[5 Ways] How to Spy Someone's WhatsApp on iPhone?


By Kara Herrera | Nov 21, 2022 05:31 pm

Spying is not an easy task, especially like the topic of spying someone’s WhatsApp on the iPhone. It seems like an impossible task in today’s technical digital world. Actually, there are some technical and risky ways you can apply tospy on whatsapp messages without target phone. But these ways are usually complex and very easy to expose yourself.

However, with the great advances in technology, there already has some apps for iPhone WhatsApp spying with relative easy operation. Whichever way you go, this article will cover your needs.

spy iphone whatsapp

The Best Safe and Secret Way to Spy iPhone WhatsApp

About how to spy on whatsapp iphone without jailbreak, we have established that the best way for WhatsApp spy iPhone is via a professional spy app, but the question remains, which app?

First of all, these claims from all the apps are not true mostly. But we were looking for a budget-friendly, safe and effective option and the one don’t need to jailbreak the taget iPhone. The qualities we found in MoniMaster Pro.

Advantages to Use MoniMaster Pro

Well, there are a lot of merits to use this app. These cover both the features and the performances.

  • It can spy on all the call history from iPhone WhatsApp, even the deleted ones.

  • Also monitor the exchanged media files, emojis and more.

  • You don’t need to jailbreak the device to ensure secret spying.

  • It works through a computer based app to ensure 100% stable data monitoring.

  • The whole installation can be finished with 5 minutes.

  • Other more than 20 features for iOS monitoring are included.

spy iphone whatsapp

Why You Need This App

  • Just because the difficulty to spy iPhone, the ways like jailbreak the target device is not a reasonable way.

  • We can only find an app like MoniMaster Pro to track iPhone WhatsApp effectively but not being detected.

  • It can be used to spying WhatsApp on iPhone for many reasons, like parental monitoring, for spousal reason or a company reason.

Easy User-Guide for MoniMaster Pro

As we have said previously, the operation is simple. Any of Apple’s security protocols aren’t broken, but this app spy on the device accurately. Let’s check out the user-guide below.

Step 1. Create a valid account and get a licensed plan.

Then, sign up with a working email ID and purchase a suitable plan.

Sign UpBuy Now

Step 2. Follow the setup guide and install an app on the computer which frequently used by target user.

install Monitoring for ios

Step 3. After the configuration is successful, you will be able to choose a backup file to see WhatsApp data gathered from the target iPhone.

spy iphone whatsapp

These are the easiest steps to get WhatsApp data on any iPhone. The whole process can be finished within 5 minutes.

Other Common 4 Ways to Spy WhatsApp on iPhone - Risky Or Complex

There are 4 available ways to spy WhatsApp iPhone. Some of these methods are simple, while others are more technical and risky. You can choose according to your needs, of course, if you want to find a simple, safe and effective method, you can go to the third part.

1. Crack the iPhone Security

You have to find out the details to crack the security of the device and access the data directly.

This type of work is nearly impossible for the common users, because they have no special technology basis. And, it’s impossible for us to break the iPhone security. Ina word, this is a highly risky solution to spy on iPhone WhatsApp.

2. Using WhatsApp Web

We know that WhatsApp has the app on mobile phone and also the web platform. If you want to spy someone’s iPhone WhatsApp, you can login to the WhatsApp web and sync the data from target iPhone. Note that this way need you know the WhatsApp account and the password of target user, and the deleted data can not be viewed.

spy iphone whatsapp through web

3. Physically Accessing the Target iPhone Every Time to Get WhatsApp Messages

Well, you have to know the passcode of that person and have to stay by them whenever they receive a WhatsApp message.

This is a doable task if you have the passcode. But this is not an effective spying method. You can get caught at any time. If the user changes the passcode, you have to get it all over again—a big hassle.

4. Using Spying Applications

Using known spying apps to spy on a WhatsApp account running on an iPhone is an efficient method. You have to install the app on target iPhone, and jailbreak the device is the only way to spy WhatsApp. We all know jailbreak is to break the security of Apple, so you should really choose this method carefully.

Some Traps You Should Pay Attention To

By now, you should have an idea about how to apply a better way to spy WhatsApp on iPhone. On the internet, there are some traps that you should avoid on this topic. So, pay attention and let’s find then out.

  • Some may claim that you don't need to install any apps or jailbreak the iPhone to do this.

  • Some online websites claim only input the target iPhone’s number then you can get the all WhatsApp data.

The scam to dupe people are changing every day, just don’t trust something without reading it in detail completely.


So, is it possible to spy on WhatsApp on an iPhone? Well, yes. There are several ways, but the effective one is using a professional spy app. Well, we have found the best, and it is called MoniMaster Pro.

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