How to Check Boyfriends Text Messages For Free on iPhone & Android?


By Kara Herrera | Aug 21, 2023 05:04 pm


Can I see who my boyfriend is texting?

Yes, of course! Check boyfriends text messages for free with our comprehensive guide,which helps you maintain trust and transparency in your relationship. Come to stay informed and make sound decisions to fnd who is he texting with our free app to maintain a healthy partnership.

Is It Possible to Check Boyfriend's Text Messages Without Him Knowing?

Although see who he's texting free without touching it is a difficult job. However, it is not impossible. There are different approaches through which you can access and check your boyfriend's text messages without touching his phone for free. Such as using third-party tracking applications like MoniMaster.

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Different methods of tracking are listed below.

How to See Who My Partner is Texting For Free on iPhone and Android?

As mentioned, it is possible to check boyfriend's text messages for free. All you need is to install a tracking application. The best application that can do this job for you perfectly is the MoniMaster app. The app allows you to track your boyfriend in all types of activities.

What Message Can MoniMaster Check?

Snapchat Messages:

By gaining access to the target device and installing the app, MoniMaster effectively catch Snapchat cheating by discreetly retrieving and displaying messages. Users can track and monitor conversations without detection, ensuring the integrity of their relationships.

Facebook Messages:

Facebook is one of the most commonly used social media application. The application has total of 3.5 Billion users. While 2.9Billion active monthly users. You can access to see someone's activity on Facebook and chats using Monimaster, which can solve you the problem of how to check boyfriend's Facebook messages for free .

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Instagram Messages:

Monimaster brilliantly tracks your boyfriend's Instagram messages, capturing direct chats, exchanged media, deleted conversations, and even enables you to see deleted messages on Instagram. This discreet, user-friendly tool fosters trust while addressing privacy and ethical concerns in relationships.


Line is a Japan based cross platform messaging app. The application has more than 84Million user around the world. Although the messages are end to end encrypted. Still a Monimaster user can access the target LINE messages.

Phone Messages:

Besides social messages like Facebook, Line, snapchat etc. Using MoniMaster you can also access to read text messages from their phones that are received on the Android phone. All you need to set up the account and you are ready to track.

It is worth mentioning that getting my boyfriends text messages sent to my iPhone using MoniMaster is completely safe and secure. While your boyfriend will not be able to know about this. It gives you the info about the sender's name, phone number, as well as the time and date.

Below are different types of messaging apps, that MoniMaster for Android and iOS can help you solve how to see who your man is texting.

How Can I See My Boyfriends Messages By MoniMaster?

Step 1. Create an Account

Create an Account by Sign Up using your Email Address to purchase a Plan. You can select among different packages plans.

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Step 2. Follow the Setup Guide

Go to the page My Products and you can observe the arrangement you bought and afterward click on Arrangement Guide. Now download and Install the MoniMaster application on the Target Device.

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Step 3. Start Monitoring the Target Device on The Dashboard

Once you have followed step 1 and step 2, you can track all types of activities and can view All Messages. Go to your Dashboard to see the information of the objective phone.

monimaster android dashboard

Monitoring and tracking via Monimaster, including the ability to see who your partner is texting, are easy and simple. You can use it to check boyfriends text messages for free on iPhone.

More Apps to See Who Your Partner is Texting free

Besides MoniMaster and Apple built-in methods, there are other spy apps to check boyfriends text messages for free. Here we will share three different spy apps.


The first app, mobileSpy, is one of the best apps to see my partner's text messages on Android, allowing you to see who your partner is texting. Besides reading messages, the app offers a wide variety of features. The updated features and friendly user interface make it more suitable to use.


  • Get access to the call history and manage all types of calls and read messages of the target device

  • Get access to the calendar history, schedule, all types of recordings, media, as well as screen history

  • Track all types of social media activities like Facebook, Instagram, etc


  • Compatibility issues with different devices and operating systems

  • Possibility of the app being detected and removed by the device user


With SpyBubble, you can learn how to get your boyfriend's text messages sent to your iPhone. One of the big advantages of this application is that there is no need for a target device. All you need to do is sign in with your credentials, and you are ready to track. Some common features of SpyBubble are mentioned below.


  • Continuous access to real-time location and tracking of the target device.

  • The SpyBubble user can track and record a call on the target device remotely.

  • Use a keyword tracker to track partner.

  • The App helps you to spy on text messages received as well as deleted.

  • Access to the media stored in target mobile.


  • The prices are slightly higher than other tracking apps.

spybubble iphone hacker


If you are worried about how do I find out who my boyfriend is texting, Spyic is another best tracking app. The app offers you the best monitoring and tracking solutions remotely, including the ability to track who he is texting. Some common features of Spyic are listed below.


  • The app is best for all types of message monitoring like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, etc.

  • The location tracking and location history make you able to know about the area visited by the target device.

  • Access to the contacts, Media files, like pictures and videos stored on the phone.


  • Not be compatible with all devices and operating systems.

  • Need for device jailbreak or rooting.

  • Limited feature set.


FAQs about Checking Boyfriend's Message

What is the best free app to spy on text messages?

Most people ask the same question what is the best free app to spy on text messages. Well, the answer is MoniMaster. We suggest this app to everyone to try. It has the best tracking and spying features.

Can I read text messages from another phone on my account?

 Yes, almost every tracking and spying app offers you the facility to track the text messages of the target device. All you need is to have one-time access to the phone. So that you set up the account and sync the data for the first time.

Can I export my boyfriend's messages into my own phone?

Yes, all spy apps are designed for the purpose to track remotely. All the spy apps can be controlled remotely from an online dashboard. So, when you spy on your boyfriend's phone, you can sync the messages to the dashboard and export them to your phone also. However, this depends upon the tracking app you use.


After reading this article you will have enough idea to how to check boyfriend's text messages for free and how to see who he is texting. If your boyfriend is using iPhone. You can use the Apple built-in method to track the messages. Also, you can use third-party tracking apps like MoniMaster to spy on your boyfriend's phone.

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