How to Hack Viber Messages on iPhone Free?


By Gloria Robertson | Nov 21, 2022 05:31 pm

Like other messaging applications, Viber is one of the most commonly used applications. The application is still used by millions of users and they send a message on Viber. Also, most people are looking for different tips and tricks to hack Viber messages on iPhones. So, we have decided to share some valuable ways to share with you, how to track Viber messages?

How to Hack Viber Messages on iPhone for Free?

Viber is a secure application. People send message on viber. And it is not possible to hack its communication protocol easily. However, there are some approaches through which we can hack Viber messages on iPhones. In this article, we are sharing three different ways to hack Viber messages on iPhone.

Way 1: Track Viber by QR Code

The first method that we are going to share with you to hack Viber messages on iPhone is to track Viber by QR code. Just like web WhatsApp, Viber also offers the facility to send and receive messages on your computer or Laptop. So you can use this method in another sense to hack and track Viber messages on the target iPhone device. This method includes the following steps.

track viber by qr code


Step 1. The first step involves in this method is to download the Viber application for your desktop. Once you download the Viber application you can follow the steps to hack the messages on the target device.

Step 2. Now the second step is to open the Viber application and tap the QR code. It will navigate you to the scanner to scan the QR code on the computer.

Step 3. Now scan this QR code. And now you have full access to the Viber messages.

Level of difficulty:

This is one of the easy ways to hack Viber on the target iPhone device. This method does not involve any coding or long-lasting algorithms. All you need is to get one-time access to the target Phone.


Time required: If you have access to the target device and downloaded the Viber application on your desktop. You can hack Viber on the target phone within seconds.


  • Easy to hack.

  • No coding involves.


  • Physical Access needed to the target phone for the First Time.

Way 2: Viber Spy-Hack Viber Messages via MoniMaster Pro

Another method to hack Viber messages on the target iPhone device is to use a third-party monitoring Application. Different iOS Monitoring Applications are available on the internet. However, it is still a tough job to use a trustworthy application. So here we are sharing some valuable iOS monitoring apps. We are talking about MoniMaster Pro.


Level of difficulty:

No difficulty involves in this method. All you need is to install the iOS monitoring application and you are all done.


Time required: You can hack Viber on the target phone within seconds. All you need is to install the MoniMaster tracking app on the target device and set up the setting.

How to Hack Viber Messages on MoniMaster Pro?

Hacking Viber messages using MoniMaster Pro can be done in a simple way. As it is one of the best tracking applications. The app is used by thousands of users. And is ranked as one of the best Parental control applications. All you need is to follow the steps mentioned below.


Step 1. Craete an Account on MoniMaster

First, Sign Up with a MoniMaster account using your email and other credentials and purchase a plan. Buy a permit to get to all elements of this iOS monitoring application. After putting the correct information, it will be directed to the My Products page for an additional cycle.

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Step 2. Setup Guide

Now visit the My Products page; you will see the arrangement you have bought and click on the Arrangement Guide button. Add valid data on the page and complete the setup for monitoring.

complete setup ios

Step 3. Verify the Set-Up and complete the configuration

After finishing the arrangement and installation on the objective PC, don't neglect to tap on the Check Setup button at the lower part of the page. You are all set to track Viber messages as well as other social media monitoring.

hack whatsapp without verification using Monitoring

Notable Features of MoniMaster Pro

iOS MoniMaster application work perfectly on all type of iOS devices. Some Notable features of Monimaster iOS Monitoring are listed below.

It gives you access to the real-time location of the target android as well as the iOS device.

Using Monimaster you can track all types of call logs as well as text messages received on the target device.

Besides Viber, it gives you access to all other social media applications like WhatsApp, etc.

It gives you access to the browsing history of the target device.

Using Monimaster for android monitoring gives you access to the media file stored in the target device.

Why We Recommend It:

Most people ask, why we recommend Monimaster iOS Monitoring. Let me share the real experience with you.

  • MoniMaster is the best parental control application among all other apps.

  • It is available for both Android and iOS operating systems.

  • The installation and tracking process is easy and simple.

  • The Price plans are much more affordable and less expensive as compared to other parental control applications.

  • The tracking process is secure and the target user is unable to know that he/she has been tracked using MoniMaster.

Way 3: Back up Viber messages

If you are using Viber, and you have lost the Viber chat history due to some reason like. Clearing History, deleting chat, restoring Phone, or uninstalling of Viber app. We are here to help you to back up your Viber messages. It is worth mentioning that you can back up Viber messages for both android and iOS.

hack viber

Level of difficulty:

The backup process is simple and easy. All you need is to follow the steps mentioned below.


Time required: The backup Viber messages do not take time more than two minutes.


Step 1. If you have an android device you can backup your Viber chat to google drive.

Step 2. You can do it simply by tapping Viber > Settings > Viber Backup > Backup.

Step 3. Now in case, your Viber messages are deleted in any way, you can restore them by installing again the Viber App And going to its Settings > Viber Backup, and tapping on the Restore option.

Step 4. Similarly, in the case of an iOS device, you can follow the same steps for iCloud to backup your messages and then restore them in case of deletion.


  • The backup stored on Google Drive or iCloud remains forever, and never delete until you do it.

  • It helps you to recover the Viber chat history everywhere and at any time.


  • It is mandatory to create a Viber chat backup.

  • If you delete it by mistake, there is no way to recover the backup.

FAQs about Hcking Viber

Is it possible to hack another person's Viber account without their device?

To hack someone's Viber account it is mandatory to have access to the target phone or device. As all hacking methods mentioned above say, that you will need one-time access to the target device. Either to scan the QR Code or Install the tracking application.

How can I know my Viber account has been hacked?

If you know of any sign of sent or received messages receipt, there is the possibility that your Viber account has been hacked. like if someone accesses your account from a desktop you will receive a notification that web Viber is active.

How can I see what devices are connected to my Viber account?

A single Viber account can be accessed on a phone as well as on a desktop or laptop. To check how many devices are connected to your Viber account. Open Viber on your Phone.

  • Tap on More (Android) (iOS).

  • Go to Setting

  • Tap on Account.

  • Now you will see all devices on which your Viber account is active.

How do I hack a Viber account on an iPhone?

A Viber account can be hacked in two ways on iPhone. The first method is to use QR code Scanning. And the second method is to install a tracking application like Monimaster on the target iOS device. Both methods are discussed above in detail.


Just like other Social Media applications you can also track and hack Viber on any android and iOS device. Both methods are discussed in detail. However, the best way to hack Viber messages is to use third-party tracking applications like MoniMaster Pro. The efficiency of this tracking app is hundred percent. And there is no way to detect it.

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