2020 Top 4 Ways on How To Hack Someone's Snapchat Effectively

By Gary J. Fowler | Sep 11, 2020 08:50 pm

There may be a number of reasons for why you might want to hack someone's Snapchat. Some common reasons can be parental monitoring or couple tracking. Whatever the reason, it's important to choose the right and reliable hacking method.

Just because the uniqueness of Snapchat, it deletes all shared messages, photos and videos within a certain timeframe once they are read. This increases the difficulty to track the target's Snapchat contents without doubt. But don't worry, our only aim is to introduce a perfect solution for you to hack Snapchat account. So, this post will analyze the possibility and solutions to hack someone's Snapchat.

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Is It Really Possible to Hack Someone's Snapchat Account?

Yes, as it stands - there are a number of ways to hack someone's Snapchat account - 4 ways to be precise:

  1. Hire a pro hacker to do it

  2. Use an online hack website to break into the Snapchat account

  3. Create a phishing website in order to 'steal' the account login and password

  4. Use a safe and professional hacking tool that leaves no trace behind

Here's a quick breakdown to help you decide (at a glance) which method is right for you:

Method 1 - Use a safe and professional Snapchat hacking tool

Technology/technical difficulty: Easy - anyone can start using it

Cost: Monthly plan starts at just $29.95 (with all hacking features available)

Suitability: For anyone who isn't tech-savvy but easily wants to hack Snapchat accounts of close friends and family members without much effort.

Possibility of getting detected: Very low risk - practically undetectable.

Required time: About 3 minutes.

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Method 2 - Hire a pro hacker to do it

Technology/technical difficulty: Medium

Cost: May begin from $100 all the way up to $5,000 depending on what you want to access.

Suitability: For those who are willing to spend a good amount of cash to know everything they want about a Snapchat account.

Possibility of getting detected: Very high risk, can be detected.

Method 3 - Use an online hack website

Technology/technical difficulty: Easy

Cost: Many websites claim to be free but at the end of the day, may cost several hundred dollars.

Suitability: Only for those who know the Snapchat username of the target account.

Possibility of getting detected: High-risk - can be detected but not at the same level as hiring a pro hacker.

Method 4 - Create a phishing website

Technology/technical difficulty: Hard

Cost: Free if you possess the required technical knowledge, otherwise may cost tens to hundreds of dollars.

Suitability: For those who understand what website phishing is and want to hack Snapchat passwords of people they are familiar with.

Possibility of getting detected: Normal-high risk - can be potentially detected, but in many cases, can go undetected as well. If detected, can cost heavy fines and even jail time.

Way #1 (Most Recommended): The 100% Secret Way to Hack Someone's Snapchat in 3 Minutes

As we discussed above, hacking someone's Snapchat can be an easy thing if we use some third party hacking tools. Among the various apps, we've tested that KidsGuad Pro for Android is the best value for money. It's a well-known, professional phone monitoring app that can also be used to monitor everything shared on Snapchat.

There are many advantages to using this app when it comes to understanding how to hack a Snapchat account, which includes:

  • It can let you hack someone's Snapchat account without logging them out. The app icon disappears after installation and also renamed after launching. It remains 100% undetectable and the user will never know that his/her Snapchat contents are being tracked or viewed.

  • There is no need whatsoever to root the target device, making it the best choice for viewing a Snapchat account completely undetected.

  • It is a guaranteed, 100% safe way to hack someone's Snapchat without any private information leaking.

  • The app's operation does not require you to be familiar with any special technology or methods - simply follow the 3-step guide below to get started.

  • It automatically takes a screenshot when the target device and Snapchat account are active. And all the pictures get uploaded to the KidsGuad Pro for Android dashboard before they get deleted on Snapchat - no notification required.

  • Currently the most affordable solution to hack someone's Snapchat.

  • Has the ability to sync data in real time.

With so many wonderful features, here is the guide for you to start Snapchat hacking.

Step 1: Create a KidsGuad Pro for Android account

Click the Sign Up button below to create a valid account using a registered email address. Then purchase a license and you'll have access to all tracking features. Note: you can use the coupon code  (MMpost10) for discount.

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Step 2: Download the app assistant and login with your account.

Open the target device's browser and download the app (Go to visit It's better to get rid of the APK file once installation is complete, because that way the user won't know that their Snapchat is being monitored. After launching, the app's icon is now hidden from the home screen.

login to monimaster

Step 3: Hacking Snapchat successful and wait for data sync.

At this point, you have finished the process of Snapchat account hacking and all the data of target account has been synced to the online dashboard.

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Way #2: Hack Someone's Snapchat with the Help of Pro Hackers

Hiring a professional hacker to hack someone's Snapchat isn't all that difficult and if you manage to find someone who truly know their stuff, then you can potentially have access to a lot of the data on someone's Snapchat account.

However, this method carries a number of real risks as finding a genuine hacker who can actually back up their claims of being a pro is really difficult. There are many 'fake hackers' posing as 'real pros', claiming that they can help you to get the job done, but at the end of the day, they may very well con you out of a lot of money.

Way #3: Using Online Websites to Hack a Snapchat Account

This is another way to gain access to someone's Snapchat account. It's as simple as entering the Snapchat username and the online website does the rest for you.

Unfortunately, many of these online tools don't work as you'd expect and even in the rare instances that they do, there are far too many security risks involved. Furthermore, these so-called online services to hack someone's Snapchat account are highly overrated and make you click on ad after ad, to profit off your needs. They might even add your email address to their database and send you endless surveys.

Popular websites that (allegedly) allow you to hack someone's Snapchat account include:, and You can try these websites to do Snapchat hacking.

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Way #4: Create a Phishing Website to Hack Snapchat

Phishing is a common practice that hackers use to break into a variety of accounts, not just Snapchat accounts. The work theory is to create a very similar login page for target users and then they will enter the accout and password there. It may be a difficulty to convince users to login with the page you've created. Even though on the surface it seems like a simple and straightforward way to get someone to share their username and password with you, if you don't have enough knowledge on the subject, you're essentially wasting your time.

Even if you do learn how to create a fake page, you must pay good money for web hosting. It is a 100% illegal way of hacking accounts and you could end up paying heavy fines and even serve a jail sentence.

In Closing

Though there are several different ways to hack Snapchat, we believe nothing works better than KidsGuad Pro for Android - the risks are practically non-existent, it costs a fraction of what the other methods do, and at the end of the day, you have the information you need. If you still have doubts, you can try the demo firstly to enjoy the Snapchat monitoring.