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By Jeremy Barnett | Mar 01, 2024 11:16 pm

Staying connected and protecting our loved ones has never been more essential, thus increasing demand for the best phone tracker app that works on Android phones.

From caring parents and employers, to those just keeping tabs on themselves or looking to protect their own device; our guide of top Android phone tracker apps serves as your reliable companion in staying safe online. Let’s explore this phone tracker for Android selection containing only reliable, user-friendly options!

top 12 andorid phone tracker app

Top 12 Android Phone Tracker Apps

1. MoniMaster Pro for Android

Rating: 4.9/5

MoniMaster Pro for Android sets the bar high when it comes to Android tracker apps, providing guardians and employers with a comprehensive suite of monitoring tools designed for protection and peace-of-mind monitoring experience. From text message monitoring and call log analysis to social media tracking and real-time GPS location tracking - MoniMaster delivers top-tier monitoring experience every step of the way!

What Can You do with MoniMaster Pro for Android

Track text messages and call histories with details such as contacts names, timestamps and the frequency of interactions.

Keep an eye on social media activity across socail media platforms and gain insights into digital behaviors, such as read Instagram message without being seen.

monimaster android

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Accurately track device location in real-time, providing reports about visited places and routes taken, while setting geofence alerts for specific regions.

Access multimedia files stored on device such as photos, videos and attachments in order to monitor them for inappropriate content and remove it if applicable.

Review browsing history in order to better comprehend online searches and website visits and promote a safer Internet environment.

Key Features of MoniMaster

Stealth mode allows an application to remain unnoticed on an android and iOS device while monitoring it continuously without alerting or notifying its user.

Its in-depth reporting features provide in-depth analyses of device use and app activities; compiling them into easily understandable reports for easy reading.

Remoting functions such as screen capture, application blocking and ambient recording help improve control over monitored devices.

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  • Extended monitoring capabilities that go far beyond simple GPS tracking.

  • Extreme accuracy in location tracking and geofencing alerts.

  • User-friendly interface that makes the monitoring process straightforward for nontech-savvy users.

  • Implement robust privacy protections to secure any information collected by monitoring devices.

  • Superior customer support available through live chat, email and telephone.


  • Subscription plans may seem expensive to some users who only require basic tracking functionalities.

2. Life360

Rating: 4.3/5

Life360 is a pioneer phone tracker Android app known for enhancing family safety and connectivity. By seamlessly combining location sharing, emergency alerts, driving safety features into one platform that ensures all family members remain protected together with each other.

life 360 app


  • Location Sharing enables family members to monitor each other on an actual map in real-time, giving everyone visibility as to where each member may be at any moment in time.

  • Place Geofencing alerts to inform family members when they arrive or depart designated areas.

  • Driving analysis provides reports on driving behavior such as speeding, phone usage and hard braking.


  • Created specifically with families in mind, providing extra safety and peace of mind.

  • Includes innovative features designed to promote driver safety - essential features for families with teenage drivers.


  • Longer use of GPS can result in substantial battery drain, thus decreasing its battery lifespan over time.

3. GPS Phone Tracker

Rating: 4.0/5

GPS Phone Tracker excels as an Android tracking app designed for sharing and tracking locations among friends and family members. For ease-of-use over complicated features, it excels in providing a quick way of sharing whereabouts through one simple link.

gps phone tracker


  • Instant location sharing provides users with a quick way of sharing their whereabouts through one simple link.

  • Location history provides a timeline of places visited and gives insight into movement patterns.

  • Adjustable privacy settings provide control of who can view your location.


  • Intended to be user-friendly for all age groups.

  • Ideal for basic location tracking requirements without unnecessary extra features or bells and whistles.


  • Does not offer advanced features found in more comprehensive tracking apps.

  • Accurate location updates require reliable GPS and internet services.

4. Google Find My Device

Rating: 4.5/5

Google Find My Device is an efficient mobile phone tracking Android tool developed by Google designed to assist individuals in recovering lost or stolen devices. Utilizing this application, individuals can locate their lost phone on a map.

google find my phone


  • Real-time device tracking on a map to quickly locate lost or stolen phones.

  • To help locate their device when nearby. They have the capability of playing sounds at full volume regardless of silence mode settings on their devices, in order to locate them quicker.

  • Remote device locking with customizable messages and contact numbers displayed on the lock screen.


  • Offering complete peace of mind without incurring additional costs, using this tool completely free is unbeatably valuable.

  • Integration between Google accounts makes setup and use simpler than ever.


  • Limited Tracking functionality beyond simply finding it.

  • Efficiency depends upon whether or not a device is turned on and connected to the internet.

5. Geo Tracker

Rating: 4.2/5

Geo Tracker is a phone tracker app Android with adventurers and travel enthusiasts in mind, offering accurate tracking services and providing in-depth statistics of your adventures - whether hiking, biking or traveling! From recording routes to tracking movements with high precision - offering comprehensive statistics about them!

geo tracker


  • GPS route tracking with detailed statistics regarding speed, altitude and distance covered.

  • Able to export and share routes in both GPX and KML formats.

  • Off-the-grid tracking enables tracking without an active internet connection.


  • Ideal for outdoor adventures, providing useful data that enhance your experiences.

  • Accuracy in tracking provides detailed insights into each journey.


  • Due to all its features and functionalities, some beginners may find the user interface too confusing.

  • Primarily targeting outdoor enthusiasts may restrict its appeal.

6. MobileSpy

Rating: 4.3/5

MobileSpy is an advanced phone tracker app for Android that offers comprehensive monitoring tools. MobileSpy's design makes it perfect for parents or employers wishing to keep an eye on the smartphone usage of children or employees - from location tracking, call logs and messages monitoring through social media activity monitoring and browsing history monitoring, MobileSpy covers it all!

mobile spy app


  • It features comprehensive monitoring of calls, texts and social media interactions for comprehensive surveillance of every interaction on mobile and social networks.

  • GPS location tracking and geofencing capabilities.

  • Stealth mode provides for inconspicuous operation on target devices.


  • Extensive monitoring features to cover nearly every aspect of device usage.

  • An easy-to-use dashboard designed to simplify monitoring processes.
  • tracking provides detailed insights into each journey.


  • Cache Link requires physical access to the target device for installation.

  • Subscription models may be too costly for certain users.

7. Google Family Link

Rating: 4.5/5

Family Link is a phone tracker for Android designed by Google to assist parents in managing the digital experiences of their children. Parents can set digital ground rules, manage apps, and track location - helping foster healthier digital habits while assuring online safety for young users.

google family link


  • App Management for Children on Google Play Store.

  • Allow or restrict apps that your children would like to install.

  • Setting screen time limits and bedtime schedules on devices to manage how long children spend using them is also helpful in controlling how often children access these devices.


  • Direct integration with Google services ensures reliability and user friendliness.

  • Provides comprehensive parental controls to manage children's digital activities.


  • Some features require both parents and child devices to connect to the internet in order for certain features to function effectively.

8. Spyic

Rating: 4.4/5

Spyic is a tracker app for Android with advanced monitoring features for parents and employers that provides discreet smartphone surveillance of digital and physical activities of wards or employees, such as social media monitoring, call and SMS tracking, location tracking, and more.



  • Inclusion of multiple platforms of monitoring.

  • Comprehensive call logs and text message tracking capabilities.

  • Real-time GPS location tracking with geofence alerts.


  • Operates in stealth mode to ensure users remain unaware of being monitored.

  • Provides an array of monitoring features for thorough oversight.


  • Premium features often carry with them an increased price tag.

9. Cocospy

Rating: 4.3/5

Cocospy stands out among tracking applications for Android by being non-intrusive yet effective monitoring software for parents and employers alike. Perfectly suitable to keep an eye on both loved ones and employees without breaking trust, its comprehensive suite of features allows parents and employers to monitor device use discreetly without invading privacy or trust.



  • For extensive social media monitoring of WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and other networks.

  • Call logs and SMS tracking provide visibility over communication processes.

  • Real-time GPS location tracking with geofence alerts to monitor movement is now possible!


  • Highly discrete operation that goes virtually undetectable on target devices.

  • Capabilities that offer comprehensive monitoring features across an extensive spectrum of data types.


  • Installation requires physical access to an Android device in order to complete.

  • Cost may be an important consideration for those on a tight budget.

10. FamiSafe

Rating: 4.4/5

FamiSafe from Wondershare is an Android phone tracking app tailored to modern families that combines location tracking with extensive parental control features, including app usage monitoring, web filtering, and screen time management.



  • Real-time tracking and location history monitoring to monitor whereabouts of children.

  • Advanced parental controls including app blocker, web filtering and screen time limits.

  • Geofencing allows users to set safe zones and receive alerts if those boundaries are breached.


  • Offering an impressive set of features designed to ensure children's digital and physical safety.

  • User-friendly interface that makes setup and monitoring straightforward.


  • To unlock all features fully, a premium subscription may be needed for access.

  • Used without prior consent by children may be considered intrusive.

11. mSpy

Rating: 4.3/5

As one of the leading Android phone tracking apps available today, mSpy stands out with its comprehensive monitoring and tracking features. Perfect for parents wanting to monitor and keep tabs on their children's smartphone use.



  • Comprehensive monitoring of social media platforms and messaging applications.

  • Accurate call log and SMS tracking capabilities.

  • Utilize GPS Tracking with Geofencing technology for monitoring and alerting for specific locations.


  • Offers parents peace of mind through its detailed overview of device use.

  • Operates in stealth mode to provide discreet monitoring capabilities.

  • Intuitive dashboard that streamlines monitoring processes and data access.


  • Requires physical access to the device during installation.

  • Subscription prices may be more costly for users needing comprehensive monitoring capabilities.

12. Glympse Family

Rating: 4.1/5

Glympse Family is an easy and secure phone tracker app for Android that facilitates location sharing among family and friends in real time, offering instantaneous location sharing capabilities without complex monitoring features. Perfect for keeping in contact while staying safe!

glympse family


  • Provides easy and quick location sharing without the need for signup or an account.

  • Temporary location sharing option that enables users to temporarily share their location for an established duration.

  • With privacy-first design, data can only be shared with people you trust.


  • Extremely user-friendly, offering quick setup and location sharing capabilities.

  • Perfect for temporary location sharing among friends and family.

  • Does not require an ongoing subscription, making it cost-effective for occasional use.


  • Doesn't offer advanced monitoring features found in more comprehensive tracking apps.

  • Relies on reliable Internet connectivity for precise location updates.


Our exploration of the top 12 Android phone tracker apps revealed an array of options tailored specifically to individual needs, from comprehensive monitoring solutions like MoniMaster Pro for Android to simple location sharing tools such as Glympse Family.

Each offers features designed to promote safety, security, and peace-of-mind online. MoniMaster stands out for its extensive features and reliability - which make it our number one recommendation among this group of applications.

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