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By Gloria Robertson | Jan 12, 2023 02:10 pm

High blood pressure is a severe condition that can dramatically increase the risk of stroke and heart attack. This blog post will examine some of the best blood pressure apps for iPhone, so you can decide which one is appropriate.

 So if high blood pressure is a concern or you're being treated for it, keep reading to find out how you can better manage your condition!

5 Best Blood Pressure Apps For iPhone


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1) SmartBP – Smart Blood Pressure

This is the best blood pressure app for iPhone. The app provides users with a quick and user-friendly way to log their readings, access tools and resources for achieving healthy BP levels, and gain personalised insights and recommendations from the app.

Price: Free, in-app purchase


Smart BP is an iPhone, iPad, and iPod device app. It is compatible with iOS 13.0 or later.


  • Automatically Monitor & Record Blood Pressure;
  • Organized & Access Blood Pressure Measurements;
  • Sync Blood Pressure Measurements Wi th Healthkit;


  • Accuracy
  • Limited information
  • Privacy concerns

2) Blood pressure app+

This free blood pressure app for iphone helps you manage your blood pressure and heart rate measurements, track your progress, and provides helpful insights for staying healthy.

Price: Price: Free, in-app purchase


The compatibility will depend on the version of the app that you are using and the device you are using it on.


  • Get the reliable blood pressure app on ios
  • Guided steps to help with input
  • Easily access recent measurements
  • Track your progress


  •  App Crashing
  •  Medication Tracking Lacks

pexels thirdman 7659573

3) Blood Pressure Tracker+

With the ability to log your BP, pulse, weight, blood glucose, and oxygen levels and add notes about how you feel that day (tired, stressed, anxious, etc.), this app provides a comprehensive solution for those wanting to monitor their blood pressure closely.

Price: Price: Free, in-app purchase


  • The iPhone requires iOS 14.1 or later.
  •  The iPad requires iPadOS 14.1 or later.
  •  The iPod touch requires iOS 14.1 or later.
  •  Macs require macOS 11,0 or later and a Mac with an Apple M1 chip or later.


  • Tracking Blood Pressure & Medications -
  • Easy Syncing With Apple Health -
  • Conveniently View Graphs Of Your Data -

Cons: potential inaccuracies

4) Blood Pressure Companion

With detailed reports and views in words, charts, and histograms, Blood Pressure Companion allows you to closely monitor your blood pressure readings.

Price: Price: Free, in-app purchase< /p>


  • For iPhones, iOS
  • 12.3 or later is required.
  • iPod touch models also need iOS 12.3 and newer.
  • Mac users need to have macOS  11.0
  • Mac with an Apple M1 chip or later for compatibility.


  • Track Systolic, Diastolic, Heart Rate, And Weight By The Chart
  • Analyse The Times And Percentage Of Each -
  • Show Max, Min, And Avg Number Of Readings By Number And Histogram


  • sensors in the app can be unreliable
  • subscription-based service
  • Welltory: Heart-Rate Monitor

blood pressure app

5) Welltory: Heart-Rate Monitor

With over 5 million satisfied users and features in TechCrunch, Product Hunt, and Lifehacker, this app is a must-have for anyone interested in taking control of their overall wellness.

Price: Price: Free, in-app purchase


  • Requires iOS 14.0 or later.
  • iPod touch.
  • Requires iOS 14.0 or later.


  • The Welltory app is your one-stop shop for all health information.
  • Keep track of everything from your health conditions to your lifestyle, and connect with 140+ data sources to monitor your day-to-day data.
  • Syncs with wearables & trackers like FitBit, Garmin, MiFit, Polar, Oura, and Withings and offers intelligent guidance and support for easy and fun self-care.


  • tracking capabilities
  • requiring payment to access all features. :

How to Choose the Blood Pressure Apps?

Choosing the right blood pressure app for you can be a tricky task. Here are three top tips to help you make an informed decision:

Compare features

Look at what different apps offer and compare these features to find the best fit for your needs.

Check reviews

Read user reviews to get an idea of what other people think about the app before making your purchase or download decision.

Ask your doctor

Consult with your medical practitioner to ensure that your blood pressure apps are accurate and up-to-date.

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Monitor Meesasges

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 Media Files Checking

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Track Location

 With its GPS capabilities and advanced encryption technology, you'll be able to keep tabs on where exactly it is at all times with a live map display - no matter how far out of sight! Plus, activity logs show detailed info about any distance traveled so that only YOU have access to this crucial data--giving yourself full protection everywhere life takes you.

How to Use MoniMaster for iOS?

Step 1. Purchase Your Favorite Plan:

To sign up for a valid account, click the "Buy Now" button and use an authentic email address.

After purchasing a license, you will have access to all features of this iOS monitoring app and be redirected to the "My Products" page.

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Step 2. Follow the Arrangement:

  • On the "My Products" page, find the purchased plan and click on the "Setup Guide" button.
  • Read the instructions carefully to learn how to download and install the application.
  • The main steps are: downloading & installing the app on the target's computer and scanning backup data.

complete setup ios

Step 3.Confirm your setup

  • After completing the setup and installation on the target computer, click on the "Verify Setup" button at the bottom of the "Setup Guide" page.
  • On the web app, you can check all available data types (Messages, Call Logs, WhatsApp, etc.).
  • To generate a report for monitored data, tap on the "Export" button to produce a piece of information on the computer.

monimaster ios dashboard


Tracking blood pressure is essential to maintain good cardiovascular health. Fortunately, many apps are now available for iPhone users, making this process easier and more convenient. SmartBP, Blood Pressure App+, Blood Pressure Tracker+, and Welltory Heart-Rate Monitor are all excellent choices for monitoring your BP levels.

For the best and most reliable monitoring service, consider MoniMaster for iOS. This advanced and user-friendly app allows you to discreetly monitor and protect your device from anywhere in the world.MoniMaster keeps your data secure and private--so you can rest easy knowing that you're not intruding on anyone's privacy.

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