How to Monitor WhatsApp Activity and Chat? 5 Ways For iPhone & Android


By Gloria Robertson | Dec 13, 2023 11:13 am

Are you curious about tracking WhatsApp chats on another phone or monitoring someone's WhatsApp activity? In this article, we explore methods and tools that claim to provide insights into WhatsApp messages from one device to another.

Discover the possibilities, learn about monitoring apps, and consider the question: Can someone see your WhatsApp messages from another phone?

How to Track WhatsApp Chats on Another Phone?

1. Track WhatsApp Chats on WhatsApp Web

Unlocking the realm of WhatsApp Web provides an avenue for discreetly tracking WhatsApp chats on another device. This method offers a unique perspective into someone else's messaging activity, opening doors to both convenience and potential privacy concerns.

whatsapp web qr code


Here is how to monitor WhatsApp activity:

To initiate surveillance, begin by accessing the target phone temporarily to scan the QR code on WhatsApp Web. Once synced, you gain real-time access to their conversations. The process is seamless and provides an inconspicuous way to monitor WhatsApp messages remotely.


The primary advantage lies in the simplicity of setup. WhatsApp Web allows for efficient tracking without requiring sophisticated technical skills. This method is user-friendly and ensures swift access to the target's chats.


  • However, the Achilles' heel of this approach is the need for physical access to the target phone.

  • Additionally, privacy concerns may arise, as the tracked individual might discover the remote connection, potentially straining relationships and raising ethical questions.

2. Track WhatsApp Chats by WhatsApp Link

Unraveling the art of discreet surveillance, tracking WhatsApp chats through a specialized link emerges as a nuanced strategy. This method, while requiring a subtle touch, offers an alternative route to monitor WhatsApp messages monitor someone's WhatsApp conversations remotely.

whatsapp calls


  • The process begins by generating a unique WhatsApp link.

  • Share this link with the target individual under the guise of a harmless message or enticing offer.

  • Once the recipient clicks, the link grants access to their WhatsApp chats, allowing for surreptitious observation.


One notable advantage is the absence of direct phone access. By employing a strategic link, you can discreetly monitor WhatsApp chats without physically interacting with the target device. This method emphasizes subtlety and can be executed remotely.


However, the effectiveness of this approach hinges on the recipient clicking the link. There's no guaranteed engagement, and suspicions may arise if the link raises eyebrows.

How to See Others WhatsApp Chats in Your Phone? - For Android

1. MoniMaster for WhatsApp

MoniMaster for WhatsApp is a comprehensive monitoring software designed for tracking and logging WhatsApp activities on both Android and iPhone devices. Packed with essential features, it provides users with detailed insights into WhatsApp usage. Here are some key features of MoniMaster for WhatsApp:

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Key Features:

MoniMaster for WhatsApp boasts a repertoire of essential features tailored for Android users.

Real-Time Message Monitoring:

MoniMaster for WhatsApp offers the invaluable capability of real-time message monitoring, providing users with instantaneous access to both incoming and outgoing messages as well as the encrypted WhatsApp messages.

Media File Tracking:

In addition to monitoring text messages, MoniMaster extends its reach to media files exchanged within WhatsApp. Users can seamlessly view shared photos, videos, and audio files directly within the application.


Stealth Mode:

MoniMaster prioritizes discretion with its innovative Stealth Mode. Operating in the background, the application ensures that the monitoring process remains entirely undetected by the target individual.

Contact List Analysis:

MoniMaster for WhatsApp extends its prowess beyond message monitoring by delving into the intricacies of the target's social network. The Contact List Analysis feature provides a comprehensive overview of the individuals with whom the target communicates.

Timestamp Tracking:

In the intricate tapestry of digital surveillance, Timestamp Tracking emerges as a vital thread. This feature empowers users to pinpoint the exact time and date of each interaction within WhatsApp. Whether tracking the cadence of communication or investigating the timing of specific messages, Timestamp Tracking enables meticulous analysis.


MoniMaster's strength lies in its user-friendly interface and real-time monitoring capabilities. It offers a comprehensive suite of features, providing insights into WhatsApp activities without requiring complex technical know-how.


This is paid subscription.

How to use MoniMaster for WhatsApp?

Step 1. Installation:

Begin by downloading and installing MoniMaster for WhatsApp on the Android device you wish to monitor.

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Step 2. Setup and Activation:

 Follow the intuitive setup process, granting the necessary permissions to ensure seamless integration with WhatsApp.

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Step 3. Accessing the Dashboard:

Once configured, the application seamlessly integrates with WhatsApp, providing real-time access to messages, media files, contact lists, and timestamps.

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2. Google Drive Backup

Leveraging the ubiquitous Google Drive, this method of monitoring WhatsApp chats offers a streamlined approach for Android users. By tapping into the WhatsApp backup feature, users can discreetly access a trove of conversations and media shared on WhatsApp.

whatsapp backup


  • Go to WhatsApp settings, navigate to Chats, and enable the automatic backup to Google Drive.

  • Ensure the target device is linked to a Google account, allowing seamless integration with Google Drive.

  • Log into the designated Google Drive account, access WhatsApp backups, and explore the stored data.


The Google Drive Backup method is user-friendly, utilizing existing functionalities for effortless access. It requires no additional installations and provides a straightforward means of monitoring WhatsApp activity.


However, the effectiveness is contingent on routine backups, and access may be limited if the target user does not use Google Drive for WhatsApp backups.

How Can You View Someone Else's WhatsApp Chats On Your Device?- For iPhone

iCloud Backup

For iPhone users seeking discreet access to others' WhatsApp chats, the iCloud Backup method proves to be an effective avenue. Leveraging the seamless integration of WhatsApp with iCloud, this strategy enables users to navigate through stored backups, unlocking a trove of conversations and media shared within the popular messaging app.

icloud backup


  • iCloud Backup Activation: On the target iPhone, ensure that iCloud Backup for WhatsApp is enabled in the device settings.

  • Wait for Backup: Allow WhatsApp to automatically back up its data to iCloud, a process that occurs regularly.

  • Access iCloud: On your iPhone, log in to the designated iCloud account and navigate to the WhatsApp backups section.


The iCloud Backup method requires no third-party applications, utilizing the inherent backup system of iPhones. It provides a seamless and integrated approach for monitoring WhatsApp activity.


However, access is contingent on routine iCloud backups, and the target user must use iCloud for WhatsApp backups.


In the ever-evolving landscape of digital communication, discreetly monitoring WhatsApp chats has become a nuanced pursuit. From WhatsApp Web to specialized tools like MoniMaster for WhatsApp, each method bears its own considerations.

For a comprehensive and user-friendly monitoring solution, consider MoniMaster. With its array of features, including real-time message monitoring and contact list analysis, MoniMaster provides a discreet yet powerful tool for those seeking insights into WhatsApp activity.

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