How to Monitor Child’s Text Messages on iPhone For Free? 3 Ways


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How can I see my child's text messages iPhone?

Are you concerned about your child's digital safety and want to monitor child's text messages on an iPhone? Discover effective methods to keep an eye on your child's communication without compromising their privacy.

From utilizing iCloud features to parental control apps, this article provides insights into monitoring text messages on your child's iPhone. Learn how to do it responsibly and for free.

Is It Possible to Monitor Child's Text Messages on iPhone?

Yes, it is possible to monitor a child's text messages on iPhone. There are two fundamental ways to monitor child's text messages on iPhone by MoniMaster. One is by utilizing an iCloud, and the other is text message sending.

Contingent upon which you liked, these two are potent. MoniMaster is very useful for parents to check the child's text messages on iPhone.

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Monitor Child's Text Messages on iPhone by MoniMaster

Messages Reading:

You can read text message and get messages from an objective client, even the erased information. You can obtain full access to your kid's phone by using Monimaster. You can read all sent and receive messages.

iPhone Text Files Checking:

It will support seeing the tip of iPhone's Reminders, Calendars, and Notes of your child's phone. You can search in every app on the phone, even in notes and reminders.

Social Apps Monitoring:

MoniMaster helps support the monitoring of WhatsApp, LINE, and other message apps that allow you to access the messages. All social media apps data will be on your mobile phone screen.


Calls and Contacts Tracking:

Track every one of the approaching and active calls with names, timestamps, and call duration. All calls and contact information will be on your hands. You can check and record the phone call on iPhone.

Media Files Checking:

You can access by Monimaster and heck any sight and sound records put away on the objective iPhone, including photographs, recordings, and voice reminders. The history of pictures is accessible on your mobile.

Bookmarks access:

You can see the entire bookmark through accounts to find the person perusing online. Also, the history of the last used apps and browsers is available.

social media monitoring

How to Use Monimaster to Monitor Child's Text Messages

The following is the speedy instruction manual to assist you with figuring out how to utilize MoniMaster to check Child's Text Messages.

Step 1. Make a Valid Account.

Click on the "Try it Now" buttom to pursue a substantial record utilizing a legitimate email address. Buy a permit to get close enough to all highlights of this iOS monitoring application. Then, at that point, you will go to the "My Products" page for an additional cycle.

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Step 2. Go to the instructions.

On the "My Products" page, you can observe the Arrangement you have bought and click on the "Arrangement Guide" button. Check the directions to download it.

complete setup ios

Step 3. Confirm Your Setup and Start Monitoring on the Dashboard.

After finishing the Arrangement and establishment on the objective PC, remember to tap on the "Confirm Setup" button at the lower part of the "Arrangement Guide" page. Then, at that point, you will want to check every one of the available information types (Messages, Call Logs, WhatsApp, and so forth) on the web application.

monimaster ios dashboard

Enable Text Message Forwarding Feature to Monitor Child's Text Messages

Enable text message forwarding feature to Monitor Child's Text Messages is simple. This strategy is text sending on iOS. You can set up the messages on your kid's iPhone to send to your iPhone or Mac. Once more, you'll require admittance to your youngster's iPhone to set this up. Follow the means beneath to do this—launch Settings on your iPhone. Scroll down and choose Messages.

text message forwarding

Step 1. Tap on Send and Receive.

Step 2. You will go on a page where a number is present.

Step 3. You've not set up an iPhone ID, then iMessage choice is also available.

Step 4. Enter your kid's phone ID and Password to Sign In.

Step 5. Go back to Messages, empower Text Message Forwarding and pick a gadget where you need to convey.

Step 6. You will now obtain an affirmation code. Which you'll have to enter on the phone to verify.

Monitor Text Messages through iCloud

You can utilize iCloud to Monitor Text Messages through iCloud to get instant messages from your kid's iPhone. It implies that you'll need to know your kid's iPhone ID and secret word. You would approach the gadget to permit messages to adjust to iCloud.

This technique will likewise give you admittance to different things like Photos, Apps, and that's just the beginning. It is the way to do this.

icloud messages

Step 1. On your kid's iPhone, send off the Settings application.

Step 2. Go to the name Profile and select iCloud.

Step 3. Slide the switch close to Messages under Apps utilizing iCloud.


The iPhone will invest in some opportunity to adjust the messages to iCloud. Once finished, you can sign in utilizing a similar Apple ID and secret key on another iPhone or Mac and approach standard information.

Once more, ensure that you come to your youngster's iPhone when you sign in on another iPhone. Apple will send a warning, and you wouldn't need your child to see that except if you're open about checking their messages.

FAQs about Monitor Child's Text Messages


Will parents read iMessages?

You can arrange the checking gadget to accept your kid's iMessages utilizing their Apple ID and secret key. You would then set the Text to be able to Message Forwarding component to have their SMS instant messages shipped off the checking gadget.


Can I monitor my child's iPhone from my iPhone?

Yes, you can monitor your kid's iPhones and check everything. MoniMaster will allow you to do it. Through it, you can access your kid's iPhones. With Family Sharing, you can remotely screen your youngsters' Screen Time and force cutoff points to hold them back from spending too much time on their iPhones.How might I screen my kid's iMessage?


How can I monitor my child's iMessage?

Open the Messages application and enter your kid's iCloud accreditations. Under the Messages Settings, go to Accounts and ensure the "You can be gone after messages at" is set to your youngster's telephone number. Keeps this record running behind the scenes, and it will gather messages from your kid's gadget.


What can Parental Controls see?

Parental controls are elements or programming that permit you to screen and limit what an individual does on the web—a wide assortment of projects doe's square and channel sites and content. MoniMaster is the best choice for best monitoring.


Can parents check their Wi-Fi history?

Yes, all routers maintain signs in control to store your Wi-Fi history, and Wi-Fi suppliers can check these logs and see your Wi-Fi perusing history. Wi-Fi administrators can see all your perusing accounts and even utilize a parcel sniffer to capture your private information.


Regarding checking your youngster's versatile and online exercises, there are some applications you can utilize. These applications are not difficult to use and can send cautions at whatever point suspicious messages are sent or gotten. Especially MoniMaster, which is a great tool to monitor child's text messages without them knowing. Try it now!

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