iPhone Read Receipts Explained: How Can You Tell If Someone Read Your Text?


By Kara Herrera | Jan 03, 2024 03:08 pm

If you're wondering how to tell if someone read your text on iPhone, or how can you tell if someone read your text, you can confirm your texts have been seen through simple settings adjustments in popular messaging apps.

This guide will explore the read confirmation features in iMessage, WhatsApp, and Messenger, providing actionable iPhone instructions for enabling read notifications.

How Can You Tell If Someone Read Your Text?

Turn On Read Receipts on iPhone

Did your recipient read your text? On an iPhone device, enabling read receipts confirms that an iMessage text was opened in the Messages app.

If you're curious about how to know if someone read your message on iPhone, it's essential to know that both the sender and recipient must have this capability turned on for read confirmations to work properly. When both parties enable this feature, you will see “Read” beneath sent texts and a timestamp of when it was viewed.

Here are the key steps to enable read receipts on your iPhone:

  • Open the Settings app

  • Select Messages

  • Toggle on Send Read Receipts

turn on read receipts

When texting fellow iPhone users via iMessage, the uncertainty around unread texts can be eliminated! Just remember - both sender and recipient must have read receipts enabled.

Properly configuring this capability means you’ll never wonder if your recipient read your message. The visual “Read” confirmation and the date/time viewed prove that your text didn’t disappear into the abyss!

Use WhatsApp on iPhone

The popular WhatsApp messenger app provides automatic read receipts through message check marks. This provides visual confirmation when your texts are delivered and read.

Here’s how to interpret the message status in WhatsApp:

  • One grey check means your message was sent

  • Two grey checks indicate delivered to the recipient’s phone

  • Two blue checks confirm the message was read

whatsaapp read

There’s no need to enable anything to view this delivery and read notifications. However, if you're looking into how to see if someone read your text on iPhone, particularly in WhatsApp, remember that you can keep your read status private.

Disable read receipts in Settings > Account > Privacy on WhatsApp to do this. This is useful if you prefer not to inform senders when you've read their messages.

Use Facebook Messenger on iPhone

Facebook Messenger approaches read receipts differently than WhatsApp and iMessage, using visual indicators like chat bubbles and profile pictures to indicate when a message is sent, delivered, and read.

Here’s how to interpret the various status icons in Facebook Messenger:

  • A blue chat bubble means your message is sending

  • A sent checkmark in a blue chat bubble indicates your text has been sent

  • A blue chat bubble filled in completely confirms the message was delivered

  • When your recipient’s profile picture appears below the text, you’ll know it has been read in Messenger

facebook read messages

Unlike WhatsApp and iMessage, there is no setting to disable read receipts in Messenger. The capability comes automatically enabled. However, users can view messages just from the notification banner to read them without triggering the visual read indicator (the profile picture).

4. Use Telegram on iPhone

In addition to iMessage, WhatsApp, and Messenger, the Telegram app provides useful read receipts and message status indicators.

When texting in Telegram, you can enable read receipts for more definitive confirmation that your messages have been seen. Here are the steps:

  • Open the Telegram app and select a chat

  • Tap the contact’s name at the top to open their profile screen

  • Toggle on “Read Receipts”

telegram messages

This will allow you to read confirmations for your messages in the one-on-one chat. You’ll see a visual indicator when your texts are read.

Additionally, Telegram has sent/delivered icons that operate similar to WhatsApp:

  • One check means your message is sent

  • Two checks show the text was successfully delivered

Then, when read receipts are enabled with a particular contact, you will also see “Read” with a timestamp of when they opened your message in Telegram. If you're wondering how to tell if someone read your text on iPhone or how can you tell if someone read your text, knowing about read receipts and message status indicators is crucial.

These features clarify whether recipients have seen your texts. Telegram complements iMessage, WhatsApp, and Messenger by offering per-chat control over read confirmations, which is particularly useful for iPhone users curious about the read status of their messages.

How to Read a Girlfriend’s Text Without Knowing?

If you suspect your girlfriend is hiding something and want to read her iPhone messages stealthily, MoniMaster provides a convenient monitoring solution. This section will introduce MoniMaster and outline key capabilities for monitoring an iPhone.

MoniMaster to Read Girlfriend’s Text on iPhone

MoniMaster is a powerful yet user-friendly iPhone tracking software that allows you to secretly extract and review personal data from another iPhone device without the owner’s knowledge.

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Key Features

Here are 5 key monitoring features MoniMaster provides:

View Text Messages and Call Logs:

Read all incoming/outgoing SMS messages and call logs, even if the data was deleted on the target device. You’ll have visibility into all recent wifes text messages.

Monitor Popular Social Apps:

Stealthily check messages, media files, and data within WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and more. MoniMaster supports tracking the most popular social messaging platforms.

Pinpoint Live Location and Location History:

Accurately view the real-time location of the target iOS device along with historical location data. You can playback and see everywhere the phone has been.


Access and Extract Media Files:

Secretly browse or export photos, videos, audio recordings, notes, contacts, calendars, reminders, and other sensitive documents stored locally on the iPhone.

Check Web Browsing History:

View all web bookmarks, sites visited within the Safari browser , and search history showing all phrases searched for on the target iPhone device.

Steps to Set Up iPhone Monitoring with MoniMaster:

Step 1. Choose a Subscription Plan:

Create a monitoring account using your email address and payment details to access the dashboard.

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Step 2. Install MoniMaster App on Your Windows/Mac Computer:

Download and install the helper app on your Windows PC or Mac device. This will be used temporarily during the iPhone data extraction process.

complete setup ios

Step 3. Verification and Monitoring:

Use the MoniMaster App to scan and backup data from connected iPhone devices: The MoniMaster app will automatically detect and scan the connected iPhone, pulling relevant data into your online account.

monimaster ios dashboard

With these comprehensive monitoring capabilities provided by MoniMaster, you can stealthily read your girlfriend’s text messages, track locations, access private photos/videos, view web history and more without detection. After the initial data extraction, it lets you monitor iPhone devices without physical access.

2. Turn Off the Read Receipts

If your girlfriend enables you to read receipts in her iPhone settings, you risk getting caught while secretly monitoring her texts. Here are the key steps to disable read receipts on iPhone:

  • Open the Settings app

  • Tap on Messages

  • Under the Messages tab, disable the toggle switch next to Send Read Receipts.

With this capability turned off, your girlfriend will no longer receive delivery or read notifications when you access her texts using MoniMaster from your computer.

Disabling read receipts ensures your monitoring activities go undetected. When later viewing messages using MoniMaster, no visual indicator will show on her phone that specific texts were read. This adds an extra layer of stealth and avoids awkward conversations about her texts mysteriously showing as read when her phone was untouched!

FAQs About Reading Messages on iPhone


When a message says delivered, has it been read?

No, “delivered” just means the message was successfully sent to the recipient’s device. It does not indicate the text has been opened and read within the Messages app.


Why does the iPhone say delivered but not read?

If you have read receipts enabled, but your message only says “delivered,” it means the recipient has not yet opened the Messages app to view that particular iMessage text.


What happens if you have read receipts off and the other person doesn't?

With read receipts disabled on your iPhone, you won’t see read or delivery confirmations for texts whether the other person has read receipts. The message status will display “Sent” rather than “Delivered” or “Read.”


Understanding how to leverage read confirmations can eliminate uncertainty around iPhone messages. You gain insight into if and when your texts are being read through the proper setup of visual read receipts in iMessage, intelligent use of delivery statuses in WhatsApp, or enabling profile indicators in Messenger.

For discreet monitoring or peace of mind, MoniMaster ensuring necessary read notification settings are enabled across messaging apps provides helpful clarity around your sent iPhone texts.

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