The Best Free Way on How to Track Browsing History Secretly

By Gary J. Fowler | May 29, 2020 08:31 pm

In the current digital life style, you may be carried away by the internet due to its contents. Some internet content is educative, informative and thus helpful. Unfortunately, other internet contents such as pornography, violent videos and cyber bullying have potential risks. So, you may be among the people that want find out what others are viewing on the internet. You could be a parent looking for your children or a lover that feels neglected since your partner is always online. With a reliable website history tracker, you can learn how to track browsing history secretly.  

Part 1: The Importance to Track Browsing History Secretly

Tracking someone's browsing history may feel like invasion of privacy. It may make you feel like a spy who has a lot of insecurities. However, it is still important because it keeps you informed. If the internet content being viewed is not harmful, you will have peace of mind. On the other hand, if the internet history tracking app shows that your partner or child is viewing inappropriate content, then you have the right to know why.

Therefore, tracking browsing history secretly helps parents monitor the type of information their children access online, since their development depends on what they learn. It also helps couples understand their relationships better. If your lover often stalks other people, it could mean that they are not serious about you. Employers can use an internet history tracking app to determine the overall productivity of their employees. If workers spend too much time on irrelevant sites, they are likely to be less productive.    

Part 2: How to Track Someone's Browsing History on Android Phone

Does your child, spouse or employee use an Android phone? You can still track the browsing history even if you do not know how to track browsing history secretly. The best website history tracker is MoniMaster, which enables you to view someone's search history in Android phone.

You can use the following steps to track browsing history on Android phone using MoniMaster.

Step 1: Make a MoniMaster Account

This involves creating a MoniMaster Account on its website.

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Step 2: Install MoniMaster Assistant and Then Login with The Licensed Email

For you to install MoniMaster Assistant as your internet history tracker app, you have to firstly complete the setup by following the on-screen steps. 

downloa and install kidsguard pro

Step 3: Start Monitoring

Using the account you created previously, login on the target phone and begin monitoring the browsing history.  

tracking browsing history secretly

Part 3: The Advantages of using Professional Browsing History Tracker

Using a professional browsing history tracker is advantageous since an internet history tracking app like MoniMaster is created solely for that purpose. It does not only show the browsing history but also shows other detail about what that other person is viewing.  

Advantages of using MoniMaster as your professional website history tracker include:

  • It tracks the detailed URL as well.

  • It shows the browsing frequency and the time.

  • It is capable of tracking the browsing history made under private mode.

  • It works perfectly with all Android brands and versions.  

  • It can export all the browser history of the target phone.

  • Using the location history, you can view the whereabouts of your spouse or child.

  • It enables you to supervise chats on messengers such as WeChat and WhatsApp.

  • Before buying MoniMaster as your internet history tracking app, you are provided with a demo to try all the features.

Part 4: MoniMaster - The Best Internet History Tracker

MoniMaster is definitely the best website history tracker because it has more features at your disposal. As you install it, it can do more than just track browsing history settings since it has other features. MoniMaster can also track call log, messages, key logger, Wi-Fi logger, app activities, location and deleted data.

Message Tracking Feature

This feature shows you the communication between the person you are spying on and others. It works by indicating the messenger app in use and what the texts are about, both sent and received. It also shows the photos or files attached.

The MoniMaster message tracking feature is advantageous because it informs you of the people communicating with your spouse or child. You can analyze whether they are friendly or good or bad influence. In the process, it may help in reducing anxiety.   

kidsguard pro message mointoring

Call Log History Tracking Feature

With this call log history tracking feature, you stay updated on who communicates with your child or spouse through calls. So, this gives more information on tracking when messenger apps are not in use.

This MoniMaster feature is advantageous because it also keeps you informed and may reduce anxiety when you are suspicious. You should note the frequency and time of the calls since they can tell the relationship between your child or spouse and the callers. For instance, your child is likely to talk more to a close friend than an ordinary classmate. Similarly, a faithful spouse is likely to receive business calls during the day and hardly at night, not unless the job demands otherwise. However, if there are any suspicious activities between a caller and your spouse, he or she may delete the call log.

monimaster call log tracking

Key Logger Tracking Feature

MoniMaster has an outstanding key logger feature, which enables you read the keystrokes of the target phone. Reading these keystrokes helps in knowing what your employee, child or spouse are searching or doing online.  Even the very account information of your child's.

monimaster keylogger

Wi-Fi Logger Tracking Feature

Using public and private Wi-Fi is common with many people. With the Wi-Fi logger tracking feature, you can trace the whereabouts of your targets (even without the help of GPS). You just have to track the Wi-Fi logging of their devices and know the places they have spent some time. You can also know how long the target spent in the place with accurate location.

App Activities Tracking Feature

The MoniMaster app activities tracking feature is helpful to parents since it checks the kids' app use. Therefore, if you would want your child to read more books and avoid social media, this feature informs you on app use frequency. Eventually, you will prevent social media addiction.

Location Tracking Feature

The GPS location tracker comes in handy when you have extrovert kids, who want to socialize most of the time. With this MoniMaster feature, you can know the exact location and address of your kids. The history can tell if visit dangerous or safe grounds.

monimaster location tracking

Deleted Data Tracking Feature

People delete data for various reasons and among them is when it is inappropriate. MoniMaster can let you view the deleted media files and data. So, if your child or spouse receives questionable files and deletes them, you will still have access.    

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