How to Find out if Your Husband is Cheating on WhatsApp? 5 Ways!


By Gloria Robertson | May 09, 2024 06:30 pm

Discovering infidelity can be challenging, but with the advancement of technology, there are ways to unveil the truth on WhatsApp without spending a dime.

In this article, we explore four effective methods to catch a cheating husband/wife on WhatsApp for free. From monitoring tools to clever hacks, we'll guide you through the process, ensuring you have the knowledge to unravel suspicious activities on the messaging app.

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What is WhatsApp Used For Cheating?

WhatsApp, a popular messaging app, is unfortunately used by some individuals for cheating due to its convenient and discreet nature. Here are common ways it may be involved:

Secret Messaging: Cheaters use private chats on WhatsApp to communicate discreetly, keeping conversations hidden from their partners.

Unusual Contacts: Suspicious contacts or frequent calls/messages from a particular contact might indicate cheating behavior.

WhatsApp Web: Cheaters may use WhatsApp Web to access messages discreetly from a computer, avoiding suspicion.

How to Catch a Cheating Husband on WhatsApp - 5 Ways

Way 1: Use the Best WhatsApp Hacking App to Catch a Cheating Husband – MoniMaster

MoniMaster for WhatsApp is a great example for a spy app that you can download to the phone of your husband. Then you can easily spy on your husband and confirm whether he is cheating or not. Let's take a look at some of the most prominent features that you can get along with the MoniMaster app.

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Read the Cheating WhatsApp Messages : Tracking incoming and outgoing messages, including text, images, and other media.

Call Tracking: The software enables call tracking, giving users access to call logs and details. This feature helps in monitoring communication patterns and identifying suspicious calls.

GPS Location Tracking: MoniMaster provides GPS location tracking, allowing users to monitor the real-time location of the target device. This feature is valuable for understanding the whereabouts of the person being monitored.

Multimedia Access: Users can access multimedia files exchanged on WhatsApp, including photos, videos, screenshots on WhatsApp and audio messages. This feature provides a comprehensive view of media shared through the messaging app.

Set Keyword Alert: By creating custom alerts, you can add a Caller ID or specific content to receive alerts and can view the details on the dashboard. This feature assists in identifying relevant conversations and potential cheating behavior


How to Catch a Cheating Wife on WhatsApp with MoniMaster

Step 1. Create an account

Register for MoniMaster account with your valid email address. After that, you can choose a pricing plan and finish the first step.

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Step 2. Install the MoniMaster app on the target phone

You need to get hold of the target device for 3-5 minutes to download and install the app by referring to the download link in the setup guide. Once you finish the setup procedure by following the app instructions. The app will disappear automatically for your future secret monitoring journey.

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Step 3. Start reading hasband's whatsapp message on your own phone

Use your login details to sign in to the online dashboard and monitor all the WhatsApp activities on it. You can check the free demo for a clearer look.

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3 Reasons of Choosing MoniMaster:

  • It can provide real time details.

  • Your husband will not know that you are tracking his phone.

  • You can have comprehensive access to your husband's WhatsApp account.

  • It can be hidden and won't be detected.

Way 2: Use WhatsApp Web to Check the Cheating Husband/Wife Information.

If you wonder how to catch a cheater on WhatsApp without installing any software, you may think about using WhatsApp web. Using WhatsApp web to read WhatsApp cheating messages.

whatsapp web check information

How to Find out if Your Husband is Cheating on WhatsApp For Free by WhatsApp Web

Step 1. You should initially visit

Step 2. Now you need to take your husband's phone and scan the QR code that you can see on your computer screen.

Step 3. Upon scanning the QR code, you will be able to open up WhatsApp on the web interface of the computer.


You will need to have physical access to the phone of your husband to proceed with this method. Hence, it is not the best solution that we can recommend finding a WhatsApp cheating husband.

Way 3: Put a Voice Recorder or Camera in the House

If your husband is mostly spending time at home, you can think about putting a voice recorder or a camera in the house. This can be a great method on how to know if someone is cheating on WhatsApp.

voice recorder

There are discreet cameras and voice recorders that you can easily purchase from the market. All you have to do is to purchase such a device and configure it at your home. Then you can allow it to monitor and keep the peace of mind.

Way 4: When WhatsApp Has Become His Priority

If you are looking for a way on how to catch my husband cheating on WhatsApp, you may also take a look at the most commonly used apps on his phone. If that app is WhatsApp, and if he is not often chatting with you on WhatsApp, you need to figure out that there's something odd. This is where you should keep your eyes on and see with whom he is chatting on WhatsApp.


Way 5: Use Keylogger to Hack WhatsApp

A keylogger tool is a software program designed to record every keystroke made by a user on their phone or computer. It captures information from the target device, including the user's activities and typed text, storing it for future use.

use whatsapp keylogger to hack whatsapp

For instance, if the user accesses WhatsApp, the keylogger will capture and save all the information they input, such as messages, account details, and passwords.

There are popular mobile keyloggers like Spirix Keylogger and Copy9, as well as computer keyloggers such as Actual Keylogger, that can be effective for monitoring WhatsApp messages. Many keyloggers offer free usage and even provide a short trial period for you to test their functionality.

What to Do When You Catch a WhatsApp Cheater?

Now you know how to catch a cheating partner on WhatsApp. The next thing you should figure out is what to do when you catch a cheating husband.

  • You need to collect evidence as much as you can before you confront him. This is where screenshots and other forms of digital recordings can assist you.

  • You will also need to remain patient and collect additional information to verify your doubts.

  • Then you can confront your husband and see how his response looks like. Based on that, you will be able to decide what you can do.

If you follow the instructions we shared on how to catch a cheater on WhatsApp, you will never encounter any problems with collecting evidence.

FAQs about Catch A WhatsApp Cheater


Is there a free app to catch a cheating spouse?

There are no free apps available on the internet for you to use and catch a cheating spouse. Even if you find a free app, you will notice that features available to you are quite limited. Therefore, it is better if you can go for a paid app and explore all great features that come with it. The amount you spend on such an app is totally worth it.


How do Cheaters communicate?

WhatsApp is the most preferred communication method among people out there. It is the same for cheaters as well. Most cheaters prefer to use WhatsApp for their communications, and you may think about tracking the usage to catch your cheating husband.


How do I investigate my husband?

We shared four methods to investigate your husband. You can take a look at those methods and figure out the best method to proceed with investigating your cheating husband.


What are the signs of a cheating husband ?

A cheating husband will always be distracted. You will not be able to see him interested in you anymore. Even if you say anything to the cheating husband, he will panic. You can keep these signs in mind and catch a cheating husband.


Now you know how to catch your cheating husband on WhatsApp. Instead of living with doubts in mind, it is better if you can follow these steps and figure out a cheating husband. Then you can take appropriate steps to confront the husband and come up with a decision to move forward with your life.

You can also try MoniMaster for WhatsApp to check your husband's whatsapp. It won't let you down.

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