How to Spy on iPhone Without Installing Software [FULLY WORKING!]


By Kara Herrera | Nov 21, 2022 05:31 pm

The iPhone is a pretty popular range of cell phone devices that are known for the strict security restrictions on it. You may feel that spying on an iPhone without installing any software or app may be easy, but this is not true.

Due to the powerful security restrictions on the phone, if you wish to spy on the activities on it, you will need to jailbreak the device. This is a complicated method which may not even give you the results which you would have desired. This article will tell you in detail about how you can spy iPhone without installing software and also without the need to jailbreak a device.

Part 1: Some Traps You Must Avoid

There are certain things that you need to pay attention to when you try to spy on iPhone without installing software. There are several apps available online that claim that you may not have to jailbreak the iPhone device in order to monitor it.

However, this may not be true in several cases; the best way to check this would be to try out the trial version of the app you are interested in before making the purchase. Also, there are some apps through which you can spy on an iPhone without jailbreaking it. However, many of these apps may only be compatible with older versions of iPhone. So, before purchasing the app to spy on an iPhone, be mindful of these aspects.

Part 2: The Real Solution for you to Spy on iPhone without Installing Software

If you are looking for ways to know how to spy on iPhone without installing software, you have come to the right place! MoniMaster is one of the best spy apps for iPhone without installing software. This app helps you to monitor the activities on the target cell phone easily using simple steps.

1. What Can you Get with MoniMaster?

MoniMaster comes with an amazing set of features that proves to be very useful when you are trying to spy on an iPhone. A few of the important features are listed below.

iPhone logs Spy: With MoniMaster, you can spy the phone files include Contacts, Photos, Videos, Locations, Calendar, Reminders and Notes.

  • iPhone Contacts spy: You can get the name, mail address and other detailed information.

  • Photos and Videos spy: You can view each files on the online dashboard and export them all to your local computer.

  • Locations and history checking: You can not only get the real-time locations and also view all the location histories.

  • Calendar spying: You can check the every events in Calendar to know the secrets.

  • Reminders and Notes checking: Support to check the created reminders and notes on target iPhone.

iCloud Drive data accessing: Except for the iPhone files, the data stored in iCloud drive can also be viewed.

Data Export: You can view the data in the online dashboard, and you can export the monitored data to local computer for further viewing.

spy iphone data in monimaster online dashboard

2. How Does MoniMaster Work?

MoniMaster gives you a way to remotely monitor all the data on the target iPhone. It needs you can access the target's iCloud account information, and it will display the monitored data on the online dashboard for your viewing. You do not need to jailbreak the device or download any software to use this app to spy on an iPhone.

MoniMaster for iPhone is actually a cloud-based solution; this is why it works without needing to jailbreak a device or download any software. With the help of your iCloud credentials, it can easily track all the data on the target iPhone remotely. This app runs completely online on the cloud, which means that you just need a good internet connection to spy on an iPhone. Simple, easy, and effective!

3. The Advantages of MoniMaster when Compared to other Apps

The advantages of the MoniMaster, when compared to other apps, are given below.

  • You do not have to jailbreak the device or install any software since it is a cloud-based solution.

  • It will provide the professional technical support for any product issue.

  • Real-time location tracking is possible, this is the most powerful feature of MoniMaster.

  • The operation steps are pretty easy to realize.

  • The price is affordable for everyone, only $8.32 / Month for a yearly plan.

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4. The Simple 3 Steps on How to Use MoniMaster to Spy iPhone

You can use the 3 simple steps given below to spy iPhone without installing software.

  • Step 1: Register your account using a valid email ID and choose the product you need. Then purchase the license for MoniMaster.

  • Step 2: Key in the target device's iCloud credentials and verify.

verify icloud credentials to spy iphone

  • Step 3: Use the iOS control panel to remotely spy on the activities of the target cell phone.

spy iphone data in monimaster online dashboard

This is how easy it is to use the MoniMaster for spying on iPhone activities.

5. Frequently Asked Questions on using MoniMaster

Here are some FAQs about using MoniMaster, please check the list below to understand the product better.

5.1 What devices are supported?

MoniMaster support to monitor iPhone/iPad/iPoud touch running with iOS 9 to iOS 13.

5.2 Do I need physical access to the target Apple devices?

No. You do not need any physical access to the target Apple device unless Two-Factor Authentication is turned on.

5.3 Can I check the updated data from my own phone?

Yes, you can access the online control panel from any mobile device with network connection to check the updated data from the monitored iPhone/iPad/iPod.


If you are looking for ways to spy on an iPhone without the need to install software, this article can surely help you out. The best way to spy on an iPhone is by using the MoniMaster, which comes packed with multiple useful phone monitoring features, and this is why it is highly recommended.

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