iPhone Emoji Download: 3 Ways Download For Android [Including iOS 16.5]


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Have you ever wished to bring the charm of iOS 16 emojis to your Android device? Wondering how to download and use these expressive icons on your phone? Join us on a journey to explore the enchanting world of iOS 16 emoji download, discover the steps to download them on your Android, and stay updated on the latest additions in the 16.5 update.

Uncover a myriad of emotions and symbols to elevate your messaging experience. Let's delve into the captivating universe of iPhone emoji download and enhance your digital expressions!

What New Emojis Are In iOS 16?

With iOS 16 now in possession of engineers, many are contemplating whether the new form of iOS comes loaded with new emojis.


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It is the point at which the new iPhone 14 is supposed to send off close by iOS 16. Before then, at that point, it's conceivable that Apple will carry out other emoji refreshes, adding more emoji in minor X.1 refreshes.

As per Emojipedia, the new emoji will incorporate a Pink Heart. "This has been perhaps of the most examined nonappearance on the emoji console for a long time," says the site, bringing up that there are likewise recommendations for dim and light blue hearts.

  • Heart with hands

  • Thumb and forefinger crossed hand

  • Right-confronting palm down hand

  • Left-confronting palm-up hand

  • Left-confronting open hand

Now, iOS 17 has released the latest emojis, what new emojis have been updated in iOS 17, let's take a look!

new emojis ios 17

Latest: New iOS 16.5 Emojis

What are the new emojis 16.5? Discover a collection of 21 exciting new emojis! Explore and download these captivating additions using the methods provided below.

ios 16 emojis new

Methods of iOS 16 Emoji Download for Android

You can download the iOS 16 emojis download for your Android phone through these steps.

download ios 16 new emoji for android

1. How to Download iOS 16 New Emojis Without Rooting?

In this way, root your phone and need to include iOS 16 emoji on your Android phone. In this strategy, you can choose to utilize iOS emojis on your Android phone.

Select an Apple Emoji App

In the Google play store; there are a lot of choices for the Apple emoji App. So you can choose any of one which ones you can like.

Open your Google Play Store App and look for the iOS 16 Emoji application.

Therefore, you can see numerous emojis accessible, similar to emoji consoles, text style applications, Facemoji, Kika console, etc. If it's not too much trouble, select one of them.

In the App, click the introduce button.

download ios 16 emoji without rooting

After the fruitful establishment of the App, go to the settings and snap on "Language and Input".

You can see there is another emoji application.

Presently, click on empower it.

So presently, you can partake in the recently introduced Apple emoji application.

Select another Keyboard App

In the Play Store, there are different Keyboard applications. iOS 16 is the most well-known App you can modify your key, and it has lively skins. If you could do without the first step or don't work, follow these means.

Open Play Store and find the Keyboard iOS 16.

Introduce the App.

select keyboard app

Go to your settings > System > Language and Input > Virtual Keyboard. Or, on the other hand, go to your Settings and afterwards look for the console.

Select Manage consoles and afterwards empower the FancyKey App.

In the following window, click the OK button.

Presently, open your console and snap on the console symbol in the lower-right corner of the console.

A change console screen would show up, and click FancyKey.

Go to the settings of the FancyKey App and select inclinations.

Presently, pick the Emoji style in the Display area.

Kindly select one of them and snap OK to Save the new emoji.

2. How to Download iOS 16 Emoji with Rooting?

If your phone is designated, you can undoubtedly utilize this technique to download and introduce the iOS 16 emoji on your Android phone. So follow our given below moves toward using Apple emoji.

  • Before beginning, ensure your gadget has root access.

  • Go here and download the Emoji Replacer App.

  • download ios 16 emoji with rooting

  • After downloading the App, introduce the App on your Android phone.

  • After establishment, open the App and permit the superuser access.

  • Presently, download the most recent iOS emoji pack.

  • Kindly pick one of them for the establishment techniques.

  • new emojis ios 16

  • From that point forward, restart your phone, or the gadget will reboot to apply changes.

How to Make an Emoji Lock Screen in iOS 16?

Presently, because of iOS 16, you can make your lock screen experience recognition for your most revered emoji. It is the way to make it happen.


  • Open your Settings, and look down to Wallpaper.

  • how to make an emoji lock screen in ios 16

  • A backdrop will be in the third gathering of settings, with a blue symbol.

  • Once on the Wallpaper, tap on "Add New Wallpaper."

  • Look down underneath them until you see "Add New Wallpaper."

  • In the spring-up window, tap on either the screen named "Emoji" in the "Highlighted" segment, or look down to the third area, likewise called "Emoji," and tap on one of the screens there.

  • add new wallpaper

  • Every one of these choices is a preset emoji foundation. In any of these preset foundations, you can modify the emoji determinations, examples, and foundation tone. 4. Tap on the smiley face in the lower left corner and pick your emoji.

  • The altering menu will allow you to decide on up to six emojis, and you can do any mix you'd like. At the point when you're finished, tap beyond the emoji window.

  • Scroll left or right while on the primary alter screen to see design choices.

  • The choices will incorporate Small grids, Medium grids, Large Grids, Rings, and spirals. It will decide how your picked emoji populates your experience.

  • Tap on the three dabs in the lower right corner to change the foundation tone.

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complete setup ios

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monimaster ios dashboard

FAQs about iOS 16 New Emoji

Is Apple getting a pink heart?

Pushing hands, a pink heart, and a shaking face are among 31 recently proposed emojis that will probably hit your iPhone's emoji console in 2022 and 2023.

What is the kissing emoji?

The kiss mark emoji is a copy little image of a lipstick denoting that can demonstrate tender or well-disposed kisses, love and sentiment, hotness, beauty care products, excellence, and at times, cheekiness.

Why iPhone doesn't have new emojis?

If an update isn't available, you'll receive the message "Your software is up to date." However, even if your software is up to date, you won't have access to the latest emojis if your iPhone model is no longer receiving system updates. Certain older iOS devices are not capable of receiving the latest updates.


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