5 Best Spy Apps for iPhone Without Installing On Target Phone


By Kara Herrera | Apr 19, 2024 04:36 pm

If you are looking for the best spy app for iPhone free, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss different spyware for iPhones on the internet. But how to choose the best spy apps, is a challenging job for all. Keep reading this article to know more about top free spy apps for iPhone without installing on Target Phone.

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Top Free Spy Apps for iPhone Without Installing On Target Phone

So here is a complete list of the best spy apps. Let's start.

1. MoniMaster Pro

If you are looking for free spy apps for iPhone without installing on target phone. MoniMaster Pro is at the top of the list. Based on the user's reviews it is one of the most convenient and easy-to-use apps for parents, husbands, or wives. Some key features are listed below.

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Key features:

Monitor Messages on iPhone:

MoniMaster can let you monitor all types of incoming and outgoing text messages on your iPhone. You can also check the recipient number, time, and date.

Calls Monitoring:

Besides text messages, MoniMaster also lets you track calls on your iPhone. If you want to check who is calling, my kids, or my partner. Get complete details of the call log with the MoniMaster spy app.


iPhone WhatsApp Monitoring:

 If your partner or kids are busy on their iPhone every time. And you don't know to whom they are chatting. It tracks all types of WhatsApp activities on iPhone including messages, calls, etc.

Social Media Monitoring:

MoniMaster can monitor all types of activities on different social media apps. For example, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

Access to iPhone Media:

MoniMaster gives you complete access to all types of media stored on the iPhone. Whether it is Images, Videos, or documents. You can access it with a single click.


  • Easy to Use.

  • Offers low Cost Monitoring.

  • Monitoring process is Completely confidential.

  • Monitor everything, and everywhere.

  • Install the app on computer instead of target phone.


  • Only one-time access is required to target iPhones.

2.  uMobix

uMobix is another best spyware for iPhone that can track everything in real-time. It is also a preferred choice for a parent to track their kids in real-time. Below are three key features of the uMobix App.


3 Key Features:

Call and Messages: Using the uMobix app you can view all types of incoming and outgoing calls and messages.

Messengers and Social: Using this app, a user can read messages sent and received via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and more.

GPS Location: The uMobix App lets you get the real-time location and location history of any target device.


  • Monitor more than 41 social media platforms.

  • The app has a friendly interface.

  • Offer real-time updates


  • The app has limited features.

  • Prices are slightly higher.

3. EyeZy

EyeZy is another spy app that you can use for monitoring purposes. If you are looking for a parental control app that gives you more features for monitoring Web history and social apps. You Must try EyeZy. Three key features of the EyeZy spy app are listed below.

eyezy app

3 key features:

The app lets you set alerts for different tasks such as game downloading, browsing a sensitive website, etc.

It offers a Key logger for Android as well as iPhone, iPad, etc.

It works as a social spotlight for Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.


  • The app has an excellent Key logger.

  • EyeZy off analytics for different phone activities

  • Offer a wide pricing range.


  • Offer less discounts. For a large discount, you have to buy long-term plans.

4. Spyzie

Are you looking for a perfect app to keep an eye on your employees? Spyzie is the best option to use. Besides employee tracking, you can also use it as a parental control application. Some key features of the Spyzie app are below.


3 key features:

The Spyzie app works as a message monitor. It gives you access to track messages on Android and iOS phones.

Spyzie is one of the best spy apps for Snapchat and WhatsApp.

You can also use it for GPS location tracking.


  • The best apps to spy on regular messages, are WhatsApp and Snapchat.

  • Attractive user interface.

  • The app also works in stealth mode.


  • The app has limited features as compared to other tracking apps.

  • The pricing plans are expensive.

5. FlexiSpy

If you are looking for free spy apps for iPhone without installing on target phone. The next app that we would like to refer to is Flexispy. Besides other features, the call monitoring feature is the best. It can record live calls for you on different messaging and calling apps such as. WhatsApp, Viber, line, telegram, and messenger.

flexispy logo

3 key features:

It is one of the best and most powerful software to monitor phones, Tablets, and PCs.

Record calls on different apps such as WhatsApp, Viber, etc.

With the FlexiSpy app, you can monitor and view media, And track device location as well as digital communication.


  • The app gives you 24 hours' free trial to use.

  • FlexiSpy has a free mobile portal viewer app.

  • It offers a free updates facility.


  • Some users complained about the installation process.

  • The Prices are too high compared to other Monitoring apps such as Monimaster.

Comparison of Apps

Products/Plans Monthly Plan Price Yearly Plan Price Free Demo/Trail Money Back User Rating
MoniMaster Pro $29.99 $8.32/Month Yes Yes ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
FlexiSpy $29.99 $11.67/Month Yes NO ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Spyzie $39.99 $9.99/Month No NO ⭐⭐⭐⭐
uMobix $49.99 $12.49/Month NO Yes ⭐⭐⭐
EyeZy $68.56 $14.27/Month NO Yes ⭐⭐⭐

How to Use MoniMaster to Track an iPhone?

Step 1. Create Account:

To Spy on an iPhone using MoniMaster, the first step is to create an account using your email. Visit the MoniMaster website & sign.

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Step 2. Configuration Setup:

After creating an account on the MoniMaster website, the next step is to download the application. To spy on target iPhones using MoniMaster you will need one-time access to the target iPhones. Now Sign in to your account and follow the steps.

complete setup ios

Step 3. Verification and Monitoring Your Wife:

3rd step is Verification. After verification, an online dashboard will open. Where you can spy on any iPhone.

monimaster ios dashboard

How to Choose the Best Free Spyware for iPhone?

To choose the best spy app for iPhone you must look up to the following properties of any monitoring and tracking device. Let's have a look at this.

Key Logger and Location: To select the best spy apps, the first feature that you must consider is the keylogger feature. As spy apps collect data, therefore key logger feature must be included. Similarly, always choose a spy app that lets you collect location information as well as location history.

Social Media and Web History: Another feature you must check for spy apps is social media and web history tracking. These are areas that most people need to focus on.

Messages and Phone calls: To select the best spyware you must check whether it offers a phone and messages tracking facility or not.

MoniMaster is one of the best apps for spying on phones. It offers all the features that any monitoring application must have. If you are looking for low-cost free spy apps for iPhone without installing on a target phone. We recommend MoniMaster.

FAQs about Spyware for iPhone


1. Can someone spy on my iPhone without me knowing?

Yes. If you are an employee or worker of an organization or have a relationship with someone. i.e. Husband, wife, parent, and children. They can spy on your iPhone and get information about you by installing a spy app on your phone.


2. Can someone from another device see what I'm doing on my phone?

Yes. With a spy app, someone can get access to your phone activities. Such as Phone calls, messages, social media activities, browsing data, etc. Spy apps collect this data on any target device.


3. How can I see my husband's iPhone?

The best way to see husband's iPhone is by using a monitoring or spy app. Get registered on the MoniMaster website and track your husband's activities on your iPhone. Such as phone calls, messages, social media activities, location history, etc.


Are you looking for free spy apps for iPhone without installing on the target phone? In this article, we discussed a list of the best and most commonly used apps for spying on phones. We added the important features, pros, and cons of each app. We also shared a complete chart that compares different features. If you want to keep an eye on your partner or kid's online activities. We recommend the best spy app for iPhone free. I.e. MoniMaster Pro.

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