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Are you facing issues while installing spyware via text message on iPhone or Android phone?

If yes, then this guide is for you to install spyware via text message free. Spy software can help us monitor and track the user's activities. This can include things like their text messages, call history, app usage, and even their location. Here, we will introduce the best text message spy app for you.

Is it Possible to Install Spyware Via Text Message Free?

Yes, it is possible to install spyware via text message free for Android & iOS. You can use MoniMaster Pro applications that will help you to spy on text messages free. This app will enable you to install spyware on the target phone remotely. You can also use this remote install spy app to spy on calls, track girlfriend phone location, and view other cell phone activity.

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install spyware via text message free

Install Spyware Via Text Message Free (For iOS):

We may observe the target - install spyware remotely iPhone, which may be delivered as a link via SMS. When the user clicks on the link in the email, spyware is installed automatically and the sender can observe the target's behavior and collect information at any time and from anywhere.

This approach works nicely on iOS devices. It may now be tracked without having the device in your hands. With the password and Apple ID, you must be logged into your device. You can also spy on iPhone without Apple ID and password . The tracking software now works with iCloud. The method to spy on a phone without touching it is described below.

How to send spyware via text:

  • Log in to the website of the spy software that you chose.

  • A personal account should be created, and the control panel should be customized.

  • After that, you must connect the device to your account using the device password and Apple ID.

  • Then start the process of tracking the device.

install spyware ios

Install Spyware Via Text Message Free (For Android Phone):

In an Android mobile, installation of the spyware is more difficult. Even if it works with different cloud storage, it won't activate any monitoring software.

However, there is a method to put the text message spy app on Android devices as well. To start monitoring your Android devices without touching them.

How to send spyware via text:

  • Use the spyware to send a link as an SMS message and have it appear to be a marketing link.

  • Once the user clicks a link, the spyware is downloaded in the background or simply takes control of your phone by feigning interest in its features.

  • Send the spyware via text message free and install it.

  • All of the information from the target's phone can be viewed. The SMS may be read, and contact information and stored data including media.

  • If the target receives a call, you will be alerted and have the option to listen in on it. After installation, you will receive a copy of SMS whenever it is sent.

Limitations of install spyware via text message:

Installing spyware via text message often requires user interaction, such as clicking on a malicious link. As users become more aware of cybersecurity threats, they are less likely to engage with suspicious messages, reducing the success rate of spyware installation.

MoniMaster Pro - the Best Text Message Spy App

If installing spyware via SMS doesn't work, you can try MoniMaster Pro, because it is the most advanced text message spy app for Android and iOS in the market, capable of monitoring your children's android smartphone and you don't need to install spyware remotely on the target iPhone.

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What MoniMaster Pro Can Do Remotely?

Call Monitoring: MoniMaster may allow users to track incoming and outgoing calls, providing details such as call duration, timestamps, and contact information.

Spy Text Message: The application could potentially enable users to see wifes text messages, monitor SMS and instant messaging apps, viewing conversations and media exchanged.

GPS Location Tracking: MoniMaster may offer real-time location tracking, allowing users to know the exact whereabouts of the target device.


App Usage Monitoring: Users might be able to monitor the usage of various applications on the target device, including social media and productivity apps.

Browser History: MoniMaster could provide insights into the browsing history of the target device, allowing users to see websites visited.

Remote Camera Access: Some advanced features may include the ability to remotely access the phone's camera, capturing images or videos discreetly.

How to Track Text Messages on Android and iPhone By MoniMaster Pro?

This spyware installation is easy, just 3 steps here!

Step 1. Create a Valid Account

Sign Up to install MoniMaster application on your Android smartphone. If you are the iOS users, just install the app in the computer.

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Step 2. Install the App

Go to the products page, select the plan you have purchased and tap on the setup guide option. Now login and follow the instructions and enter the desired information to get access of the targeted phones.

product set up guide

Step 3. Start Monitoring Text Messages on the Dashboard

Now, go to the dashboard online and you can spy on other phones texts and see the messages secretly without being knowing anyone else.

monimaster android demo

What are the reasons for choosing MoniMaster Pro?

When it comes to choosing a parental monitoring app for your children's Android smartphone, MoniMaster is always the top pick. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. MoniMaster is the most advanced spyware on Android and iPhone in the market, capable of monitoring your children's android smartphone to better guide their online activities.

2. It is equipped with powerful features that allow you to track your children's phone usage, monitor their online activities.

3. Highly user-friendly, making it easy for even the most tech-savvy parents to use.

4. MoniMaster has a wide range of satisfied users, many of whom are parents just like you.

So if you're looking for the best parental monitoring app for your children's Android and iPhone, MoniMaster is the clear choice. Try it

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Other Applications to Install Spyware via Text Message :


FlexiSPY SMS is spy on text messages app that allows you to see all of the sent and received texts from any Android device. It also lets you view deleted messages, so you can see what's been said even if it's been erased.

flexispy logo


  • FlexiSpy has the capability to intercept live phone calls, providing users with insights into ongoing conversations.

  • Users benefit from real-time location tracking, allowing them to view the target device's current location on a map-like interface.


  • It can't be hidden.

  • It requires physical access.

Price :

FlexiSPY costs low as $29.95 per month. There is no need to pay for any other features, as all of them are included in this price.


Spyzie is an application that can be used to monitor text messages on iPhone. It can be used to track the location of a phone, as well as to view the content of text messages. Spyzie is a remote install spyware, and the cost of the service depends on the features that are included in the package.



  • iPhone users can use Spyzie without installing software on the target cell phone.

  • Spyzie is noted for its comparatively lower pricing, making it an attractive option for users seeking cost-effective monitoring solutions


  • Android users have to obtain physical access to the device.

Price :

The basic package starts from$39.99 per month.


The OgyMogy monitoring software is fully packed with voice, data, and location features that enable the application user to remote phone access. The app comes with a wide range of useful features such as call recording, text message spying, GPS tracking, and much more. Moreover, it is compatible with Android, Windows and IOS devices.

ogymogy install spyware via text message


  • The OgyMogy text message spy free is packed with a variety of features that allow users to remotely monitor target devices.

  • The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

  • The app comes with a wide range of useful features, such as record phone calls, text message spying, and GPS tracking.


  • Some users may feel that the app is too invasive and intrusive.

  • The app requires a monthly subscription fee in order to use all of its features.

  • Some users have reported experiencing technical issues with the app.

Price :

The OgyMogy monitoring software is available for a monthly subscription fee of $15 per Month.

FAQs about Install Spyware Via Text Message Free


Can you spy on someones text messages without installing software?

There is no surefire way to spy on someone's text messages without installing software. Without having access or installing the software, you can't do any such actions.


Can I see someones text messages without their phone?

No, you cannot. If you want to read someone's text messages, you will need to install an spy app on their phone. Without having access or installing the software, you can't do any such actions.


Can you clone someone's text messages?

Yes, of course. When you install the spy app, you can clone everything on other's phone, including text messages.


How can I see who my husband is texting?

You can use MoniMaster Android Marketing to spy on your husband's text messages and see who he is texting. MoniMaster Android Marketing is professional spy software that can be used to track and monitor all activities on an Android phone.


What is the best free spy app for iPhone?

MoniMaster is one of the best free spy apps for iPhone that can be used to monitor someone's online activity. It can track all the activities of the target device including calls, texts, email, browsing history, social media activity, and much more.


We have concluded from the above context that MoniMaster Pro is best among all the other Android marketing tools due to its advanced features and compatibility. MoniMaster is compatible with almost all the Android devices and can be used to monitor and track your child's or employee's phone usage.

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