6 Ways to Track Call Details of A Phone Number


By Jeremy Barnett | Feb 29, 2024 10:02 pm


Is it Possible to Get the Call History of Any Number?

Getting the call history of any mobile number is certainly conceivable. There are different techniques accessible for that reason, like utilizing the authority administration given by your transporter.

If you need to follow another person's call history of mobile number, you might have to use some outsider call tracker applications. Every one of the strategies will accompany its benefits and inconveniences.

Way 1. Get Call History of Mobile Number by MoniMaster Pro for Android

MoniMaster Pro for Android is the best app for android observing. The universe's most advanced parental control application for you to see everything on your children's phones to all the more likely to aid their internet-based activities.

Recognize Where They Are:

Track the real-time location of your children and view area history exhaustively. Set Geo-wall as protected zones and get alarms once your child enters or leaves those zones.

Make a Move Ahead of Time

Check all the photographs/recordings saved in the exhibition, and read all types of instant messages on your youngster's Android phone. Make moves ahead of time, assuming there are a few uncommon messages.

android monitoring

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Know Who They are Messaging

You can screen every one of your kid's web-based entertainment application exercises with the assistance of an Android phone observing programming. You are even able to check someone's call history for free.

Screen Social Apps

You can check all applications of your kids through MoniMaster. Aside from observing shared photographs, emoticons, and stickers of your family members.

Catch Screenshots

Screen children's gadgets continuously by following their screen records. It is accessible with the help of MoniMaster.

Track App Usage

MoniMaster enables you to track and monitor your child's phone app usage, providing valuable insights into the applications they frequently use, helping you ensure their online safety and manage their digital activities effectively.

How to Get Phone Call Details by MoniMaster Pro for Android?

Utilizing this Android phone tracker needs no earlier technical or PC information. You can follow the essential strides to screen your child's Android phone.

Step 1. Join and Purchase

Utilize your email address to make a legitimate record and purchase the arrangement you want. Add your actual data and submit the information for further steps.

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Step 2. Download and Install

Complete the arrangement methodology, introduce the application, and sign into the record. After this, you will lead to the monitoring page.

complete setup ios

Step 3. Begin Monitoring

Go to the dashboard to begin checking the activities of your children. You can check and take action on your family members' phones.

call logs on monimaster

Benefits of Choosing MoniMaster Pro for Android:

There are various ways of monitoring the children. You can check their inbox and all chat history with the help of MoniMaster. MoniMaster is very useful and has many benefits. Some of them are as follows:

  • You can see the deletes notes as well. For example, find deleted conversation on Facebook. The most valuable benefit of the MoniMaster is to see the last messages of anyone.

  • You can watch out for the subtleties of the send and got messages, including beneficiary names, numbers, and time stamps. All this is possible with the help of MoniMaster.

  • Remotely track the target's messages with 100 percent mystery. MoniMaster gives you the best results.

Way 2. Get Call Details of Any Mobile Number by USSD Codes

To avoid this multitude of calls and standard consideration numbers, you can utilize the authority USSD codes of Idea to know the last three thought-approaching call subtleties.

get call details of any mobile number by ussd codes


  • It permits you to open or lock many of the telephone's highlights that you probably won't realize were there. Access is performed through the dial cushion.

  • You can get access to the hidden sections of the phone.

  • You can check all the messages through this method.

How to do:

  • Dial this code *199#

  • Sit tight for a few moments for a popup to show up

  • You will see a window showing you every one of the subtleties like Main equilibrium, legitimacy, and so on

  • ussd codes

  • Alongside this data, you will be approached to pick one choice

  • Then, in the following window, select 6

  • After this, you will be shown another popup

  • Select 3 (Quick assistance)

  • You will get an SMS with Quick Help alternate route codes as in the picture beneath.

  • Dial that code(*199*2#)

  • Select choice 3(Last three calls and SMS subtleties)

  • You can now see the last call subtleties in the thought


It is very difficult to use and takes too much time.

Way 3. Use Email to Get Call Details

There are many ways to get call details and email to get this one.


  • We can all details through email address. Indeed, companions, you can undoubtedly get a thought call history of your thought number utilizing this framework.

  • No need for any extra things for getting the call details.

  • Your call details will be safe, and there are fewer chances to leak.

How to do it:

  • You should send them an email from your enlisted email.

send email

  • Notice the mobile Number in the title. Compose your questions

  • notice the mobile number

  • Appropriately make sense of for them why you want the approaching call subtleties of the thought SIM.


It takes too much time and is hard to get the best results.

Way 4. Get Call History of Any Number with Vi Chabot

Indeed, companions, you can get call history of any number utilizing its Vi Chabot framework without much of a stretch.


  • You can see all details and access to recordings

  • You can see the contact's name and call date with time. Also, call duration is included.

  • You can see all personal things which are stored in files.

How to do it:

  • Open Vi Chabot application

  • vi chabot

  • Tap the Menu at the base right of the screen

  • Click on the Help and Support

  • Look down to visit with VIC.

  • calls on vic

  • Pick Prepaid assuming you are a prepaid client.

  • Then, at that point, pick Balance.

  • Presently pick Balance Deduction History.

  • After this, you will get the total thought call subtleties of your keep going allowance on calls and messages alongside the number you have reached.


It is very difficult to proceed and costly.

Way 5. Use VI Vodafone Idea Number to Get Call Details

I might want to clarify that Vodafone and Idea have been blended, and the two of them are said VI, which implies Vodafone Idea. Thus, you will get the call detail of Vodafone or thought Number through only one cycle for both SIMs.


  • You want the VI application, Message, and email for getting call detail of any VI Number.

  • You should refresh the email id on your VI number through the VI application for getting the call detail PDF, and

  • You need to demand call detail through SMS.

How to do it:

  • Open the VI application and log in with your VI Number, of which you need to get your call history.

  • use vi vodafone idea number to get call details

  • Snap to the My record

  • Demand for call detail in Message:-

  • Open the Message and send EBILL. For instance, if you need to get the Call detail for September month of your VI Number, you need to type - EBILL SEP and send it to 12345.

  • Get Call detail PDF in an email:-

  • Open the Gmail, and afterward, you will receive one Message soon after mentioning it.

  • Open the PDF, which will be shipped to you by the VI.

  • You should enter the secret word as you open the call history PDF. Thus, the secret phrase will be the first two letters of your name in a bit of a letter and the last four digits of your portable Number.

  • You can get any versatile number call subtleties online from Vodafone through Number by following the above interaction. Incidentally, the process is digital long when contrasted with the methodology of getting call detail from another SIM card administrator.


Very hard to get the required results and very costly.

Way 6. IInstall JIO Application to Get Call Details of Number

The simplest way to get the JIO calls the history of any JIO Number when contrasted with the other administrator. You get the call history of the JIO Number immediately.


  • You can get the call history articulation by checking the call subtleties of any number from the web-based JIO site and my JIO application.

  • Thus, we will know how to get call records of approaching and active bring in JIO Number through MY JIO Application.

  • Introduce my JIO application on your cell phone and log in utilizing the JIO number from which you need to get the call history.

How to do it:

  • Tap to the three menu bars on the upper left side.

  • Snap to the MY utilization choice.

  • install jio app

  • Tap to the CALLS choice.

  • Snap to the - "Would you like to see a nitty-gritty utilization explanation?"

  • Select the date from which date to which date of call history of active and approaching call you need.

  • Underneath, select how you need to see the assertion - Email articulation, download proclamation, and view explanation in the would you like to?

  • If you select the email statement, you should enter the email afterward. The Call history will be shipped off your email.

  • If you choose a download statement, the proclamation will be downloaded on your portable. What's more, in view explanation, the assertion will open straightforwardly.


Not good results and very low performance.

FAQs about Phone Call Details

Question 1:

How long call history records we can get?

Nearly every telecom administrator gives call detail of up to the most recent half-year. Thus, you can get the call subtleties of any SIM card network throughout the previous half-year. You can get all details of the call during this period.

Question 2:

Will incoming and outgoing call numbers be mentioned in call details?

In the call history, it is not referenced to outgo calls. In any case, In JIO calls history, all approaching and active call subtleties are referenced with contact number, Date, and Time. You will receive all the required information. It will give you essential information about the number.

Question 3:

How to get Call Detail of Any Number without OTP?

The call subtleties Call to 199 and 198. The primary strategy is to contact the thought or VI client care chief to acquire the call subtleties. You can either utilize 199 or use numbers from this rundown to reach them. It is a simple process to process.


Gaining access to a call is extremely simple, and we have examined some unique techniques on the best way to get the call history of a number. The network supplier strategy is simple and successful. Yet, your main hurdle is getting the ID and secret key for that record, which is the more significant part of the time.

Along these lines, you ought to utilize the services of MoniMaster . Setting up is simple, and you will not need to get any IDs or passwords.

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