(4 Ways) Track a Cell Phone Location without Installing Software


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It is possible to track someone's phone for free. Following an Android phone without admittance to the phone is very simple. All you want is the quantity of the gadget you need to follow. As guardians, we need to have the option to trust our kids; however, we should have the chance to safeguard them from hurt.

How to Track a Phone without an App?

You want to about how to track a phone without an app. There are various ways of following a cell area without introducing programming exists.

android monitoring

You can Use MoniMaster Pro for Android to Track a Phone Without Knowing

  • Check all incoming and outgoing calls & SMS

  • Spy on social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Viber, WeChat and more

  • Track cell phone location in real time and view location history

  • Remotely access the files on the target phone, like contacts, photos, call logs, etc.

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Way 1: Use Find My Device

Samsung phones likewise accompany an inbuilt Find My Portable component which can be utilized to follow the area of the Samsung phone. Follow the means beneath to know how to follow a cell area online with this built-in component.

Requirements: Android phone with Google ID and password


Step 1. Explore www.findmymobile.samsung.com on any gadget's internet browser.

Step 2. Select the gadget whose area you wish to follow.

Step 3. You can utilize the "Find My Gadget" component to get the area of the Samsung wireless shown on the screen.

find my phone

Step 4. You can utilize the "Lock My Screen," which would lock the screen, power button, and Samsung Pay on the Samsung wireless.

Step 5. You can utilize the "Ring My Gadget" element to make the Samsung phone ring on apparent volume for a whole moment.

Step 6. With the "Back up Information" choice, you can back up every one of the information put away on your Samsung phone to the Samsung cloud server.

Limitations: It has a very lengthy and difficult process to use. It does not show full results.

Way 2: Use Google Maps

You can track someone's phone when location is off by Google Maps. One of the most well-known and exact ways of following a mobile phone area is to utilize Google Maps. Google Maps has a following underlying component that permits you to see the size of any gadget signed into your Google account.

Requirements: Android phone and login to target device.


Step 1. Sign in with the objective phone for a couple of moments to sign into your Google account on your phone.

Step 2. Once signed in, go to the Google Guides application and tap the menu symbol in the upper left corner.

use google map

Step 3. You'll see a guide with the ongoing area of the phone. And a course of events of where the phone has been for the day.

Step 4. The drawback of this strategy is that it may work assuming the phone is signed into your Google account.

google account

Step 5. Moreover, the area may not be refreshed continuously, so there might be a couple of moments delay between when the phone moves and when you see the restored area on the guide.

Limitations: It takes a lot of time and is not easy to use. It does not give exact outcome.

Way 3: Use iCloud

Free tracking cell phone location can help you to track location. If you desire to follow a cell without introducing programming or any application, you can utilize the administrations given by the phone producer. Assuming you have an Apple gadget, you can use the Find My iPhone highlight, which is inbuilt into all iPhones. By utilizing the accompanying advances, you can use this component to follow a mobile phone without an application or programming.

Requirements: Google account access with android phone.


Step 1. Open the internet browser on any gadget, and explore www.icloud.com. You might utilize the Find My iPhone highlight in the entire menu if accessible.

Step 2. Key in your iCloud ID and secret key to log in and select the iPhone whose area you wish to follow.

icloud find my phone

Step 3. You can utilize the Play sound choice, which would play a perceptible sound on the chosen iPhone.

Step 5. You can utilize the Lost Mode, which locks your gadget and show your phone number on the iPhone screen. Along these lines assuming that any individual finds the iPhone, they would know whom to contact.

Step 6. Assuming the iPhone is taken, you can utilize the Eradicate choice, which would delete all your data and information so that it can't be gotten to by anyone.

Limitations: It is very complex to use and takes much time to get the instant data.

Way 4: Use Tracking Website

Another well-known technique is to utilize a PDA following site. These sites use the phone's IMEI number to follow its area, so you can utilize them to follow any phone.

Requirements: Android phone with website login details.


Step 1. You'll have to find the phone's IMEI number to utilize a PDA following site.

tracking website

Step 2. This interesting code is allowed to each mobile phone, and you can track it down by dialing *#06#. Whenever you've entered the IMEI number, the site will show you the phone's ongoing area.

Step 3. You can likewise set up cautions so you're informed on the off chance that the phone moves to a particular area.

Step 4. The drawback of this technique is that it tends to be off-base and only works progressively.

Step 5. Also, a few sites might expect you to make a record before you can begin following.

Limitations: It is very difficult to use and fill all the requirements. You will not get the best results.

How to Track Someone's Phone via MoniMaster?

You may want to know how to track someone's phone through MoniMaster Pro for Android . If you desire to follow a cell area online without introducing programming, a solid outsider following instrument would be your best and generally helpful decision. What's more, MoniMaster is a robust PDA tracker without introducing it on track phones.

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It is utilized by a large number of individuals across the world to follow their friends and family through phones. A high-level apparatus will assist you with tracking the area of your adored one's iPhone, look at their area history, and take a look at all their different information on iCloud. You can do every one of these and all the more easily without approaching their phones.

What can MoniMaster Pro for Android do?

Track Location

MoniMaster will assist the guardians in following their kid's area continuously. You can likewise see the phone's area history to know where your kid has been.

Screen time management

With MoniMaster, you can determine how long your kid can utilize their phone daily. You can set a sleep time when the phone should be switched off. Along these lines, you can assist your children with building sound advanced propensities.

Calls Tracker:

MoniMaster allows you to check the call history online and helps to monitor the call logos. It is the component to use to follow both approaching and active calls.

android monitoring

Media File checker:

If you are keeping an eye on somebody, you would need to check the photographs and recordings on their phone for you to have the option to determine what they are applying to. With the help of MoniMaster, you can remotely access and checks media documents on somebody's iPhone.


MoniMaster makes a virtual wall around a particular area. You will be informed at whatever point your kid enters or leaves the geofenced region. This element is significant for keeping your children out of the house.


Step 1. Purchase Your Favorite Plan:

Click the "Buy Now" button to pursue a legitimate record utilizing a valid email address. Buy a permit to get close to all elements of this Android observing application.

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Step 2. Setup Guide:

On the "My Items" page, you can find the arrangement you bought and click on "Arrangement Guide" afterward. Follow the mentioned instructions and complete the setup process to use the MoniMaster.

click setup android

Step 3.Start Monitoring

First, complete the setup process, and now you can see the data of your desired phone. Then go to your dashboard to see the information on the objective phone. Assuming it's the initial chance to match data from the phone to the dashboard, it will require an investment to finish the information sync. Now you are free to see the data on the dashboard.

monimaster android dashboard

FAQs about Tracking a Cell Phone Location without Installing Software

How can I track a cell phone without being detected?

If you're searching for a direct answer to track somebody does phone number area without them know, we'd suggest checking MoniMaster out. MoniMaster is a wireless tracker site that gives you admittance to the size of any cell phone number, no matter what the portable organization administrator.

Can I track a cell phone location with just a number?

Could you follow the area of a PDA just by its number? There are just two genuine ways of doing as such: You can utilize a phone query administration to find any phone in a broad area. You can follow the phone and its number using a phone spy application.

Can someone track your location from a text?

Indeed, others can follow your area by messaging you on talk stages or using SMS. They might send you a malignant connection, introduce a covered-up application, or locate your site utilizing phone organization information.


There are many justifications for why you need to follow a mobile phone area. Anything that your explanations there are numerous ways you can make it happen. The simplest and most effective way to follow a wireless area for another person is to do as such without introducing an application on the objective gadget.

The most effective way to do this is to involve MoniMaster Pro for Android. On the off chance that the singular purpose of an Android mobile phone is, there are various applications you can utilize. The best application so far is the MoniMaster Pro for Android .

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