How to Turn Off Location on iPhone - 5 Easy Ways


By Kara Herrera | Apr 20, 2023 11:10 am

Whether you are concerned about privacy or just want to save battery life, learning how to turn off location on your iPhone is an important skill.

In this article, we will look at five ways to disable location services on an iPhone. We will cover the various methods of disabling location services on an iPhone.

How to Turn Location Off Without Someone Knowing?

Tracking a cell phone location is easy, but it is not only for parents to learn how to turn off location in iPhone but for all. You can turn off location without knowing anyone. It is effortless and requires some steps.

Turn Off Location Services


  • Open Settings and snap on Privacy

  • You'll see a case at the top that says "Location Services." Assuming that they're turned on, it will say "On."

  • Click "On Location Services." You'll be taken to another screen.

  • To switch off area administrations, tap the green slider. You'll be incited with a spring-up message. Click "Turn Off."

  • If you want to walk out again, adhere to these equivalent directions to flip the green slider to "On."

turn off location services

How to Turn Off Location for Specific iPhone Apps?

You can do so if you prefer to keep the area the same framework for specific applications. It is a way how to turn location off on iPhone. Here are the steps:


  • Send off your iPhone's Settings application and tap Privacy.

  • Select "Location Services." Look at the rundown of applications and snap on the ones you need to change area administration settings.

  • Your choices will change depending on your iOS rendition and your chosen application.

  • Yet, you'll, by and large, see at least two of the accompanying: "Never," or "Ask Sometime later and "While Utilizing the Application.

  • Select the one you need to utilize, and then close out of your Settings application.

turn off location for specific iphone apps

How to Turn Off Location on iPhone in the Find My App?

iPhone's Find My application assists you with finding friends phone location, from your phone to your Macintosh, utilizing Apple's area administrations. It can impart your area to companions and let them share theirs. Here are steps to turn the location off without someone knowing in Find My App.


  • Open Settings and tap your name at the highest point of the menu.

  • Go to the "Find My" from the rundown of applications.

  • Tap the switch close to "Offer my area" to handicap all area sharing through the application.

How to Turn Off Location iPhone in iMessage?

Seeing iMessages without knowing is possible. You may not have the foggiest idea about this, but iMessage utilizes area administrations. If you believe it should stop, this is a speedy and straightforward method for saving battery and forestalling following.


  • To switch off area administrations in iMessage on your iPhone:

  • Open your Messages application. Select the message string of the reach to which you never again need to impart your area.

  • Tap their name at the highest point of the string and select "Info" starting from the drop.

  • The visit to the "Stop Sharing My Location."

turn off location iphone in imessage

How to Clear History on iPhone Location?

Your iPhone is covertly recording your most-visited puts and naming them as 'Huge areas.' It additionally requires note of the specific attempts you visited them and gatherings them by urban communities or locales. Follow the means beneath to erase and switch off your area history.


  • First, start from Settings and then visit to the option Privacy

  • Click "location services." Here you will see the applications that utilization your area and when they use it.

  • Look down and tap "System Services." This will show what worked in administrations that utilize your area to serve area-based Apple promotions or to set the time zone naturally.

  • Change their settings to your inclination.

  • Presently go to "Significant Locations." You will be asked to one or the other sign in with your Apple ID or Contact ID.

  • Here you can see area history on your iPhone.

  • You can either erase every area exclusively or clear them generally together.

clear history on iphone location

Bonus: How to Track Location without Knowing?

MoniMaster allows guardians to control screen time, track constant areas, and identify inappropriate substances on children's gadgets. Security concern is a significant issue in following applications, so a few clients need to know how to switch off the area. Be that as it may, there are potential dangers to switching off or faking your site.

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MoniMaster permits you to recognize the improper substance, control screen time, and find your kids' gadgets' constant area. For guardians searching for a complete answer to deal with their children, MoniMaster is a decent decision.


Live Location

It is a precious component of MoniMaster, which permits you to follow your child's gadgets' area.


Guardians can set specific areas and geofences, telling them when their children leave or enter that region. In Geofencing, MoniMaster utilizes Wi-Fi, RFID, GPS, or cell information to detect a pre-modified activity when the cell phone enters or leaves a particular virtual geological area.

Location History

MoniMaster can likewise gather and record the last dynamic areas and makes an iPhone location history for guardians to follow their children's exercises.


Check Internet History

With MoniMaster, you may also check deleted safari history of your child's iPhone. This includes both Safari history and bookmarks.

Call and Contact Tracking

You can see all the contacts saved on your child's iPhone. On top of that, you will also be able to see the call log and figure out who have been contacted.

How to use MoniMaster Pro for iOS to Track Location?

Here is the guide to use MoniMaster Pro for iOS to track Location.

Step 1. Make an account:

Click the "Try Now" button to pursue a legitimate record utilizing a genuine email address. Buy a permit to get close enough to all elements of this iOS checking application. Then, at that point, you will be led to the "My Items" page for an additional cycle.

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Step 2.Complete the Setup:

On the "My Items" page, you can find the arrangement you bought and click the "Arrangement Guide" button. Add your details according to the requirements.

complete setup ios

Step 3. Check Your Arrangement and Begin Observing

When you finish all the details on the pages then go to the confirmation and start monitoring on your screen.

monimaster ios dashboard


Switching off area administrations on your iPhone is undoubtedly a simple undertaking. In any case, numerous possible highlights of area administrations are hanging tight for you to utilize. After perusing this article, I accept you have dominated how to access your area on your iPhone.

MoniMaster is the pro at the following Location since it works far superior and is significantly more viable in the area following! Indeed, you would rather not miss it!

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