of the social circle.

FAQs about Hack a TikTok Account

Question 1:

If you hack the TikTok account of other people, will they know?

They will know that someone has hacked a TikTok account as soon as they notice suspicious behavior on the account. For example, some may notice a change in display pictures, spam in the comments, and uploading content without consent. A clear sign that the account has been hacked is the inability to access the profile. You may lose followers.

Question 2:

How to log in to TikTok without a password?

Unfortunately, you cannot enter the TikTok profile without a password. However, you can change the password with the registered email if you cannot remember the credentials. You can also request login details using the email if you cannot remember the phone number, username, or other credentials. If the email is not associated with the profile, you cannot log into TikTok.


With the information mentioned above, we hope you can protect the TikTok profiles from imposters. Social media users should have sufficient knowledge of how to hack TikTok accounts because hackers are always preying on unprotected profiles. You can use MoniMaster Pro for Android for robust protection. The tool is easy to use, affordable, and offers accurate results each time.

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