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By Kara Herrera | Nov 10, 2022 03:44 pm

Many iPhone parental control apps exist, but MoniMaster is best for you. Cell phones can be viewed as one of our period's most incredible mechanical headways.

Be that as it may, similar to all other things, it also has its dark side. While because of cell phones, we have all the data about the world in our grasp. Yet its excessive utilization is adversely influencing our lives.

Comparison of the 5 Apps

Features MoniMaster Bark Net Nanny Kaspersky Safe Kids OurPact Google Family Link
Price 29.95$/M 14$/M 79.99$/Y 14$/Y 9.99$/M Free
Compatibility Smarphones Smarphones Smarphones Smarphones Smarphones Smarphones
Difficulty Less Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Track Location Yes Yes(Premium users) Yes(Premium users) Yes(Premium users) Yes(Premium users) Yes(Premium users)
Track Social Media Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Browsing Activity Yes Yes(Premium) Yes(Premium) Yes (Premium) Yes
Capture screenshot Yes No Yes(Premium) Yes(Premium) No No
Real Time Data Yes No Yes(Premium) No No No
Setting Time Restrictions Yes Yes(Premium) Yes(Premium) No Yes No
Trial, Installation time Yes No No No No No


MoniMaster is the best proficient application to follow phone use. Whether you are a parent, a concerned mate, or a business, this application use tracker will allow you to track all the movement remotely.

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With this information utilization observing application, you can express farewell to the incomprehension of organizing phone use time appropriately. A generally new application, MoniMaster, remains in front of every one of its rivals with its high-level elements.

It requires 3-5 minutes to set up. Its straightforward introducing process makes your observing interaction considerably more quickly.


Devices: Unlimited

Price: The cost is 29.95$ is per month for Android.


Monitor social media apps

MoniMaster is one of the most mind-blowing thorough parental control applications reasonable for families. With it, guardians/guards can remotely screen and deal with children's android PDAs. You can also find someone's location on Facebook easily.


You can view and pay attention to children's environmental factors online to guarantee their security.

Know who they are messaging

With the help of MoniMaster, you can remotely understand what children are doing on their Android gadgets. You can take proof of your kid's phone and monitor their phone.

android monitoring

View phone Documents

You can see all the files on your kids' phones using MoniMaster. Admittance to contacts, instant messages, photographs, recordings, and program history introduced applications on the objective gadget.

Make a move ahead of time

MoniMaster allows you to check all the photographs or recordings saved in the exhibition and read all messages on your kid's Android phone. Take the necessary action before the time.


  • Acquire an application movement report on the application utilizing recurrence and screen time rundown.
  • It is easy to introduce.
  • You won't have to root or escape the objective phone.
  • It is invisible, secure, and protection safeguarding.
  • Information on the objective gadget matches up continuously.
  • It is less expensive than its rivals.


This information utilization screen application isn't free.


The bark is one of the best apps to monitor kids' phones. As indicated by their Cyberbully Counteraction page, Bark investigates your youngsters' all's internet-based exercises to help recognize cyberbullying, considering the setting and a person's advanced history to decide genuine dangers.

They screen 30+ of the most well-known applications and web-based entertainment stages. We tell guardians and offspring of the two casualties and menaces that utilize Bark and give activity-based proposals. Frequently the arrangement is basic: block the domineering jerk on the web.



Devices:30+ devices

Price:It will cost 14$ per month


Screen Content

Bark checks texts, monitor child's text messages , and 30+ applications and virtual entertainment accounts.

Block Sites and Applications

Limit admittance to unseemly and diverting material.

Gain Bits of knowledge

Get insights concerning your youngster's advanced exercises and master proposals from kid analysts.


  • It screens a wide range of cell phones and can be utilized for PC checking.
  • It is very simple and easy to use.


  • It's anything but a free application.
  • You will be expected to root the android gadgets and escape the iOS variants.
  • The connection point isn't easy to use.

Net Nanny

Net Nanny is the best parental control app for patients. If you have numerous kids and gadgets to monitor, ContentWatch Net Babysitter is a convenient device. This product framework can be introduced on up to 10 different PC, Macintosh, or Android gadgets.

net nanny

The product allows you to make various profiles/log-ins for every one of your kids and consequently channels web content for every client, given whether they fit the Kid, Pre-Adolescent, High schooler, or Grown-up profile.


Devices: 10+ devices

Price: 79.99 per year


Simple to utilize yet difficult to sidestep site channel.

It applies safe pursuit to research look.

It permits booking phone cutoff points and utilization.


  • Net Nanny allows you to screen record on Android, iPhone, and PC/Macintosh.
  • You can remotely record the calls and screen all sound and advanced interchanges.
  • You can make an account very easily.


  • It's anything but a free application and is pricey.
  • The information isn't 100 percent secure.
  • No component for site impeding accessibility.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Kaspersky-safe children are accessible in the free or paid rendition and included in the best parental control apps. Its highlights incorporate a boycott to forestall admittance to specific sites, age limitations, and screen use limits.

Kaspersky Safe Children allows you to check screen time on iPhone, set time restrictions and prevent your kid from utilizing their cell phone or tablet during explicit times. Alongside screen time controls, this application will enable you to hinder grown-up happiness from view, make a custom rundown of locales or applications you trust, and view your kid's YouTube search history.

kaspersky safe kids

Though a web channel isn't sufficient, this application likewise allows you to track down your kid daily through its GPS-following capability.


Devices: Unlimited devices

Price: 14$ per year


It helps to track a cell phone's location.

This tool tells about the phone usage of your kids or family members.

It shows the YouTube history of your family members' phones.


  • It screens a wide range of cell phones and can be utilized for PC observation.
  • It is not difficult to introduce and utilize.


  • It's anything but a free application.
  • You will be expected to root the android gadgets and escape the iOS renditions.
  • The connection point isn't easy to use.


OurPact allows you to timetable and set screen time use. It makes it conceivable to hinder your youngster from getting to their gadget during school hours, schoolwork time, or family suppers. You can likewise restrict content and physically award admittance to locales you trust from a distance.


While these highlights are free, you can choose the top-notch choice. On the off chance that the quantity of gadgets in your family is something beyond one, OurPact Premium allows you to oversee up to 20 cell phones or tablets and alter the web channel and different settings for everyone.


Devices:20 devices

Price: 9.99 per month


OurPact has the capacity to obstruct and application blocker.

OurPact enables guardians to hinder applications, including virtual entertainment and games.

It has the ability to alter.


  • It has an Incredible UI
  • Robust iOS includes a set
  • It covers 20 kid gadgets


  • Moderately costly
  • Not much web separating -
  • Convoluted establishment process

Google Family Link

Google Family Connection is a first-choice parent control application accessible free of charge. Its many highlights are all around coordinated with the android working framework.

A portion of its highlights incorporate application observing, the board, area, phone utilization propensity and lock the gadget. Google Family Connection is a widespread application that allows guardians to see their kid's web-based movement, support or block content from view, and oversee in-application buys.

google family link


Devices: Unlimited

Price: Free


Set screen time limits on your kid's Android or ChromeOS gadgets;

See the area of your kid's endorsed in and dynamic Android gadgets;

Support your kid's downloads and buys on Google Play and Stadia or breaking point the permeability of content in light of development appraisals;


  • Simple to utilize, tracks the phone's area, plans application, and phone accessibility!


  • Just that I have tablets that won't uphold it! Those tablets are aging
  • It will not be long before they get moved up to gadgets that will enforce the Family Connection!

FAQs about Apps to Monitor Kid's Phone

How to choose the best app?

Choose Devices for a Particular Reason and the Right Number of Apparatuses. Choose the Right Harmony between Simplicity and Control. Stay Inquisitive; however, decide.

Can parents go through your texts?

No, you can't. Furthermore, they shouldn't even attempt. It is not your phone. Paying for it depends on you; however, you reserve no option to go sneaking about their confidential messages.

Can my parents see my texts with screen time?

Parental control programming like WebWatcher can additionally allow guardians to screen instant messages. However, once more, guardians need to comprehend that this component isn't really for spying. When adolescents realize that guardians see their notes, they might feel more responsible.


After a point-by-point examination of all the applications referenced, our top pick is MoniMaster. In addition to the fact that it is the most ridiculously complete phone use application regarding checking your utilization time, it likewise provides you with many extra helpful elements.

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