How to View Twitter Search History? 4 Ways!


By Jeremy Barnett | May 30, 2023 01:59 pm


Can we see Twitter's search history?

Yes, it is accessible to see the Twitter search history. In this article, we will discuss how to see Twitter history and what options are available for searching your Twitter search history. We will also provide tips and guidance on making the most of your Twitter search history.

How to See Twitter History? - 4 Ways!

It is a specific method to search history on Twitter. Going through the entirety of your tweets is a tedious and tedious errand. Fortunately, Twitter has incorporated different elements to make it more straightforward. Let's discuss the three simple techniques you can use to look through Twitter history straightforwardly from Twitter.

1. Use Twitter Advanced Search to View Search History

Twitter likewise keeps an inquiry history of the many tweets you've looked for on the stage. You can see this set of experiences by utilizing the High-level Hunt element of Twitter.

How does it work?

  • It is the way to see Twitter search history with Cutting edge search:

  • Go to the Twitter account

  • Now enter the correct username and password on the page

  • Now, go through the pop schedule instrument to segment the beginning and the end date.

  • Next, click the "Latest" tab to see your Tweet history in a particular date range.

twitter advanced search

It is an extraordinary method for considering your most memorable year of tweeting or your most memorable tweet. You can likewise find significant tweets that you require for the present, for example, occasions or business tweets.

2. Twitter Mobile App Search to Phone History:

Getting to your Twitter history can assist you with distinguishing effective and resounding substance points. Investigating your Twitter history gives you excellent knowledge about your devotees and their preferences.

How does it work?

  • Go to your Twitter account

  • Enter the username in the "From these accounts"

  •  Accessible under People.

  • Go through the pop schedule apparatus to segment the beginning and end dates.

3. Use Third-Party Tools to Find Search History:

It can help you search and investigate the Twitter history of any open Twitter account.

How does it work?

  • Go to the application and snap on historical Twitter data option

  • On this page, you will find a history information structure.

  • Fill in the structure expressing the particulars for your Twitter archive prerequisites.

  • Whenever you have filled in the structure, our group will hit you up with the particulars and values for the Twitter document.

4. Download the Tweet Archive

You can peruse Twitter search history by downloading your Twitter chronicle.

How does it work?

  • To see it, click on your profile in the route bar

  • Then go the setting option on the menu bar

  • To download your information, click Download an archive of your data.

  • Now enter your secret phrase and snap Affirm. To confirm your personality, click Send code to your email address and telephone number on the document. You will be diverted to the Record Data page if you need a telephone number or an email address.

  • Now enter the code sent on the telephone number or email address.

  • If you must demand your Twitter search history, click the Request archive button.

  • You can request the chronicle of your Periscope information on Periscope, assuming your Twitter account is associated with Periscope.

  • Twitter will send an email to the associated email address or show it on the message pop-up if you have the Twitter application introduced. You can go to Settings and stir things around the town Information button underneath the Download Information segment.

  • After getting the email, hit the Download button while signing in to the Twitter account and download a Twitter archive.

twitter search operators

 How to View Phone History without Knowing?

MoniMaster is an expert PC observing programming that you can use to review Twitter without an account. MoniMaster is a powerful tool which allows you to see the Twitter search history. We should investigate a few additional outstanding features that will urge you to download this application right away:

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Monitor Social Media:

However, if you want to see all the details, visit messages from any web-based entertainment platform. You can do this with this awe-inspiring apparatus MoniMaster. You can look at others' profiles and see media records like pictures, emoticons, reports, shared contacts, etc. Also hack WhatsApp without QR code.

Get Screenshot:

The secret method for perusing Twitter without a record is no more extreme with this following application. Taking screen captures without getting data split is its central skill. You can match up the caught photographs progressively and bother unreservedly download them. Likewise, assuming you want to partake in the best indeed adjusting experience, MoniMaster won't ever let you down.


Record Each Keystroke:

Accept it as your spying accomplice to keep an eye on every keystroke, including the information on the console and perusing history on simple and disguised programs. Thus, you are a chief and can take care of the things occurring in your creation region.

See Sent and Got Messages:

It is difficult to conceal anything utilizing MoniMaster's top-class application. You can have a more significant gander at the definite report of all messages, their connections, and their transmission season in no time. Moreover, you can forestall the hole of private information by monitor text messages on iPhone and watching out for workers' messages. You can say everything is in your grasp.

Track Web Action:

Having the MoniMaster can assist you with recording all the made web history and permit you to investigate every visited page. Another benefit of this superb and industry-driving application is that it furnishes you with specific looking through time and downloading history.

How to view phone history with MoniMaster?

Step 1. Make an account:

Click the "Join Now" button to pursue a legitimate record utilizing a bona fide email address. Buy a permit to get sufficiently close to all highlights of this iOS checking application. Now go to the next page for more information.

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Step 2. Setup Guide:

Now you will see an agreement page that requires your valid information. After adding your detail then goes to click the button. Now read the instructions for usage.

complete setup ios

Step 3. Start Monitoring

After adding all the compulsory on the page, confirm it, and you are ready to view the required data on your phone screen.

monimaster ios dashboard


We discussed how to see Twitter search history and the significance of following. The MoniMaster even admits you to a private Twitter account and other application information actions on your PC. As per the guidelines framed above, you can introduce this application on your cell phone and use it to follow Twitter without signing in.

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