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By Jeremy Barnett | Nov 21, 2022 05:31 pm

With the increased use of the internet among common people many trust issues took place. Now kids are walking on the wrong path with the misuse of the internet and also couples cheat on each other without coming into the notice of their partners. So, secret phone trackers came into existence. These mobile tracking applications help kids and couples to keep an eye on each other and maintain the integrity of their loved one's lives. Today we will discuss one of the best mobile tracking apps MoniMaster which is considered as best mobile tracking application with the low price. We will also talk about how to track a cell phone secretly in this article.

Part 1: Preparation for Tracking Target Phone Secretly Using MoniMaster

Before using this application there are some requirements you need to fulfil. The following is the list to prepare for installing MoniMaster:

  • You need to create an account on the official website of MoniMaster by visiting

  • Physical access to the installation of the target mobile device is required for the first time.

After completion of the above steps, you are ready to use the application with its all features.

Part 2: MoniMaster in iPhone Tracking

MoniMaster is a very popular application to track mobile devices in both iOS and Android devices. There are many applications available in the market but there are very few mobile tracking applications that support iPhone tracking facilities. And MoniMaster is one of them. You can download and utilize the free preliminary to look at if the application truly attempts to spy phone without access to it. This application gives the trial time frame, and it charges $29.95/month for its administrations. Every one of the plans given by the application is up to the administrations given.

Features of MoniMaster for iPhone tracking:

The following are features of MoniMaster for iPhone tracking:

  • MoniMaster helps to track iPhone credentials of the targeted phone. You can check any details and know almost everything about the user by tracking their iPhone.

  • It helps to track the real-time location of the target iPhone device.

  • MoniMaster can track photos, videos, reminders, calendar and notes.

  • It can check the all data from iCloud drive.

  • All the data can be eported to computer.

How to Use MoniMaster for iPhone tracking:

MoniMaster provides a very smooth and simple interface to the users so that they can install it without any technical skills. Using MoniMaster for iPhone tracking is a very easy process. The following are steps to do this:

Step 1: Create an account first and then buy a license to enjoy the features to track iPhone.

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Step 2: Next, are required to enter the target's iCloud credentials for verifing.

verifing icloud account

Step 3:After finishing the verification, you can go to the online dashboard to monitor hthe data.

start monitoring

Part 3: MoniMaster in Android Tracking

For Android devices' secret tracking there are many tools available that are capable to provide spying or mobile tracking facilities. But there are some drawbacks to every tool. Due to this reason MoniMaster is used by the Android users and considered as the best tracking tool for Android devices.

Features of MoniMaster Pro tracking:

The following are the features of MoniMaster Pro devices:

  • MoniMaster will allow you to track the sent and received messages, including the recipient names, numbers, and time stamps of the target device. Even the deleted messages and 5 most frequent messaging contacts can be known by it.

  • You can view the live call logs of the targeted Android device. That includes the name of the contacts, their number, call type, call duration and exact date. This much detailed information can only be provided by MoniMaster. You also get to know about the whole contact list of the target device.

  • MoniMaster empowers you to know about the exact real time location of the target device by using GPS technology. Also geofencing technology will be supported soon to help you set an area for the target device and get alerted immediately when the device is leaving the boundary set by you.

  • The user can also remotely know about the detailed browsing history of the target Android device. You will get to know about the last visited time, website URL, website title and even search through the list of web browsing history. It accounted the frequency of each websites, this will help you know if the target has addicted to some online contents. It's obviously better than all the competitors of MoniMaster.

  • It will allow you to view the media files including photos, videos and even capture screenshot of the target device screen anytime you want. That is more effective than other competitors of MoniMaster.

  • Also MoniMaster will allow you to view detailed app activities, Wi-Fi logger feature, Keylogger, Calendar details and even all the access to social media apps. So there is no doubt that MoniMaster is better than any other secret phone tracker of 2020.

  • It will also allow you to export the data from target device to your computer in one click. This is a very unique feature available only in Monimaster.

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How to use MoniMaster Pro devices:

The following are the various steps to use the MoniMaster Pro devices:

  • First you need to register for a MoniMaster account and buy license from the official website.

  • Then you need to download ( Visit and install MoniMaster assistant on the target Android device.

download and install monimaster on target device

  • After that, you need to login with the account you've registerred and finish the necessary setup.

login to the app

  • Finally you can easily start monitor everything on the target Android device from your Android control panel.

start monitoring the target device

Make sure that both the devices are connected with the internet connection because without internet connection MoniMaster is unable to track the various features of the mobile device. Also, you want to track more than one device from one account then you can go with the Family plan of the tool.


MoniMaster is the most amazing secret phone tracker which is capable to track both the iPhone and Android devices. It can track multiple devices at once. You, youngsters or representatives, may not understand what is beneficial for them, so here and there you need to bring the circumstance into your very own hands. Having imperceptible programming will enable you to get the most precise data and spare your associations with your children or representatives since they may not be too glad to even consider knowing that you can follow their wireless movement.

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