Can Private Browsing History Be Traced on iPhone?

By Gary J. Fowler | Jul 12, 2019 01:47 pm

Private browsing mode is one of the modern integrations in the web browsers. It is available in most of the web browsers run on Android and Windows operating system. This feature is also available on iPhone. Usually we use private browsing mode on iPhone when we do not want our browser to keep any browsing history or data about the webpages we visit. Most of the people use it to keep their web browsing data secured from the other users of the same phone. However, it is not always the case. Sometimes, people, especially the youngsters use Private Browsing mode to hide their evil and pornographic browsing history. In that case, knowing what someone really browses becomes the important issue.

The question is, 'Can private browsing history be traced on iPhone?' Well, we are here to answer this question. On top of answering the question we will discuss about what is private browsing history, and the features of private browsing mode. We will also discuss in detail how to check private browsing history on iPhone.

Part 1: About Private Browsing History

Private browsing history is a kind of browsing history that stops your browser from leaving any kind of digital footprints that can be used to track your activities online. Private browsing system is available in iPhone that run on iOS 5 and later. From iOS 5 to now, Apple has improved this private browsing feature a lot. When you enable private browsing in your iOS device, your browsing history won't be visible to anyone. This feature can hide the websites you visited, your typed passwords, all kinds of search results, etc. and more. It also doesn't let websites to save cookies, so you don't leave any trace. Normally, you can say that private browsing is drastically safer than normal browsing.

Let's look into, how to use private browsing on iPhone:

  • First you need to launch Safari browser on your iPhone.

  • Then tap on the tab icon that you will find below of your screen.

  • Finally, you need to tap on the "Private" button and then tap "Done" to confirm.

  • The window will change into dark theme and you will enter into private browsing mode. Then simply you can browse the internet as before but you won't be traced anymore.

enable private browsing on iphone

Part 2: What Can Private Browsing Mode Do

There are various things that can be done by using private browsing mode. It protects you from online tracing and keeps your identity secret. Here are some things that private browsing mode can do:

  • It hides all the records of your browsing history.

  • It hides all the passwords you enter into websites.

  • It doesn't support any kind of auto completion of passwords or usernames.

  • It doesn't let the browser save any search history.

  • It doesn't let any website to add any cookies to your device.

Part 3: Can Private Browsing History Be Traced on iPhone?

Though private browsing may seem safe and untraceable to you, it still can be traced by web servers. It won't save any of your browsing information on the web browser, but it can track the IP address, bookmarks and traffic-related information of your device. Also, if the target device has a tracking tool, you can easily monitor the browsing history of that device. This means that it's possible to trace browsing history of a device even the private browsing mode is enabled. You can check the private browsing history on iPhone from its "Settings" menu.

Here is how to view private browsing history on iPhone :

  • First you need to open the "Settings" menu of your iPhone.

  • Then you need to find "Browser" option by scrolling down the screen and select it.

  • Again you need to scroll to the bottom of "Browser" option to tap on "Advanced".

  • Then you'll be able to find the Website Data by navigating to the next section.

  • Finally, tap on "Website Data" option and you will find deleted history of your browser there.

check iphone browsing history

Part 4: Can iPhone Private Browsing History Be Traced on Another Phone?

Though a device is in private browsing mode, there some professional 3rd party tools can help you to trace private browsing history. The reason behind, our necessity to monitor another phone is to protect our kids. They can use the internet and visit various harmful websites and access harmful content on the internet. Also if you want to know if anyone is accessing any sensitive information on the internet, then monitoring is the best way to know about it. Here are some of the best tools that will help you learn how to see private browsing history on iPhone :

4.1 The Mostly Recommended App to Check Private Browsing History on iPhone:

The best way to monitor and check private browsing history on iPhone is by using MoniMaster. This amazing app will allow you to monitor iOS and Android devices remotely and keep your kids or close people safe online. It has all the advanced features you need to monitor a smart device easily. Beside of monitoring and checking private browsing history on iPhone, it can monitor almost 20 data types, let you track the device location, check contacts, text messages, call logs, app activities, deleted data, it can capture screenshots etc. and much more. Here is how to check private history on iPhone and Android:

For Android Phones:

  • 2. Then complete setup and install MoniMaster assistant on the target device.

setup and install monimaster on target device

  • 3. Finally you can easily monitor browsing history and everything else on Android control panel.

start monitoring the target device

For iPhone:

  • 1. First you need to download MoniMaster on your computer

Download Now For Windows 10/8/7Download NowFor Mac OS X 10.7 or later

  • 2. Choose one way to monitor the target iPhone device.

choose way to monitor

  • 3. Finally you can start monitoring the iPhone.

start monitoring the target device


  • It can monitor more data types than any other tool

  • It's fast and easy to access.

  • Requires no rooted or jailbroken device


  • Free version has only 3 days trial period.

Compatibility: It's compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

4.2 FamiSafe:

FamiSafe is one of the best browsing history trackers for Android, iPhone, and tablets. It's a great monitoring app for any parent or anyone who wants to monitor other devices to keep an eye on them. It's reliable and safe but it's still not so much better than MoniMaster by many factors. Also, without tracing browsing history, it can do many other things.

start famisafe monitoring the target device


  • It has easy and quick installation process.

  • It's very user-friendly


  • It will charge you monthly.

  • It doesn't support computers.

Compatibility: Supports iOS and Android devices.

4.3 iKeyMonitor

This is another great monitoring app that was launched for the iOS only, but later it was released for Android platform also. It will totally make your life simpler and it can easily keep record of internet browsing history of the target device. Though it's a great tool but it still doesn't defeat MoniMaster. It's an option for you incase you want to use it.



  • Monitor any device remotely.

  • It can access text messages, social media and media files etc.

  • It's efficient in monitoring browsing history.


  • Needs jailbroken iOS device.

  • It's relatively expensive.

Compatibility: Android and iOS devices.

4.4 MobiStealth

MobiStealth is a great monitoring app that can only be used from Android devices. It has really professional features that will allow you to monitor your target Android device's browsing history and other details. It can also monitor many other data of a target device. It's far behind MoniMaster app and it doesn't even support iOS devices. Still it works fine with Android.

start monitoring the target device


  • It can monitor data of any app of your choice.

  • It has user friendly Interface.


  • It doesn't support GPS tracking.

Compatibility: Compatible with Android devices only.


After reading this article, you now know private browsing can be traced on iPhone easily if you want. It's not tough if you have a step by step informative guideline like we have described in this article. Also if you want to know how to check private browsing history on iPhone then MoniMaster is the app that you should be using. After reading our review of MoniMaster comparing with other apps, you can definitely start believing that this is the best phone monitoring app on the internet.

Note: The tools introduced in this post shall be used only with the aim of parental control. Please read the End User License Agreement (EULA) carefully before downloading or installing the software. MoniMaster takes no responsibility for any illegal use of this tool.