How to Hide Location on iPhone? [7 Ways]


By Kara Herrera | Apr 13, 2023 04:27 pm

By hiding your location, you can prevent apps and websites from tracking your movements and collecting data about your whereabouts.

There are several ways to hide your location on your iPhone. This guide will provide step-by-step instructions for each of these methods so that you can keep your data safe and secure.

How to Hide Your Location on iPhone?

Here are some methods how to hide my location on iphone. You can hide your locations on your iPhone on the journey or anywhere.

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1. Hide Location by Turning off Location Services

Utilizing "Area Administrations" Choices is an excellent method for concealing your area on your iPhone. To do this, follow the steps:


  • Go to "Settings".

  • Click on "Security"

  • Then Select "location services".

  • Switch off the component to debilitate all applications

hide location by turning off location services

2. Hide Location via Switching Share Live Location Off

Switch off your iPhone's Offer My Location highlights to quit imparting your area to loved nude photos. It is a bus way on the most proficient method to know how to hide Location on iPhone without them knowing. Here are the steps:


  • From your iPhone, send off the Settings application.

  • When it opens, look down at the rundown of choices. Spot Protection choice and tap on it.

  • When Protection settings open, tap On the Spot Administrations choice.

  • On the following screen, tap on Offer My Area choice.

  • Then, switch off Offer My Area choice to incapacitate imparting your area to everybody.

switch share my location off

3. Hide Location by Turning on Airplane Mode

It is one of the well-known methods how to turn Location off without someone knowing- turn on your quiet mode. While there are better answers than this for concealing areas on iPhone, it can work for you in several situations. Yet, before you get into that, here are the moves toward doing that.


  • Go to your iPhone's 'Home' screen and swipe up to open the "Control Center".

  • You will see the "AirPlane" mode symbol among the choices. Tap on it to turn it on.

airplane mode

The symbol's variety will change to light blue, showing it's presently on. Be assured that turning on standalone mode on your iPhone will cripple administrations like Bluetooth, cell association, and Wi-Fi. It fundamentally assists you with cutting all associations from the advanced world when searching for methods to conceal areas on your iPhone without them knowing.

4. Hide Location on the Find My Friends App

Find My Friends phone location is a useful application that lets your companions and contacts know where you are. It is valuable in a couple of circumstancesYou can turn on your area, and your companions can know how far you are from the theatre and the other way around.


  • Visit finds my friend app on your iOS gadget. It has been renamed "See as My" in the most recent variants.

  • Tap to open the "Me" choice at the base side of your screen. It will open your profile settings inside the application.

  • See the "Offer My Area" choice from the available menu.

  • You can see the ongoing status of that choice, and assuming it's on, you can turn it off by flipping on it.

  • You can likewise limit a few individuals from your contacts list from knowing your area if needed.

  • To do as such, click on "Individuals" choice and pick any part from your contact list.

  • Click on "Don't Share" or "Quit Sharing My Area" for the picked contact.

5. Hide Location with A VPN

One of the least demanding approaches to concealing your area on iPhone is a VPN by introducing VPN, which is a virtual confidential organization. Your iPhone gets and sends information through shared or public organizations. This causes your iPhone to accept that you're associated with a secret organization which, thus, assists you with concealing your area.


  • To include the VPN your gadget, download and introduce the application and award your iOS gadget authorizations as it requests them.

  • Select the "Permit" button and see the VPN application designed naturally.

  • After a practical design, open the "Settings" application on your iPhone.

  • Press the "General" choice and snap on the "VPN" choice.

hide location with a vpn

6. Hide Location by Turn Off iPhone

The second method for concealing your area is to switch off your iPhone. This will keep it from broadcasting its area and can be helpful if you want to hide your site for a lengthy period.


  • Hold down the volume and side buttons until the power-off slider shows.

  • After hauling the slider, trust that your gadget will turn off.

7. Use another Phone to Hide the Location

To conceal your area from the Find My application, you can share your area from another iOS gadget in a fixed size. This strategy could cause it to seem like you are elsewhere. For example, if you're at home and offer your site with a companion from your work environment, it will seem like you are working. This is how it's done:


  • Open Settings on different iOS gadgets.

  • Visit on your name section.

  • Select See as Mine.

  • Tap the Utilization This iPhone as My Area choice.

How to Track Location Without Knowing Even Be Hidden?

We can track the Location without knowing any person. However, to Android clients whose security is lower than iPhone, it is better for them to introduce MoniMaster , in any case, to record your ongoing area and access area history.

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Checking is likewise simpler now with the MoniMaster, which gives the devices to assist with keeping your youngster's school day released from online interruptions.


Recognition of Phone

MoniMaster allows you to examine your phone whenever you need and recognize spyware and other security concerns. Not simply identification, the application enables you to determine the issues in a split second with a solitary tap.

Real-time Protection

It is pivotal to keep your phone safeguarded from spyware constantly. The application allows you to turn on continuous security with the goal can distinguish any pernicious records and applications when it gets downloaded.

Check internet history

With MoniMaster, you may also check deleted safari history of your child's iPhone. This includes both Safari history and bookmarks.


Track Area

MoniMaster has worked out this capability significantly over the most recent few years, and it currently offers an exceptionally exhaustive arrangement of the area following elements. It provides live following, area history and geolocation.

Web Filter

MoniMaster investigates the substance of the site pages as your youngster visits them instead of simply utilizing block records. This improves things significantly for forestalling misleading up-sides and guaranteeing that a site can switch things out of nowhere and get around its channels.

How to use MoniMaster Pro for iOS to Track Location?

Step 1. Make your account

Click the button to pick an arrangement which reasonable for your requests and to join utilizing a legitimate email ID.

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Step 2. Arrangement Guide

Sign in to your record, go to the My Items page, click Arrangement Guide, and adhere to the guidance to download KidsGuard Expert for Android to the objective phone. While introducing the application, you want to open a few consents for this application, similar to approvals to peruse application warnings, and so on.

complete setup ios

Step 3. Begin Observing

After you set up the application accurately, the application symbol will vanish from the objective gadget to forestall being found. From some other devices, visit MoniMaster and sign into its web-based dashboard.

monimaster ios dashboard


Ideally, you have perceived the best way to switch off the area without the other individual knowing. It is pointless to impart area to others when not required. Thus, you ought to make every one of the strides expected to safeguard your area's protection. We likewise prescribe you introduce MoniMaster to distinguish spyware that helps other people to keep an eye on your site progressively.

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