How to Clear Browsing History on Android? [5 Ways]


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Can we delete browsing history on Android?

Yes, we can delete browsing history on Android. When individuals say they need to clear their history on their Android telephone, they could mean clearing their hunt history, browsing history, or history from individual applications. There's a distinction between clearing neighborhood history and removing the set of experiences Huge Tech organizations gather and store; this last history is much harder to erase.

How to Delete Browsing History on Android?

You can delete the android browsing history clear through these simple ways.


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1. Delete Browsing History on Google App

Erasing your pursuit history on an Android gadget is extraordinarily basic. Doing so permits you to get out and look through what might have been unseemly or was just a mishap. It also lets you keep your virtual space perfect and reasonable, particularly concerning the deep, dark holes you go down daily!

If you are an iPhone user, you can also delete search history on Mac.


  • Find the Google application on your phone. Open it.

  • Go to the right side and choose the option.

  • From the ensuing dropdown menu, tap Search history.

  • You can tap the X close to individual ventures in the rundown to erase them. On the other hand, tap the Erase dropdown button over your indexed lists.

  • From the choices that show up, select Erase today, Erase custom reach, Erase all time, or Auto-erase.

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2. Delete Browsing History on Google Chrome

Deleteing incognito history or erasing your browsing history android clears your past ventures and results. It can cause problems if you depend on a ton of auto-fill, so ensure you erase all that if you're confident that is what you have any desire to do. You can likewise go into your experiences and erase individual things, assuming that is better for you.


  • Send off the Google Chrome application and tap the Menu button in the upper right.

  • Go to History.

  • Select Clear browsing information.

  • Tap the checkbox close to Browsing history, then, close to Time range, pick the amount of your browsing information you wish to erase.

  • Tap Clear information.

delete browsing history on google chrome

3. Clear Browsing History on Firefox

Lots of people are wandering to know about the process of how to delete browser history android. Your privacy is vital, and you need to keep it secure.


  • Tap the menu button.

  • Hit Settings.

  • Tap Erase browsing information.

  • Select various kinds of information you wish to eliminate.

  • This incorporates history, site information, treats, reserve pictures/records, and site consents.

  • Complete the cycle by tapping 'Erase browsing information.'

delete browsing history on firefox

4. Clear Browsing History on Opera Browsing History

Your browsing history is accessible on your phone and appears to you. This implies you won't have to clear your browsing history as frequently with Bold. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you indeed do choose to remove browsing history:


  • Open Drama.

  • Tap the radio dial ("Simple arrangement") button.

  • Look to Protection and Security.

  • Close to Browsing information, tap Clear.

delete browsing history on opera browsing history

5. Clear Browsing History on YouTube history

YouTube's protection put parental controls on Youtube, and search settings work equivalently to Research Guides and Google Search since they are all Google organizations. You can delete browser history on android by following this process.


  • Open the YouTube application.

  • Tap your Google profile picture.

  • Select My information on YouTube.

  • From here, you have some control over two essential pursuit choices: your YouTube search history and YouTube Watch history.

delete browsing history on youtube

Bonus: How to Check Android Browsing History Even Be Cleared?

If you have cleared the browsing history on your phone and you wants to check it again then use the MoniMaster Pro for Android .

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MoniMaster is a parental control application that can remotely screen the objective's utilization of the web continuously, including what he peruses, posts, and remarks. This can keep your kids from seeing unfortunate substances and screen their web-based status and safeguard them from the risk of online brutality.


Track social Media applications:

It can follow many applications on the objective's telephone; you can see every one of the messages, photographs, and program history on various social media apps. All the details are accessible, and you can see them on your phone.

View deleted History:

The most featured advantage of MoniMaster Star is the help of recover and read deleted history on Google . Unlike other checking administrations, MoniMaster stores all the set of experiences on its cloud servers.

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GPS area:

You will want to follow somebody's area continuously without them knowing. You can set a Geofence to inform you when the objective leaves or goes into a particular region. You can track the right place and check the position of your desired person. It is reachable, and it is possible with the help of MoniMaster.

Surrounding sound:

You can understand what the objective is doing in what climate by this astounding component of recording the encompassing sound of the objective's cell phone. What's more, he will not even receive a notification.

Browsing History From a distance:

Our standard is high; MoniMaster is the best monitoring app; it implies it offers complete help you can anticipate from ideal observing applications. You don't have to check the objective phone over and over for history. You can check the set of experiences from a distance from the MoniMaster Genius dashboard.

How to Use MoniMaster Pro for Android?

Step 1. Make an account:

Register a MoniMaster account and select an Android plan that best suits your requirements. We realize the help is paid; however, accept us, and you won't ever think twice about it in the wake of buying it!

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Step 2. Arrangement Guide

On the "My Items" page, you can find the arrangement you bought and afterward click on "Arrangement Guide." Peruse the guidelines cautiously to figure out how to download and introduce the application to set it up.

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Step 3. Confirm Your Arrangement

Login to your MoniMaster record and begin observing the erased browsing history of designated telephones and other fundamental exercises that MoniMaster offers on the dashboard.

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FAQs about Clear Browsing History on Android


1. Is it reasonable to clear all browsing history?

To be as protected as conceivable on the web, it is essential to now and again erase your pursuit history. Neglecting to do so makes it a lot more straightforward for programmers to gather enough of your data to trick and deceive you.


2. How often should I delete browsing history?

That is why using a secret phrase chief and having various passwords for your records is crucial. Your different forms will not be in danger if one is compromised. It's ideal for erasing your inquiry history at least twice a month to decrease the possibility of getting hacked.


3. Can the WiFi owner see your history if you delete it?

Yes, the wifi owner can check browsing history on wifi router even if you have deleted it. Your data is on the wifi proprietors' switch logs, regardless of whether you have cleared it.


Here you see it is straightforward to clear browsing history on Android with the utilization free from the correct application. MoniMaster Pro for Android is an excellent application with various astounding highlights that permits you to screen something beyond browsing history. This superb application lets you quickly look after your child and life partner exercises.

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