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The uMobix review aims to dig deeper into features to understand why it's a highly popular phone app and why it’s rated so highly by users.

Spy apps have taken the industry by storm and have proved their competence, regardless of their widespread use. While these apps show huge competence, only a few work according to expectations. This makes choosing a genuine product difficult.

Here we will introduce in detail uMobix as well as MoniMaster as its reliable alternative.

uMobix vs. MoniMaster: A Full Comparison Chart of Monitoring Features

Feature uMobix MoniMaster
Call Logs/Contacts Yes Yes
Messages Yes Yes
Browse History Yes Yes
Photos/Videos Yes Yes
App Activities 30+ 50+
Keylogger Yes Yes
Geofence No Yes
Discord No Yes
Record Screen No Yes
Capture Screenshots No Yes
Price $49.99 $29.99

What is uMobix?

Umobix is a remote mobile monitoring software with advanced features like call monitoring, GPS tracking, and social media monitoring. uMobix gained a massive user base because of its comprehensive suite of phone monitoring features and quick 5-minute set-up.

For instance, you can track incoming and outgoing calls, as well as text messages, monitor social media, view browsing history, etc.

umobix review

uMobix is primarily designed for parental control. However, it is also perfect for other purposes. Businesses can prevent employees from indulging in non-work activities. Parents can prevent children from becoming phone addicts. The uMobix app review will give you detailed information about it.

uMobix Spy App: What It Can Do and How It Works

uMobix monitors the target phone in real time. For example, if there's any message on the target device, you'll get it on your control panel that you can read without the actual owner knowing. The best thing is that you won't need to root or jailbreak the device for monitoring purposes.

Although you'll need to install the app physically on the target device, once the app is installed, uMobix works covertly, ensuring the owner will never know they have a tracking app installed on their phone.

Here's a quick rundown of the best features on the uMobix:

Social Media Monitoring: Social media activity is the best way to learn about a target person's friends, job, basic details, likes, and dislikes. uMobix works stealthily to track social media activities. Even if they don't post regularly, such as read someone's Instagram messages without being seen.

Tracks Dating Apps: You can catch a cheating partner using uMobix. First, it detects which dating site your partner is using. Then, it'll help you gain access to their messages, and shared media files.

Location Tracking: uMobix’s live location tracker helps you track offline life. Map View can even give you accurate directions to their location.

Access to Deleted Information: uMobix’s biggest USP gives access to deleted information, unlike many phone spying apps. The deleted messages are displayed with other messages but marked as deleted.

Surround Recording: This feature gives you both video and audio monitoring of your

How Does uMobix Work? Full Installation Process

uMobix works covertly without the process of removing software restrictions imposed by device manufacturers. There is nothing to worry about being an unauthorized user. Install the app physically, and track online activities and offline locations with video from the phone that the owner will never find out about.

umobix how to steps

Below are simple steps to install uMobix:

Step 1. Choose the subscription plan you want to buy. You'll get further information on completing the purchase.

Step 2. Take the target device and install the uMobix application, following the instructions on the user account.

Step 3. Tracking will start from here. Go to your account and wait for the data.

The Best Alternative to uMobix: MoniMaster

MoniMaster is an excellent alternative to uMobix. It is among the best value-for-money spy apps for Android and iOS users. This affordable monitoring app boasts some features that make it one of the most competitive names on the market, including uMobix.

best monitor software monimaster

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MoniMaster boasts over 1.5 million satisfied users, 20,000+ loyal partners, and 50+ features to track a phone in over 150 countries. It wouldn't even be wrong to call it the best overall cell phone monitoring tool in the world.

MoniMaster - Better Cell Phone Tracker than uMobix

“MoniMaster is better than uMobix” is a bold statement that requires next-level features, and MoniMaster has those features. Let's explore those incredible features.

Geofencing :

The geofence feature in MoniMaster allows you to set virtual boundaries or safe zones on a map. You can define specific geographic areas, such as home or school, and receive alerts when the monitored device enters or exits those locations.

Remote Access Feature:

In uMobix, the remote access feature is still in the development phase. So at times, it won't be able to remotely record the audio or video of the target phone’s microphone or camera, respectively. This puts MoniMaster on the upper end; its remote access is super nice.

Remote Tracking and Control:

uMobix needs improvement in this feature. With MoniMaster, you can get up-to-date movements of the target device. You can track the location's history. Set up geofences and receive notifications.

Discord parental control:

MoniMaster has special parental control for Discord use . Check the viewing history of your children on Discord with MoniMaster.

How to Use MoniMaster with Parental Controls

Users can install the app in three simple steps:

Step 1. Sign up for an account and Purchase a Plan: Click on "Sign Up" using a valid email address. Choose a subscription plan. Then, you'll move to the "My Products" page for further processing.

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Step 2. Install MoniMaster: On the "My Products" page, you'll see the purchased plan. Click on the "Setup Guide". Read the instructions about the download and installation process. Download and install the app.

complete setup android

Step 3. Start monitoring: Click on the "Verify Setup" button at the bottom after the setup and installation. Go to the dashboard to check the target device.

monimaster android demo

FAQs about MoniMaster and uMobix

Question 1:

Is uMobix legal? 

It is entirely legal! If the benefits of uMobix aren't convincing for you, we did a deeper study and found on Trustpilot a 68% 5-star rating. On Sitejabber, 164 out of 204 users gave it a five-star rating. People also love tons of features. Many users found it to be the best application.

Question 2:

Does uMobix work? 

Yes, uMobix has several benefits that take phone spying to the next level. It provides a one-stop shop to monitor the activities of the target device. uMobix is among the best parental control tools that run completely undetected on the device.

Question 3:

Does uMobix need to be installed on the target phone? 

Yes, physical access to the target device is required for Android users, which takes less than a minute. However, for iOS devices, you'll only need to provide iCloud credentials.

Question 4:

Can I install uMobix remotely?

Remote installation is only for iOS devices that only require iCloud credentials.

Question 5:

Does MoniMaster work in stealth mode?

Yes, MoniMaster works in stealth mode to spy on the apps on the target device. Users can enjoy several advanced features, including call recording and geofencing, that most spyware doesn't have.


All in all, uMobix is a reliable and full-featured parental control app that provides parents with the tools they need to protect their children in the digital world. However, if you're looking for an alternative, MoniMaster is a powerful option that offers similar features and cross-platform compatibility.

Take control of your child's online safety and try MoniMaster today.

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