Top 8 Keylogger for Android In 2019 - (No Root, Hidden)

By Gary J. Fowler | Jul 23, 2019 11:18 am

The Keylogger for Android is a software installed or attached to a computer or a smartphone which will record all the keystrokes made on that device. All we are typing in an android device is stored within it and can be checked later. Keylogger helps us to do this with ease. They are widely used in Information Technology Industries.

There might be instances in life where you need to leave your phone in the office or with your children and you are insecure if they might check on it. This is when Keylogger is the rescue for all your tensions. We are here to give you a clear definition about the top 8 keyloggers for android in 2019 which are ranking the charts.

Part 1: Let's Have An Idea of Android Keylogger First

An android keylogger allows you to log in to any information that has been pressed by typing all the keys on that android device. Depending on the type of key login methods, there are various types of keyloggers. Keylogging involves record keystrokes android and tracking every stroke made on a keyboard of that device without the consent of the user.

But if keyloggers fall into the wrong hands of the frauds like hackers, there is a high chance of access to sensitive information like credit card number, ATM pin, username and password of any social media and email accounts. Mainly in the real-world, keyloggers are used in large companies by the employers to monitor the activities of the employees. Parents can also use keyloggers to track the activities of their children without their knowledge. It can even be used on apps like WhatsApp, Snap Chat and Facebook.

Part 2: The Overview of Top 8 Keyloggers for Android

Nowadays, android keyloggers have many more abilities than eavesdropping or spying on someone. They have other functions such as GPS tracking also. Based on the features, easy installation facilities, great functions, invisibility, and simple and easy to download and understand report, we have selected the top 8 keyloggers for you.

Name Features Easy Installation User-Friendly Undetectable Root is Necessary? Presence of Online Demo
MoniMaster Keylogging sent and received messages including recipients name, numbers and timestamps; detection of deleted messages;display of five frequently contacts;detect attached files like photos and videos;GPS tracking, Wi-Fi Keylogger, or even monitoring of social media accounts Easy and quick to install regardless of any device including iOS Any person from different age group can use this keylogger Completely invisible No yes
HoverWatch Keylogging, call logging, GPS tracking yes yes yes yes yes
ikeymonitor Keylogging call logging Easy to install with less configuration yes yes No Yes
mSpy Social Media monitoring call and messages logging, GPS tracker yes yes yes no yes
Spyzie Keylogging, App blocking, restricting the use of a device, GPS tracking, messages, and call logging yes yes yes no yes
Appmia Keylogging, social media monitoring, hijacking of phone yes yes yes no yes
Copy9 Keylogging, GPS tracking, Internet activities monitoring, detecting contact history yes yes yes no yes
Mobile Spy Keylogging, call and messages, monitoring GPS tracker, social media monitoring yes yes yes no yes

Part 3: MoniMaster Keylogger for Android - Editor's Choice

Of late, parenthood is becoming more and more difficult with the increased use of the internet on mobile phones or computers. It is always necessary to restrict or at least monitor for what your child is using the device. MoniMaster helps all the parents out there to monitor their kid's Android phone, iPhone or iPad, and keep them safe online from hacking. There are numerous features of Monimaster to use from, other than keylogger for android. They are:

  • Tracks all the text messages sent and received from the targeted device along with the name, number and time stands of the recipients.

  • Detects 20 types of data

  • Detects and display all the contact lists with detailed information such as phone number, email address and other information.

  • Monitors all the calls made from the device.

  • Display all the browser history, even the deleted ones.

  • All the deleted messages are visible

  • Monitors the location of your child by knowing where they have logged onto Wi-Fi

  • GPS tracking can be enabled

  • Detects all the photos and videos sent, and screen shots taken on the targeted device.

  • Tracks and Monitors different social media accounts like Whatsapp, WeChat, LINE, Kik, Viber, and QQ.

Monimaster is very easy to install and use for every age group of users. You can install it in any type of device to record keystrokes android by the following steps:

Step 1: Register an account in the website of Monimaster

Step 2: Download and install it on the targeted device

download monimaster

Step 3: Now, sign in with the account on the target device and finish the necessary settings by following the on-screen instructions.

sign in with the account and finish the settings

Step 4: Start accessing and tracking all the data from the device.

monimaster keylogger feature

If you have the need in monitoring iPhone device, you can download the setup below.

Download Now For Windows 10/8/7Download NowFor Mac OS X 10.7 or later

It has 24*5 customer service via email, user friendly features, easy to install facility, undetectable and invisible monitoring of any device irrespective of their operating system, no hack security, unlimited access to monitor different apps, no root application, respecting privacy policy, free trial version for a limited time are some of the excellent qualities which have made MoniMaster an all-time favorite among its users. They also offer a full money-back guarantee after 30 days from the date of purchase if the app is not working properly on the device.

The capability of MoniMaster has been sealed by the endorsement by reputed media outlets like alternativeTo, APPLEFANS,, DIGIATO, YAHOO and many more.

Part 4: Other 7 Keylogger for Android As Your Need

1. HoverWatch

It is a free keylogger for android with great features like monitoring text messages, displaying the to-do list of the targeted phone, tracking all the incoming and outgoing calls. It has a rooted solution.



2. iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor is a keylogger for iPhone users. Its features include phone, logs, image, video, SMS, and screenshots monitoring. It can work both as a rooted and un-rooted keylogger.



3. mSpy

mSpy record keystrokes android with features like geofencing, GPS tracking, displaying browsing history, monitoring social media accounts like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Viber.



4. Spyzie

Spyzie keylogger allows you to spy on video messages, displays the location and time of all the photos and screenshots taken on the targeted device, and can monitor all the call logs. It needs no rooting for android phones but requires rooting for all social media monitoring.



5. Appmia

Appmia is a keylogger with a remote update and upgrades, blocking app advantage, password logging, and GPS tracking facilities.



6. Copy9

Copy9 keylogger allows you to detect sim change notifications, text and call logs. Rooting is not required for this one.



7. Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy is a keylogger for android with features like keylogging and social media monitoring. It requires rooting with the targeted device.




According to a survey, 72% of the children worldwide use smartphones and 33% out of them are kids under 8 years of age. So, it is always necessary to limit access to the digital world without letting them know. At this point, recording keystrokes of Android is the most effective way to know what they are doing on their phones or on computers. Keylogger is the most trusted friend who can help you with monitoring all the data like texts, voice calls, call logs, videos, audios, photos, social media tracking and many more. According to the review of the people who are using keyloggers, MoniMaster is the most useful, simple and faithful one. Also, know what your baby is doing or to whom they are speaking to without any doubt or tension.

Note: The tools introduced in this post shall be used only with the aim of parental control. Please read the End User License Agreement (EULA) carefully before downloading or installing the software. MoniMaster takes no responsibility for any illegal use of this tool.