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By Jeremy Barnett | Nov 21, 2022 05:31 pm

GPS or Global Positioning System is basically a procedure to track the exact location of an object. At this day and age, safety is one of the main concerns of people, worldwide. Once there was no effective way to keep track of your closed ones but now that is possible with the help of apps capable of GPS tracking phones remotely .These GPS Phone Tracker apps are very versatile and there are quite a lot of them available. So, we have compiled a list of our 9 best GPS tracker apps.

1. MoniMaster

Our top contender for the top GPS tracking app is MoniMaster. After checking quite a few apps we found this application. The app is as efficient as it is secure. The phone tracking capability of the app is just excellent, equipped with advanced GPS the app records the location in real-time which is quite accurate.

monimaster gps tracking

This outstanding GPS phone tracker is equipped with quite a few phone tracking features, let's have a look:

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  • The app quite conveniently tracks the target device in real-time.

  • The app uses the built-in GPS to track the location very accurately.

  • It updates the locations for every few minutes.

  • It can trace all the location history.

Advantages of using MoniMaster

  • First of all, the app is 100% invisible, after the launch it tracks the target device discretely.

  • The app tracking with advanced built-in GPS. So it can provide the accurate locations.

  • Technical support is at the professional level.

  • Continuous feature upgrades and professional maintenance.

  • It will never leak the data you monitor to protect the privacy.

  • The app works on both Android and iOS devices.

  • The price is budget friendly.

  • Installation and the operation is simple with just 3 steps.

  • Procedures like rooting and jailbreaking is not required.

  • It guarantee the 30-day money back.

2. FamiSafe

FamiSafe is one of the most powerful GPS tracking apps capable of providing accurate real-time location. The app is loaded with multiple features that not only related to location tracking but also monitoring the target device, effectively.


Here are the main features of FamiSafe GPS tracking application:

  • FamiSafe is an amazing app with accurate GPS tracking capability.

  • Geofence is available.

  • You will also have access to location history.

  • You can block apps and monitor the device activity.

  • You can also track screen time.


  • The installation and the operation of the app is very simple.

  • The app comes with a 3-day trial period which is free and comes with all the features.

  • Compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

  • The interface is user-friendly.

3. Spyzie

Spyzie is a quite significant name among tracking applications. The app is equipped with an exceptional GPS tracking capability. The app is also very versatile and effective, equipped with numerous features making it one of the best apps for GPS tracking and device monitoring.


Here are the main features of Spyzie GPS tracking application:

  • You can track the GPS location of the target device very accurately.

  • Tracking calls and text messages are also possible.

  • You can even monitor device activity.

  • Among other things, you will have access to photos, videos, notes and contacts of the target device.

  • You can also check internet search history.


  • The app works on both Android and iOS devices.

  • The customer support is very helpful.

  • The interface is user-friendly.

  • Target device can be monitored with ease.

4. FlexiSpy

The next one on the list is called FlexiSpy. This is also an app with reliable GPS tracking capabilities. This is one of the oldest tracking apps of all time. The app is very secure and easy to use. The features list is quite long and very effective.


Here are the main features of FlexiSpy GPS tracking application:

  • The app is capable of tracking the GPS of the target device in real-time.

  • Call monitoring is also possible.

  • Very effective as a parental control app or employee monitoring application.


  • The app is compatible with Android and iOS devices. It can also work on computers.

  • The support system is just great.

  • The interface is attractive and user-friendly.

5. mSpy

The next app on this list is known as mSpy. This app is equipped with excellent monitoring and tracking capabilities which helps the users track the target device with convenience, undetected.


Here are the main features of mSpy GPS tracking application:

  • mSpy is capable of tracking the target device in real-time.

  • The location tracking is very accurate.

  • Installation is very simple, as well as the operation.

  • You can even monitor the installed apps on the target device.

  • Supports multiple languages.


  • Works with both Android and iOS devices.

  • The tech support is good.

  • The interface is user-friendly.

6. iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor is a well-known name among tracker applications. The app is equipped with multiple monitoring features, helpful for tracking devices remotely. The app is very effective and safe to use. The provided location details are very accurate.


Here are the main features of iKeyMonitor GPS tracking application:

  • One of the best GPS tracker apps.

  • Equipped with Geofence.

  • You can monitor calls, voice messages and even games on the target device.

  • An app blocker feature is available.

  • You can also use it to limit the screen time of the target device.


  • The app works on multiple platforms like iPhone, Android, Windows and even Mac.

  • Supports multiple languages.

  • It is available for free trial.

  • The customer care is just excellent.

7. MobiStealth

MobiStealth is also a capable GPS mobile tracker that makes location tracking easier for the users. The app is equipped with all the tools which makes it one of the best GPS tracker apps of all time. The app monitors the target device effectively and also monitors calls.


Here are the main features of MobiStealth GPS tracking application:

  • The app tracks location of the target device very effectively.

  • Capable of monitoring browser history.

  • It tracks all the incoming and outgoing calls.

  • You will have access to the gallery and other applications on the target device.


  • Even if the GPS system fails, the app is still able to track the location.

8. Glympse

Talking about GPS tracker app, we have one of the best for you. The app is called Glympse. This app basically offers one of the best solutions for GPS tracking, the app is available for free and provides very accurate and reliable tracking data in real-time.


Here are the main features of Glympse GPS tracking application:

  • The app effectively works on the background of the target device.

  • It also supports location sharing.

  • Glympse is also capable of connecting with Apple Watch.


  • Supports Android, iOS and Windows platforms.

  • The download is very easy.

  • Any form of sign up or registration is not required.

  • The real-time navigation is quite excellent.

9. TrackerGPS Mobile

Our last pick for this list is called TrackerGPS Mobile. This app was designed by Mobile Media Networks. The app is easy to use and quite secure.

trackergps mobile

Here are the main features of TrackerGPS Mobile GPS tracking application:

  • The app is equipped with real-time update, helpful if you have lost your device.

  • You will be able to create landmarks.

  • The app also comes with an information panel, where you can view and save information about the device.


  • Real-time GPS tracking is available.

  • You can use this app to track even cars.

  • You will have access to the location history of monitored devices.

  • Operation is very easy, works with just a single tap.


So, overall tracking a mobile phone has become quite convenient with the help of GPS Phone Tracker applications. These apps are easily available and quite affordable. But we have listed some of the best available on this article and even placed MoniMaster at the top position as for our consideration, it is the best tracking app for getting the GPS location of the monitored device.

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