Track Your Kid's Location

Know your children's location with MoniMaster wherever they go.

Supports Android 9.0 Pie Now!

Overview of MoniMaster Location Tracker

If you're worrying that your child may go to some dangerous places, MoniMaster has the solution. Use MoniMaster to keep track of your child's real-time location to enhance their safety.

  • Track kids' current positions and the location history to know where they are and where they have been.
  • Know the accurate addresses of their location.
  • Know the date and time stamp of the location.

With the GPS tracking feature of MoniMaster, you can either find back the lost devices or know the exact position of your kids or older family members. If you are an employer, you can even track your employees' location to make sure they stay at the office during work hours.

Is it Legal to Track Phone Location?

The use of phone locator to track another device has caused a serious privacy issue, nevertheless, it is something essential if you view in another dimension. When it comes to using GPS tracking app to monitor your kids online and offline activities for safety purpose, then you are not invading their privacy, after all, those monitors are your kids and they may be involved in a situation that is difficult for them to handle. Therefore, tracking the GPS location of your kid’s phone is legal.

Why Do You Need This Feature

For Yourself: Losing precious items such as an expensive cell phone can be a terrible experience. That is why it's better to do the needful now before an unexpected event happens. If you want to find out how to track your phone in case you lost it or it was missing, then you're in the right place. Some smartphones come with phone locating-software such as Apple's Find My iPhone and Samsung's Find My Mobile that only require you to set up the settings in order to utilize this feature. But if you're looking for more choices or your device doesn't have such feature then MoniMaster GPS tracking software is what you need to be able to locate your Smartphone anytime it got missing or stolen from you.

For Parents: The safety of your kids should be your number one priority as a responsible and proactive parent. The cyber world and real world are full of dangerous people looking for a youngster to hurt or influence in a negative way. This is why you need an advanced GPS tracker app to help you monitor and keep your kids safe. After all, it's acceptable within the law. Aside from tracking your kid's location, it is also very useful to track your family members, elderly parent suffering from dementia symptoms to get their current location whenever they leave the home.

For employers: Making the use of a phone locator app on your company-owned device is one of the best ways to protect your business. Since the phone and tablets are your company's property, you have the legal right to track its location anytime you want. This will help you know the current location of your employees during working hours. It also enables you to monitor those employees that mostly carry out activities outside the company premises.


  • Q: Why is there no location information displayed on the preview page?

    A: Please make sure that the GPS location feature on your kid's device has been turned on. Otherwise, the current location and the route history cannot be tracked.

  • Q: Which devices are compatible with MoniMaster?

    A: MoniMaster is compatible with all models of iOS and Android devices, while MoniMaster Live Screenshots feature is exclusive to Android devices.

  • Q: Do I need to jailbreak the device if the monitored phone is iPhone?

    A: There is no need to jailbreak the target iPhone. MoniMaster is used on computer without any changes or physical access to the target phone.