How to Find Lost iPhone? [6 Ways]


By Kara Herrera | Apr 26, 2023 03:17 pm

Have you ever misplaced your iPhone and felt helpless? With the rapid advancement of technology, losing your phone is the last thing you want to experience. Fortunately, there are several methods you can use to try and locate your lost phone.

In this article, we will discuss how to find a lost iPhone, including ways to locate it even if it is turned off or you don't have a Find My iPhone account. Hopefully, with these tips and tricks, you will be able to find your lost iPhone and get back to using it as normal.

How to Find a Lost iPhone Which is Turned Off?

Here are ways about how to find a lost iPhone that is turned off. Finding a switched-off iPhone isn't generally as natural as finding an iPhone turned on. It is because you possibly get to your iPhone's last area, assuming it is switched off.

1. Find a Lost iPhone By MoniMaster

The best technique, the most proficient method to find a lost iPhone, is utilizing a monitoring applicatiion. It is because such a following application is explicitly intended for following a lost or taken phone. We prescribe MoniMaster to follow your iPhone from your PC. You want to download and introduce the application and do every one of the settings ahead of time so you can track its area impeccably.

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View Phone History:

You get to watch the phone history of the objective iPhone. You can see the previous search history and everything inappropriate for your kids. MoniMaster helps you to see it and gives the details on your phone dashboard.

Track location:

Most importantly, you can follow the objective iPhone's area history on the guide with complete subtleties. It is accessible to track the correct location of the desired person with the help with MoniMaster. You can also check iPhone location history. It is a handy feature to save kids and family members from danger.

Check Social Media:

Through MoniMaster, all social media apps detail is accessible. Social media data like messages and calls are reachable with MoniMaster. You can follow even the erased discussions furtively.


View phone Documents:

You can remotely check the documents put away on the objective phone. Truthfully, you can check the objective phone's photographs and recordings accessible in the exhibition. These likewise incorporate the ones that the objective individual has downloaded.

Look at browsing History:

You can follow the objective individual's web exercises by reviewing the put-away program history. iPhone clients use the Safari internet browser; thus, MoniMaster allows you to follow Safari History and Bookmarks. You can look at updates, schedules, notes, and voice reminders.

How to use MoniMaster Pro for iOS to find a lost phone?

Step 1. Create an account:

Click the "Join" button to pursue a substantial record utilizing a bona fide email address. Buy a permit to get to all elements of this iOS checking application. Then, go to the page for further information.

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Step 2. Follow the Setup:

After adding all the required details, click the "Arrangement Guide" button. Peruse the directions cautiously to figure out how to download and introduce the application to set it up.

complete setup ios

Step 3. Begin Checking

After finishing the setup, you can view all the required data on your mobile screen. All the detail is available.

monimaster ios dashboard

2. Use Find My iPhone

It is another method of learning how to find a lost iPhone. Find My iPhone is an excellent option if you have lost your iPhone. It will help you to bring back your lost iPhone. It is the very best way. Here are the steps to use find my iphone.


  • Open Track Down My iPhone on another gadget. Do so by sending off the application on a cell phone or going to iCloud in an internet browser.

  • Sign in with your Apple ID. Utilize the Apple ID and secret key that you utilized in your own iPhone.

  • Tap your iPhone. It should show up in a rundown of gadgets beneath the guide. The area of your phone will be shown in the direction.

  • Tap Activities.

  • Tap Play Sound. It will play a sound and this sound will lead you to find the phone.

  • Tap Lost Mode. It's at the base focus of the screen. Utilize this choice if your iPhone is lost where it very well may be found by another person.

find my lost iphone

3. Use Google Timeline

If you cannot find the lost iPhone, use Google Timeline to find it. It is available on Android and ios phones to track a cell phone location. Here are the steps.


  • Explore the Google Timetable site

  • Google Timetable guides all area information gathered from your iPhone so you can follow its area.

  • Click on "Today" in the upper left corner of Google Timetable.

  • Look to the lower part of the Timetable to distinguish the last announced area of your iPhone.

  • Audit the Timetable's area information to check whether the iPhone is moving or lying still.

  • Utilize the guide shown on-screen to find your iPhone.

google timeline

4. Find iPhone with iCloud

If you don't have an iPhone or an iPad, you can utilize iCloud to find your lost iPhone. and use it to hack iCloud. You can use any gadget that approaches a program to do this. Notwithstanding, assuming you have an Apple gadget with the Find My application, you ought to be in an ideal situation utilizing the application. It is the way to find your switched-off iPhone using iCloud:


  • Log in to, and click on the Track down iPhone symbol.

  • Afterward, select All devices and pick your lost iPhone from the rundown.

  • Since your iPhone is switched off, you'll see the most recent area on a guide, yet you will need the option to follow it continuously.

find iphone with icloud

How to Find a Lost iPhone Without Find My iPhone?

You can find a lost iPhone without Find My iPhone. These are some ways to find a missing iPhone.

1. Use an Apple Watch to Ping iPhone

Use an Apple watch to ping iphone to find the lost iphone. These are the steps to find it.


  • On your Apple Watch, swipe up from the lower part of the screen to raise the Control Place.

  • On the left-hand side, you'll see a symbol of an iPhone with bent lines exuding from it: this is the ping button. Tap it.

  • Currently, the iPhone, which is matched with this Apple Watch, expected to be reachable, will 'ding' so you can hear where it is.

  • Continue to ping the phone until you track it down.

use an apple watch to ping iphone

2. Try to Call Yourself or Connect Police

If all the methods do not work, then try to find yourself. Find the locations where you visited last time or try it at home. You can contact to Police if this will work.


  • Try to find it at visited venues

  • Tell it about the Police.


Ideally, you have tracked down the solution to your inquiry, "how to find lost iphone?" You should attempt to find your iPhone with the Find My application. If you can't find it, check it as lost so nobody can get to the data put away on your missing iPhone. You should likewise illuminate the help transporter and record a misfortune guarantee. We suggest you introduce MoniMaster to follow its area precisely.

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